The Real Truth About Money?

Knowing and Understanding the Real Truth About Money, What it
Truly Is, Is of Vital Importance for Aligning and Harmonizing
With It, Mastering It and Opening the Flow to More of It

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What's the Real Truth About Money? When a government approves of a credit monopoly and the issuance of
credit, printed and electronic currency is granted to a few power hungry, self-serving private interests who
oversee, control, manipulate and profit from that system, be assured, the “paper money” that you “perceive”
to have value will, at some point, hold the same value that Monopoly money does. Turn your nearly worthless
"paper money" into Real Money...Gold. Gold secures and is the future. – Chuck Danes

What is the Real Truth about money? That's an important question. I'll be answering that here.

Before we do that, I'm going to turn things around and ask you a few money questions.

When you think of money, what comes to mind?

How would you define it?

What do you THINK it is?

Equally as important, do you think you know the truth about money?

Those may “seem like” obvious and perhaps even, irrelevant questions. Yet despite what we believe and “think we know” about money, in spite of our perceived familiarity with it and aside from the fact that we earn, handle and exchange thousands upon thousands (or millions upon millions) of dollars in our lifetimes, VERY few people in the world really understand exactly what money is, where it comes from, how it works and what drives and sustains the money machine.

What's more, most have ZERO idea about WHO oversees and determines HOW the money machine works.

Since we depend on money for survival and it's such an important part of life, that's pretty scary to me. By the same token, it's understandable, because if there's one thing that we don't learn much (if anything) about in school, it's how the monetary system works.

That's pretty interesting, don't you think? We learn about a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff that we NEVER use, but something as IMPORTANT as money which we use every day and depend on to live, we learn virtually NOTHING about.

We'll get into more about WHY I believe that's true soon. For now let's stay focused on money specifically.

The bottom line is, for whatever reason, few...VERY few, are aware of the Real Truth about Money.

One thing that we do know and all agree on, is that, in a world that utilizes "money" as it's medium of exchange, we ALL need it and MOST everyone wants more of it.

Once you become aware of what it is, how it works and WHY things work the way they do in our global monetary system, you'll be MUCH better prepared to get, keep and enjoy more of it. Perhaps A LOT more. Time will tell.

To have more than adequate amounts of money and be assured that we ALWAYS have enough, it's important that we know and understand the difference between Real Money with Real Value and a medium of exchange and a monetary system that's literally (and intentionally) designed to transfer a LARGE portion of your money to others.

Although a few are aware of that fact, that's the Real Truth about money and how our current monetary system was designed.

Although the real truth about money isn't "pretty" on the surface, what follows isn't meant or intended to be ugly, "negative" or condescending in nature.

But it is the truth. The WHOLE truth. Like "truth" always is, it's meant to benefit and be life enhancing.

What I'll be sharing about money is going to reveal in really clear language, what Real Money is, as opposed to what many think it is. The fact is, many people go through their entire lives thinking and believing that those little green pieces of paper that we currently exchange for things that we need, have some kind of value.

Today's money does have a "perceived" value, but that's different than having Real Value.

The truth about money is, it's not Real Money that we use today, REGARDLESS of where on the planet you live, what you're told, or which system is in place for determining the current "value of exchange" that your money has.

Perceived value and exchange value are important too, so let's talk about that next.

Perceived Value and Exchange Value are Topics of Vital Importance
When it Comes to Money Yet Few are Aware of What That Really Means.

Our current beliefs and perspectives are, that the money we use has an "exchange of value", yet we have virtually NO idea of WHY it does or what determines it's value.

Let's take a little quiz so you might better determine if YOU know the Real Truth about money and if you're privy to and truly understand what exchange value is.

When you think of $100.00 bill, what "value" do you think it has?

What do you think you know and "perceive to be true" about the "exchange value" of a $100.00 bill?

If you're answer is "Well, if it's a hundred dollar bill, so it must have an exchange value of $100.00", then you've got some learning to do.

You do because if you really think and believe that $100.00 bill has that much "exchange value" in today's economy, you don't know the Real Truth about money. You do have a perception of truth, but it's not the Real Truth.

Let's take it a step further. Do you believe those little green pieces of paper you put in the bank and store in your wallet have a "Real" and Guaranteed Exchange Value?"

On the surface it seems obvious. I mean let's be real. If our dollars are accepted as money and are accepted as a "medium of exchange", that makes them real and because they are real and I can exchange them, they must have a Guaranteed Exchange Value, right?

On one hand, the answer is yes, but on the other hand the answer is NO.

Those green pieces of paper are believed to be money and are accepted as a medium of exchange for our labor and the goods and services we need, granted. Because of that we "think and believe" we also "perceive" them to have Real, Guaranteed Value.

But, as much as we think, believe and perceive that, here's the Real Truth about money.

Although MOST believe that those little green pieces of paper that we carry in our wallets are money, they are NOT Real Money.

Yes, they're accepted as money and yes we do exchange them for what we want and need in life, but the "value" we receive as we exchange them for whatever goods and services we exchange them for, is almost "non-existent" in comparison to what they were ONCE worth and what they COULD be exchanged for in years passed.

Put simply, although a hundred dollar bill DID have an "exchange value" equal to what a hundred dollars "should have" and is often believed to have, it doesn't have any where close to that "exchange value" today.

Although those green pieces of paper are currently referred to as “money” and accepted as having some form of “exchange value”, we’re you aware that the monies you currently hold have no “true value” whatsoever?

A more accurate way to put it, would be to say that the dollars we currently use as a "medium of exchange", have ZERO “Intrinsic Value” whatsoever.

What's more, although the little value they have is backed by a "promise to pay", as history has shown and proven MANY times, that doesn't mean they have a Guaranteed Value. Many people who "thought and believed" their money had a Guaranteed Value, were quite "disheartened" when they discovered that what they thought and believed" to be true wasn't really true at all when they lost all their money.

It was only a "perception of truth."

That's why knowing and understanding the Real Truth about money is SO important. So you understand and are "keenly aware" of how to protect yours.

The fact is, what we call money and cash today, only remains as “money and cash” because MOST people who use it, BELIEVE that it holds some form of value.

The ONLY “real value” that our current medium of exchange holds, stems from our belief in it and the “perception of value" that we as a people, collectively assign to it.

Here's the thing about money, beliefs and perceptions though...

If a large enough group ever discovers the Real Truth about money, then what we call, use and exchange for the goods and services we depend on and use money for, is going to cease being the money that MOST think it is and the whole "illusionary system" will come crashing down.

If you honestly think and believe that paper money is Real MONEY, that those paper bills hold ANY Intrinsic VALUE whatsoever, or that the money you have has a Guaranteed Value, what follows is for you…ESPECIALLY for you.

It’s for you because what you’re going to discover could very well save you from finding yourself with NO “Real Money” at some point in the very near future, although you may very well hold MANY pieces of green paper that you (and most everyone else) currently think and believe is money.

Here's the Real Truth about money...

The “Paper Dollars” You Hold are a Fiat Currency
Created Out of Thin Air.

Although you might think that paper dollars are money, there’s a BIG difference between “paper money” that’s believed to hold some form of value and Real Money which DOES in fact “hold value” and will ALWAYS hold a "Real Value of Exchange" as it has for the past 5000 years.

Whatever number or denominations of paper currency that you currently hold in your wallet are, in reality, they're really nothing more than pieces of worthless paper that are currently used to trade for goods and services and represent a “Medium of Exchange.”

Just because they "represent" a medium of exchange doesn't mean that they hold Real Value and it doesn't mean that there are any guarantees attached to them or that they are Real Money.

Because the Real Truth about the money you earn, work for, trade and that you believe has Real Value, REALLY doesn't have ANY intrinsic value whatsoever.

That's not limited to any specific country on the planet currently. The same holds true for any country that uses these "pieces of paper" as their money, which is EVERYONE.

This paper medium with a purported "medium of exchange" exists and has various labels in countries around the world. Just like in the U.S., although the names are different, it’s a paper currently used and accepted because it’s “believed and perceived” as having some form of “Value” in whatever part of the world it's earned and traded in.

What many believe and perceive to be “Money” is called many things depending on the country that you reside in.

  • The UK "paper dollars" are called the pound sterling

  • Egyptian, Lebanese, South Sudanese, Sudanese and Syrian dollars are called the pound in different variations

  • Russian “paper dollars” are called ruble

  • Chinese “paper dollars” are called yen

  • Turkish “paper dollars” are called lira

  • Vietnamese “paper dollars” are called dong

  • Iraqi "paper dollars" are called dinar

  • American “paper dollars” are called “dollars” aka Federal Reserve Notes

In the USA, the dollars (paper money and/or cash) we use to exchange for things we want and need are called Federal Reserve Notes. Regardless of the “number” printed on the many “Federal Reserve Notes” in circulation, these “notes” seem to have “value” only because the government has attached to each “note” a “Promise to Pay.”

But that “promise” isn’t backed by anything with the exception of the governments “word” that it can be exchanged for something of value.

Because of this “Promise to Pay”, we’re able to exchange those green little pieces of paper for goods and services that we need and value.

The “people” of this country “believe in” that “promise to pay.” That belief is waning to a degree as inflation rates soar and these “paper dollars” lose more and more of their face value which results in less “purchasing power” aka "exchange value."

Although we view various currencies printed (pieces of paper with a “perceived value”) as having some “Real value”, that hasn’t always been and currently IS NOT the case.

There was a time when paper money didn’t exist.

Prior to using the various currencies that MOST believe hold value, many different things have been used as money (a medium of exchange) over the years.

At one point in history, bartering was utilized as a “medium of exchange.” Bartering enabled you to trade your labor or something else that you had with someone who saw value in it and would trade something that they had which you wanted or needed.

You had something that they "perceived" as having value which was traded for something that they had which you "perceived" as having value.

Bartering wasn’t reliable simply because it was limited to bartering for things

Over the course of MANY years following bartering, things such as cowry shells, barley, peppercorns, gold, and silver have all been utilized for a medium of exchange.

Each of these “commodities” existed in tangible form which in turn could be used to exchange for other forms of goods and services that also had “tangible form.”

Although cowry shells, barley and peppercorns did exist as a “commodity" which existed in tangible form”, they didn’t make “good money” either, because they were perishable. You couldn’t store and/or save them for future needs that would arise because they went bad.

At some point in history we settled on using gold and silver as our “money” because it isn’t “perishable” and can be stored for long periods without deteriorating. In other words, because of their durability and sustainability, gold and silver were adopted as a “medium of exchange” because, throughout history, they have held and continue to hold Real Value.

Real Wealth is ALWAYS tangible and measurable. It has “intrinsic value” and remains relatively stable. Wealth acquired and held via a fiat currency, created out of thin air and backed by nothing more than a “promise to pay”, has no stability or value WHATSOEVER.

As it Pertains to Receiving, Exchanging and Saving Real MONEY that Had “Real Value”, Things are MUCH Different Today than They Were in the Past

Today we use a “printed” medium of exchange in the form of a “paper currency” that’s often called “cash.” When this “paper currency system” was first created, every “paper dollar” that was printed, regardless of its denomination, represented, and it’s “value was secured” by, a specified amount of gold and silver that was held in reserve.

The face value of the currency represented a set amount of gold and silver that guaranteed it's value.

At any time, you could take “paper money” to the bank and exchange it for the same amount of gold and silver that it represented. In other words for every 1 dollar, 5 dollar, 100 dollar, 1000 dollar or greater denomination of bill that was created and circulated at the time, there was a predetermined and specific amount of gold and/or silver stored to support, give value to and “guarantee the value” of each dollar printed.

Because each dollar was backed by a “non-perishable commodity” which was determined to hold some form of value long term, paper dollars were considered to and actually did have and hold some form of “intrinsic value”, in reality they were a “representation” of Real Money that continues to have Real Value.

Intrinsic Value = Real Value.

Perceived Value = an amount of value “perceived.”

That’s also WHY MOST people “believe and perceive” that things are more EXPENSIVE today than they were in the past.

Paper money is printed on demand

The term “printing money” can be misleading. The reason why is because most money that we use today isn’t ever “printed” or put into circulation at all. It exists in the form of electronic transactions, contracts, bank deposits, etc. rather than paper currency. Put simply MOST money is nothing more than a computer entry which represents the existence of some predetermined exchange of value.

But MOST of this “perceived” exchange of value, doesn’t even EXIST, except in the minds of those who believe in it, work for it, accept it as having value and exchange it for things they want and need.

The fact is, only about 4% of what we call MONEY is in circulation. 96% of what we “believe, perceive” and refer to as money, doesn’t even exist in “paper form”, or at all for that matter.

Money exists within and comes from the same place where it comes from…thin air. Most of it exists in cyber space. Prior to the invention of the internet and the World Wide Web, money existed primarily as “Journal Entries” recorded in books and NO paper dollar existed to support it.

That's the Real Truth about money.

Next, let's learn what gives our money it's "perceived value" and discover the Real Truth about what has kept, is keeping yet may not for long, continue to keep our monetary system alive.

Now that you're aware of the Real Truth about Money, let's explore the Real Truth about what series of events led up to the monetary system we use.

Namely, the Bretton Woods Agreement.

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