The Dumbing Down of America
and Other Parts of the World

The Dumbing Down of America (and other parts of the world) is VERY Real and If You're Not Aware and Contributing to the Solution, You Are a Part of the Problem

Wake UP, become aware, informed and DO something World!!

Dumbing down of America
The Dumbing Down of America - Like ALL things, education has a "light and dark" side. It can be used for
good just as it can be used for dark, sinister, and self serving purposes. The key to experiencing Real
Wealth, Real Liberation and Real Harmony in life, is becoming discerning, aware and conscious of which
type you are allowing to program and indoctrinate you. - Chuck Danes

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use
to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

The Nelson Mandela quote above is no doubt true. Education IS without question a "Powerful Weapon." It CAN most certainly be used to change the world. As you think about change, if you think of it in the context used above, you "perceive" the change mentioned as being "positive and beneficial."

Like anything that can be used for enormous good, the potential to use it for the polar opposite also exists. Education is no exception. The fact is, at pertains to America, not only can it be, it IS being used for the polar opposite, hence why I thought it important to write this article titled "The Dumbing Down of America."

Let's talk about the power of education and the importance of being AWARE.

If you're open to what follows, it could provide and be the first step in breaking free from the seemingly inescapable trap that SO MANY can't "seem to" break free from. It has to do with something that MOST aren't aware of and don't even consider...namely, The Dumbing Down of America.

Education and dumbing down "seem to be" an oxy moron.

It's not pleasant to think about. It may even be difficult to fathom, let alone believe initially. It's certainly difficult to swallow. But it is REAL, it is happening and it extends well beyond our parents, our siblings, those who we've looked up to and even our public education systems.

They all play a role to be sure, but it extends well beyond that. How far does it extend? Well beyond what most are aware of for sure.

While many view things like government controlled and funded public education systems, vaccines and the often "perceived as being" helpful and necessary use of such things as fluoride placed in our toothpastes and drinking water, have you ever personally explored whether they're "truly beneficial" or not?

Although these "things" are often believed to be beneficial and perhaps even necessary, could each of these "seemingly beneficial" resources be intended (and are they being used) to limit, suppress, dumb down and create a global population of "dumbed down" obedient and compliant robots?

Could it be that the very financial and taxing systems that we "believe" we must abide by and conform to under the "label" of being caring and patriotic citizens are the very systems that create an under the radar from of bondage and slavery?

Is it possible that for many reasons, we have been and are being "unknowingly and unwittingly" dumbed down to remain obedient, compliant, adhering to "common logic", accepting everything that "authority figures" tell us is "true", so much so that we never reach or achieve beyond what the status quo does?

My years of research and experience have led me to believe that not only have we been, we are to this day, being dumbed down. In many cases we believe, succumb to and DO just what we've been told is "patriotic", rational, real, right and true about life.

I personally believe it's VERY real and VERY true, which is why I've decided to write this article titled, 'The Dumbing Down of America. It's not limited to America nor is it restricted to public education systems by any means.

Although we'll get into further FACTS, reasons and substantiated proof that I've discovered regarding how the dumbing down of America has taken and is taking place, even today, watch the video below first.

As you do, listen carefully. Carefully consider the message and decide if it's possible and/or if it makes "sense" as to how or why any individual or institution would have the desire, the power, let alone the audacity to do something as dark and sinister as create entire cultures of "compliant robots."

Like it or not and believe it or not, the dumbing down of America is taking place and although it initially began in a very subtle kind of way, the dumbing down of America began in 1917 and has since expanded it's reach as well as it's impact all around the world...

If you're a visionary thinker, you LOVE the idea of breaking the chains of the "factor worker mentality"
and rising above the kind and quality of results that the "followers" and "common thinkers" receive, check
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Having watched that video, is it possible that the way you've "been taught" to do things in the "cookie cutter fashion" that our education systems have led us to believe is the "right and/or only way", has robbed you of your individuality?

Could it be that the way you've been taught to "think, believe" and view life, isn't necessarily the best, simplest or quickest way to achieve what you "truly desire" in life?

Is it possible that some and perhaps even MUCH of what's been programmed and conditioned into your mind isn't necessarily the way things "must be" done, nor in your best interest as an individual?

The potential reasons WHY this has happened and the repercussions experienced, goes well beyond the classroom. The fact is, should you decide to look above and beyond where MOST do with earnest, a very complex and "seemingly unsolvable" puzzle begins to emerge. There are MANY pieces to this puzzle and the complete picture is anything but pretty.

Over the course of many years, I've spent countless thousands of hours piecing that puzzle together.

Prior to revealing what I believe to be facts that support and substantiate that the dumbing down of America and other countries "globally" IS happening, has been happening and will continue to happen until something "uncommon" is done, I'll ask again. Is it "possible" that the dumbing down of America is not only happening in today's world, but it actually began, in a very "subtle and under the radar" kind of way MANY years ago?

Is it feasible in your mind that the agenda of those who implemented, and who to this day, determine the curriculum and the quality of education that our children and grandchildren receive, have an agenda that is dark and sinister at worst or self serving at best?

Is it possible or even conceivable in your mind that greed, the allure of money, power and control, and the agendas of a small group are infused within the very systems and institutions that "claim" they're here to educate, benefit and serve humanity.

Could it be, that those very systems that we believe to be necessary are designed and intended to ignite fear, restrict, blind and bind us?

And is it possible....just possible, that self serving interests underlie the WHY?

If you're initial knee jerk reaction and the answer that follows is "NO, that's ridiculous", I'd ask that before taking such an "uninformed, unaware and uneducated stance", that you "strongly consider" the possibility that maybe...just maybe, you've become one of those who have, to some degree, already been "dumbed down" without "realizing you have."

I'm certainly not alone in my conclusion.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an American whistle blower and freelance writer who served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first term of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Her work led to the writing of her book titled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, a MUST read for EVERY parent, grandparent or anyone else interested in or concerned about what's happening and being placed in the minds of our youth in our government funded and controlled education system.

programming and indoctrination It's programming and indoctrination that isn't designed to stir genius, creativity or create independent thinkers.

Charlotte spent the better part of 30 years doing the research that PROVES that the Dumbing Down of America is VERY real, has been happening and IS happening right now.

The FACT is, we ALL have been dumbed down at varying degrees, we are being every day and it goes WELL BEYOND our education systems.

Although done on a VERY subtle scale initially, it becomes quite obvious that in today's world, it's not nearly as subtle (quite the contrary) and far more prevalent and sinister than it ever has been.

The fact is, it's quite prevalent in modern public education systems, in economic structures, the media and MANY other areas that MANY are oblivious and/or turn a blind eye to.

We'll be looking at and covering in more detail, specifically targeted areas in other articles which I've listed on the right side of this page.

Here, for the sake of brevity and simplicity, I'll do my best to stay focused on The Dumbing Down of America specifically as it pertains to our modern education systems.

Although not limited to public, "government funded" education systems, it's where the "dumbing down" process begins. Various forms of media are also utilized.

As it relates to "educational systems" specifically, do some research on "Common Core" education recently infiltrated into the curriculum of many states in the U.S. But as you do, keep an open mind, explore and do research in areas that extends "outside" of the borders of those who "push FOR it", claim that it's "best" and provide, at best, a sugar coated version of what it Truly Is.

Education is a Powerful Tool and Can Be Used to Dumb Down, Diminish and Restrict or Raise Up, Expand and Liberate

As I cover in greater depth in the Reality Check section of the site, like all things in life, programming and conditioning have a light and a dark side. We're ALL programmed and conditioned at varying degrees. We're all taught, and as a result are ALL programmed and conditioned to "believe" something. Some is good, right, beneficial and true, while some is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Both forms of education are VERY Real and both ARE taking place ALL the time, ALL over the world.

The possibility CERTAINLY exists and the sad reality is, many have been programmed and conditioned to adhere to the "opposite." That's precisely what is enabling and allowing such sinister, liberty draining and devastating occurrences to happen in the world.

Some become aware and do something, while MOST sit on the sidelines, remain oblivious and/or fearful, afraid and continually turn a blind eye to MUCH, if not all of what is going on.

Much of WHY is due to the "dumbing down" process itself. It often instills fear in very subtle yet effective ways. Fear is also intricately interwoven into the very fabric of the systems which create it.

It's why so many refuse and/or feel "powerless" to do anything about it. It's what enables the "fear" of the masses to grow and flourish.

It's why "Economic Wars" taking place under the guise of protecting our liberty, patriotism and "protection of citizens" have increased, although the "reality is" our liberties and freedoms consistently dwindle, are eroding and are slowly but surely being "snuffed out" with nearly every piece of "new" legislation sugar coated with "warm and fuzzy labels" such as The Patriot Act.

Think about it. What a GREAT label to disguise a restrictive and freedom draining agenda.

I mean, who doesn't want to be patriotic?

Read the "Patriot Act" and you'll see, it's anything but "patriotic" based on the kind of Real Patriotism that was in the hearts and minds of our founding fathers and those who stood up to tyranny. THAT was the kind of patriotism that made America great, strong, looked up to and globally influential initially.

The Patriot Act is anything but liberating, freeing, designed to "protect and serve" but rather an "agenda" bent on gaining more power, control, money and domination for a select few, while fleecing, controlling, stealing from, raising the fear levels of and dumbing down the many.

Which brings us to a "common" response that the blind, uninformed "head turners" take, when such "seemingly ridiculous" topics come up.

Since it is such a "common response" among the unaware and oblivious, and initially "my response" as well, first, let's address the widely held "conspiracy theory" stance that MANY take.

Before I do, I think it's important to acknowledge that there ARE many "conspiracy theories" out there that have no proof or basis to establish them as fact.

As it pertains to the Dumbing Down of America, there's PLENTY of proof that DOES substantiate it as FACT.

But realizing that requires DOING what most don't. Becoming "aware" that it's real.

After years of "personally believing" that such things were far fetched and "unfounded", spread by crazed and "out there" conspiracy theorists, my years of research after becoming "extremely curious" pointed me toward and led me down a path of discovery of many scary facts, that I didn't realize were facts.

That curiosity and the many years of "intense research" that followed, stemmed from a series of, what can only be described as profound experiences. I discuss that in a bit more depth in the next article titled The Reality of Economics.

Those experiences combined with my years of research, indicates that the answer to the "Is the dumbing down of America question REALLY true," I've come to a MUCH different conclusion than the one I previously "thought" was true.

The fact is, after breaking free from the common logic and denial that many choose, I KNOW the answer is YES...

The dumbing down of America (as well as many other parts of the world) is VERY real, it IS happening and it's far reaching effects are intensifying, adversely impacting entire cultures and it's impact is expanding and growing exponentially.

Combine those factors with a widespread unwillingness (perhaps due to the dumbing down process itself, through indoctrination and the constant use and administration of toxins the general public "deems as useful and necessary") is what is going to continue enabling and allowing this dumbing down of America and the expansion of the greed, corruption, self serving interests and acquisition of even greater power we "unknowingly allow" and "have granted" to a handful of global elite, to continue.

If you honestly think that politics is a game left to be played by Republican, Democratic and a few independent parties, you may want to reconsider.

Politics are merely a ploy to mask what's truly going on "behind the scenes."

Wise up, wake up and DO what's necessary to EDUCATE yourself, people of the world.

The Dumbing Down of America Derives it's Power, Might and Effectiveness From Money Systems and Economic Structures

I CERTAINLY have no desire nor intention, nor would I ask that you take my, (or anybody elses) word regarding the FACT that the dumbing down of America (and many other parts of the world) IS VERY REAL and it is happening, but it's our responsibility as well as our DUTY to recognize it, DO something about it and stop it.

We certainly CAN, but we don't. Few do anything at all.

That's a big part of the problem. People are being "programmed and conditioned" to believe and take at "face value" what those in places of authority and power "claim" is real, right, necessary and true without ever discovering for themselves if it "truly is."

The simple and easy choice is to remain ignorant, oblivious and let the chips fall where they may. And many DO just that.

The words Law are used and abused much more than they ever have been in past history. Much of what is "proclaimed as being "lawful" in today's world, is a gross misrepresentation of what "law truly is."

It directly conflicts with the "Letter of Law" laid out for us via the Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights.

What's so often referred to as "The Rule of Law" in many of today's "corrupt and freedom draining systems" is precisely why our financial systems teeter on the brink of collapse. It's why debt and entire populations enslaved by the "money machine" have become commonplace. It's why family structures are MUCH different than they once were, why war is a "common theme" and often considered "necessary" when in fact, it's not necessary or provoked at all as "propaganda" created and spread by those with "underlying agendas" often lead entire societies to believe.

It's also why poverty, hunger, homelessness and the elimination and eradication of the "middle class" continues to become an ever increasing reality.

You can certainly think and believe that the Dumbing Down of America is far fetched nonsense if you choose, but I, and MANY like me believe, taking such a stance without taking a "close and informed look" for yourself is anything but a wise and informed choice.

Like it or not and believe it or not, the dumbing down of America has been happening, it IS happening and it's use as well as the adverse affects it has on humanity are speeding up exponentially.

It's quite EASY to discover "how true" that is for yourself by taking the time necessary to study, learn and become keenly aware of the verifiable and substantiated FACTS and evidence that are all around you. It's not difficult to find and the FACT is, it's EASILY accessible.

Congressional and Senatorial leaders, doctors, scientists, economic experts and a long list of well credentialed professionals far too great in number to mention here, are coming forward by the thousands to inform, educate and WAKE UP the asleep, uneducated, uninformed and unaware masses who are open, ready and willing to listen, hear and discover the facts for themselves.

There are a growing number out there today to inform and educate those who are "asleep" just how REAL and TRUE it is.

A BIG part of the "problem" is, few are open, willing and ready to open their eyes to it, let alone accept it.

Because of the short attention spans of MOST, I'll spare the long text version and point you to a number of videos which not only reveal, but provide specific, very real and very credible FACTS regarding how the Dumbing Down of America (and YES, many other parts of the world) is, and has been underway for a number of years.

It's prevalent in finance, education, traditional medicine and areas that most are COMPLETELY unaware of and oblivious to.

The WHY behind it is quite simple.

Follow the money and you'll not only discover the WHY, you'll SEE how REAL and sinister it is.

One thing is certain. We, as a collective population of individuals who inhabit this "earth", each have a responsibility and an obligation to serve and contribute to the betterment of mankind in a way that extends well beyond ourselves and our small and tightly knit circles of influence.

We're each here to play an important and meaningful role to enhance and expand mankind, yet MOST have lost sight of that fact.

One thing is certain...

If we're not a part of the solution, individually AND collectively, like it or not, we ARE a part of the problem.

The first step toward resolving any "problem" is realizing and admitting there is one. To become enabled to admit that, requires becoming informed and aware.

A key factor of being, doing and having what so many "claim" to WANT in life, is unlearning what keeps you from it and relearning what draws it to you.

Whether we're willing to SEE it and believe it or not, we each are "the light of the world." Individually we can make a needed difference. Collectively we can enhance, elevate and empower many and ultimately change the world in ways that extend well beyond what MOST currently, or perhaps ever will, choose to "conceive or imagine."

The main focus of what I'll be revealing in the articles that follow is finances and economics. The "dumbing down" process is equally prevalent in those systems. From a tangible perspective, it's the root from where corruption, greed, self serving interests and ultimately, the "fleecing" of the people's wealth and reduction of our freedoms stem from.

We, as a people CAN turn the tide, reclaim our wealth, our liberties and our freedom and begin to experience the kind and quality of lives that EVERYONE "claims" they WANT, yet which few DO anything about to enable and allow it to become REAL.

In addition to revealing "the problems" that are so prevalent in our financial and economic structures, I provide what I and tens of thousands like me believe to be a great "start" to a long sought after solution.

Should you feel inspired, compelled and SEE what I and many others around the world do as a way to enhance your own life and the lives of many others globally, I would invite you to join me and the tens of thousands of others who have chosen to join a "Global Movement" that has played, IS playing and is going to continue to play a HUGE and needed role in "fixing" the root of this "problem" economically speaking.

Whether you see it or not, it's my hope and intention that the topics I've written about and listed on the right sidebar of this article, will assist you in getting informed, educated and inspire you to begin using what you discover to enhance your life and and the lives of others.

The series of articles that follow are designed and intended to assist in the best way I know how to feed, intensify as well as enable and empower you to Shine your Light.

Whether you will or won't use and DO something with them is a matter of choice. Be assured of one thing. You CAN and the world needs you and what you have to offer...perhaps now more than ever.

The only question that remains is "What will YOU do or NOT do with what has been made available?"

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