Intellectual Capital - The "Intangible Key" for Creating Real, Tangible and Sustainable Wealth

How Could the Intellectual Capital of a Few, Lead to the Programming, Conditioning and a Gradual Diminishing
of the Liberty, Freedoms and Wealth of the Many?

The Intellectual Capital you were born with is the single most important and powerful resource you have
for creating Real Wealth, Real Value and Real Freedom and all you need to reach, serve, impact and
enrich the lives of many. Doing that will enrich yours in countless ways - Chuck Danes

When you think of the word capital, what immediately comes to mind?

If you're like most, the first thought that popped into your head has to do with money. Terms like financial capital, operating capital, etc. are probably the most commonly used and widely recognized terms as it pertains to the word capital.

If any of those are the first thoughts that popped into your mind, have you ever thought about why you think that way?

On a larger scale, have you ever wondered why MOST think that way?

Perhaps because in a capitalistic world driven by consumerism and one that requires a given amount of "financial capital" to survive and function in life, monetary and material capital are at the forefront of our minds.

The sad fact is, in MANY cases, because of what we've been taught, what we believe and how we view things, money is often "perceived as being" the most important asset we could have.

Although necessary, financial capital is FAR from being as "important" as MOST think and believe that it is.

The fact is, although money is NECESSARY and needed for survival, it's not IMPORTANT at all.

If your like MOST, initially, you may disagree with that statement. That's OK. But I'd ask that you consider this...

The only time money is "IMPORTANT" is when you don't have any or don't have enough for the basic necessities in life. The only time it becomes "truly important is when you don't have an amount that's sufficient to exchange it for what you LOVE to do, whatever that might be.

Any importance perceived over and above that, is nothing more than an opinion stemming from a belief that has you thinking that "money is important."

That's when money becomes and remains important, yet at the same time, that's a BIG part of what leads to so many other FAR MORE important life problems that we face.

How so?

Because of a "perceived importance" of money, it can be easy to get "really fixated" on making more or getting enough and in the process get our priorities out of balance.

That's when even bigger "problems can arise." Any number of problems.

Point being, that's why money is often "perceived as being" so IMPORTANT in the minds of so many. There are many in the world who don't have any and it's no secret that the majority don't have enough.

But we CAN. ANYONE can who chooses to. We only have to SEE what's happening, become aware of WHY it's happening, make the necessary paradigm shifts if we're ever to break the "less than desirable" money cycles we've been conditioned to create.

The first step is realizing that we have been and are being conditioned in a way that keeps "money" from us.

Then and only then can we start making "conscious and intentional" choices absent the opinions, beliefs, perceptions and choices of others.

That's where Intellectual Capital takes front stage. Intellectual Capital IS IMPORTANT...VERY important.

The fact is, it's the quality of Intellectual Capital that we allow which keeps money from us, costs us what we have or draws it to us.

To provide some "intellectual validation" and bring that point home, let's explore and look at the word capital from a broader perspective than most see.

The Oxford American Dictionary states that capital is, “wealth in the form of money or other assets” and a “valuable resource of a particular kind.”

Based on that definition, let's explore and look at Intellectual Capital as one of these "other resources of a particular kind" that this expanded description implies.

Whether it does or doesn't say so directly, Intellectual Capital is a far more VALUABLE asset and/or resource than money, tangible assets or any other form of material resource.

Without Intellectual Capital, none of the other would exist. None of us could function for that matter and material assets, money or otherwise, wouldn't matter at all.

The reason why it's so important is because, you could look at Intellectual Capital as consciousness. Without "consciousness" nothing could or would exist as I described in The True Source of Money article that you hopefully read before arriving here.

If not, I hope you will. It provides what I believe to be a vitally important perspective to at least consider.

Although slightly different in some ways, they're quite the same in others. Consciousness and Intellectual Capital are quite interconnected you could say.

From this broader perspective, it's easy to see that the word "capital" has absolutely nothing to do with what's tangible and measurable, materially or otherwise.

The point is this. As we progress, do your best to put aside the notion that "capital" is limited to money or other tangible assets and instead place focus on the single MOST important "asset" you have, which is your Intellectual Capital.

I'd also suggest that you keep in mind that the right kind of Intellectual Capital has little or nothing to do with traditional education. In fact, traditional forms of education are often times the very thing that limits and suppresses the infinite amount of Intellectual Capital that we ALL possess, or at least have access to.

Here's why that's "true"...

All Health, Wealth and Prosperity and Illness, Poverty and Lack, Stem From Acquired Knowledge, Beliefs, Perceptions, Ideas and the Quality of Actions That Follow

The most widely read book in the history of the world clearly states an immutable and unwavering truth...

"As you believe, you receive."

Would you agree that the "knowledge" you've acquired throughout your life, determines what you believe and perceive to be true about life? Isn't it rational and logical that the quality of your beliefs also determines the quality of your thoughts?

And do your thoughts not lead to words and actions that vary in kind and quality which in turn can provide an infinite number of different results?

That's WHY Intellectual Capital is so important. It determines everything else. If you're not or weren't aware of that already, I hope you'll let that sink in, embrace it and adopt it as "true."

Whether you see it and accept it or not, it is true. If you don't see it or believe it, it's only because it's based on and supported by a Higher Truth than you're able to see or willing to accept at this point.

More and more, people around the world are beginning to understand just how important Intellectual Capital is. A free spirited, free flowing and pleasingly expansive form of Intellectual Capital at least.

A whole new and expansive understanding that's creating a whole new paradigm of personal power as it pertains to economics and the generally accepted meaning of capital, is having a "ripple effect" around the world.

More and more everyday, people all around the planet are waking up, opening their eyes and SEEING just how vitally important an awake, aware, conscious and expanded form of Intellectual Capital is.

Let's face it, the varying degrees of Intellectual Capital we possess as a human species, collectively determines how EVERYTHING in the world around us comes to be.

Intellectual Capital is intangible in nature, yet has the ability to transform knowledge and intangible assets into a tangible and measurable form of wealth capital or wealth-creating resources.

In the same way, it can also create a measurable form of poverty, enslavement, utilizing resources and doing things in such a way that unknowingly create and keep humanity stuck in a seemingly inescapable cycle of dependence, hard work, struggle, sacrifice and in many cases, poverty.

A Conscious Choice to Enhance, Expand and Consciously Utilize Your Intellectual Capital Can Change All That

If you watched the movie above, you heard how and why mandatory education in public schools came to be "mandatory." Today's public schools create a bunch of like minded robots in my opinion. Everybody is different but everybody is supposed to learn the same way, do the same things and adhere to the very same policies, procedures and a way of learning that's a "cookie cutter approach" at best.

We're individuals and have our own unique ways of learning, yet we're forced to conform, follow and learn in ONE way.

Are there "ill intentions" at work? Could it be that public education systems, TV broadcasting networks, news media sources etc. all play an intentional role in dumbing down our youth and adults alike?

I can't say that it's definitively true, but I believe it is. I believe that there's much to be said about "self serving interests" who think that physical and finite money and power is MOST IMPORTANT and because of this "short sighted view" of life, could be doing their best to intentionally program and condition the masses so they'll conform to the agendas those placed in places of power and authority have for the rest of us.

The fact is, after more than 3 decades of intense research and experience, I'm CONVINCED that, at varying degrees we are being and HAVE been programmed and conditioned in many ways.

I also believe that "We're each born into greatness and have been conditioned into mediocrity."

The WHY behind that will become more clear as you progress through the rest of the articles I've posted links to on the right sidebar of this page.

We'll leave it at that for now. The reason I've said what I have about that here, is to drive the point home that Intellectual Capital is our greatest and single most important asset.

EVERYTHING stems from "consciousness" whether it be Intellectual Capital, the structuring of a monetary system, an educational system, or a Constitution intended to provide and guarantee your inalienable right to liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

There's are 2 sides to Intellectual Capital or a well thought out "sinister plot" to intentionally instill and direct the Intellectual Capital of an entire global population, in essence creating a "collective paradigm", via programming and conditioning, that only serves and benefits those who have acquired the power, the resources and the means to DO the various kinds of programming and conditioning that limit and "steal from" the masses.

As I share in the Controlled Media article, unbeknownst to MOST who are BEING programmed and conditioned, that's precisely what's taking place.

It's a well thought out, strategically designed, effective, yet sinister approach for the indebted MANY and implemented into systems in such a way that can only, and will only, provide an abundance of "monetary and/or material capital" to the few.

Depending on which you allow, will determine whether you become and remain a victim or a victor in life. The area of monetary and material capital is no exception.

That's why it's also of VITAL importance to understand, that Intellectual Capital DOES have an upside and a downside. Perhaps the best way to state it would be to say that there is a dark and a light side to the intellect.

We all possess both and we each have an inalienable right to choose which we'll use. We all use both at varying degrees. But, as individuals one stands out from and is more predominantly used than the other. The determining factor as to which you or others use most often, depends on how and what we, as individuals have learned, what we believe and HOW we "choose" to DO things.

We're all DOING the best we can based on what we believe and perceive as being true. That doesn't and NEVER will mean we can't enhance and expand our Intellectual Capital and do better, because we can.

Those who are doing the best they can in a way that only benefits themselves (or the few) at the cost of the many, are those who I refer to as having a dark, shadowy or self serving side that they USE more than the other. Their intellectual capacity is restricted and limited.

Let's take a brief yet insightful look at both the "Dark and Light" side of Intellectual Capital...

The dark side of the intellect is fear based, self serving, self gratifying and serves the "self" and/or the few at the cost of the many.

On the other side of the coin, the lighter and more contributory side of the intellect has a predominant focus on Love, caring, contribution and as such, serves and benefits the whole.

Both are equally powerful. Both are used and revealed in life in tangible and measurable ways as either "good or bad" outcomes.

Those who recognize the power of and choose to use the "dark side" of their intellectual capital to dumb down, program, condition, indoctrinate, control and restrict the MANY, doesn't serve the many but rather the few.

Those who use their intellectual capital to educate, enable, empower, expand and enhance the lives of the many, isn't self serving at all, but rather holds an intention to benefit and serve the whole.

Point being, the single most important and perhaps the most desirable source of wealth which is the root from where material, or any other form of wealth stems from, is knowledge aka intellectual capital.

It doesn't really matter which you use. You don't have to look far to clearly see that material and monetary forms of capital can be and ARE being acquired by both the dark and the light side.

It's always been that way and it's always going to be that way simply because both draw from one and the same place from where EVERYTHING comes from. It's where the tangible creation and "experience" of poverty as well as the tangible creation and experience of "unfathomable wealth" stems from.

What we experience in life is determined by the quality of our "intellectual capital." That's why it's of VITAL importance to become discerning, aware and carefully guard yours.

Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the history of the world can be quoted as saying…

"Imagination is the greatest creative force in the Universe."

Tangible proof of just how “true that is” can be easily verified through what is happening in your life or on a broader scale, the world at large. That certainly applies to the world’s monetary systems and how they function.

The monetary system we use and depend on for survival is a tangible and measurable system which began in the mind or minds of someone. It was conceived, imagined and action was taken to create it.

It's very real and necessary tool for establishing and circulating an "agreed upon" medium of exchange. We call this "medium of exchange" money.

Most "believe" that "paper money" is real money. The reason why is because we have been TAUGHT that it is. We BELIEVE that it is.

Having an agreed upon medium of exchange that is "believed in" is a necessary part of life. A VERY important part. As true as that is, few have the knowledge and the intellectual capital to understand the differences between the mediums of exchange which create wealth and provide more capital or which only serve to create poverty and enslavement via a monetary system constructed, utilized and intended to steal from rather than give to the masses.

Anyone who chooses to can easily discover that few benefit in the long term from the financial systems that are in place OR the "money" that circulates through them. It's a kind and quality of financial system and a form of money which those with dark, self serving intentions have put in place.

Consciousness, or as we're using it here, Intellectual Capital is an "intangible and immeasurable system", the kind and quality of which determines what is brought from the intangible and immeasurable "space" into the tangible world of shape and form where life experiences, including wealth or poverty become, not only VERY REAL, but tangible and measurable.

Whether you're "conscious" or "unconscious" as to HOW things work you WILL experience one or the other.

Having the imagination and knowledge that creates wealth is VITAL if the experience of wealth is a desire you have.

But imagination and knowledge in and of themselves aren't enough to impoverish or enrich. Whatever the quality Intellectual Capital might be must be USED and acted upon to create tangible results.

Case in point...

You can’t exchange your imagination or knowledge alone for groceries, to pay the electric and water bill, pay the mortgage, put clothes on your family’s back, or to put fuel in your gas tank.

It's necessary to consciously direct and USE your imagination and knowledge to enable, empower, motivate and inspire you to DO things in such a way that creates a desirable tangible result in YOUR life.

You can't do it for everyone.

You can’t that is, unless you have the "Intellectual Capital", the connections, the monetary capital and are savvy enough to create a "questionable partnership" with the very same government that determines what's taught in it's educational systems. You can't unless you are able to direct the minds of men to believe in and adhere to an entire system that is heavily weighted on the "dark side."

That's what happened in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was made "Law" in the U.S.A. Since that historic event, over time, the overseers of our monetary system and the governments who granted them the power, have collectively initiated and carried out what can best be described as a self serving sinister plot to extract, fleece and “legally steal” the wealth and freedoms of the people which BEGAN in the U.S. but have since expanded ALL around the world, while a very few became EXTREMELY wealthy at the cost of the many.

How could that happen?

By utilizing a kind and quality of intellectual capital that's designed to teach, train, manipulate, control and dumb down the many. The dark side of intellectual capital that's necessary to set the agenda for what and how we, our children and our grandchildren learn in a public education system which determines the quality of knowledge we receive, thereby intentionally determining both the kind and the quality of Intellectual Capital that we're conditioned with, possess and use.

But it goes well beyond public education systems.

It also requires a form of intellectual capital that entails using the very "capital" it acquires through a dumbed down population to buy up, own and ultimately control the media which further programs, conditions and indoctrinates the masses in such a way that supports and solidifies the programming and conditioning we receive in those educational systems.

As the subtitle of this article suggests, the Intellectual Capital of a few, has and will continue to program, condition and gradually diminish the Liberty, Freedoms and Wealth of the many, unless and until the MANY wake up, open their eyes, decide that enough is enough and DO something.

That’s precisely what happened when a few of the world’s banking elite put their capital and "dark sided" imaginations to work, put together a plan and convinced a few influential politicians to “play the game”, and initiated what’s known today as The Federal Reserve Act that was adopted into LAW in 1913.

Very few have the knowledge or understanding about what's transpired. Few understand and "choose" to remain "unaware" of what MONEY is and how it works, let alone what the Federal Reserve truly is, how it operates, why it operates as it does and how it's using the "dark side" of intellectual capital to dim the "light" and "legally steal" the wealth of an "intentionally dumbed down" and unsuspecting global population.

The very word, LAW itself has a powerful meaning. It's KEY to understand how even it can be used to control, manipulate, indoctrinate, support and expand the darker side of intellectual capital.

Although it’s called and believed to be Law and those who imagined it into being would have you believe that it is in fact necessary, LEGAL and just, this so called “Law” that provided the overseers of The Federal Reserve System the power to control and manipulate the flow as well as the supply of money in the U.S.A. is contrary to the Law which our country was founded on and established by.

Yet that "law" was ignored leading to a small and incomplete group of politicians essentially handing over complete control of the U.S. monetary structure to a handful of elite bankers.

It's touted as LAW, we're told it's LAW and many believe it's LAW, yet it's not only quite ILLEGAL, it defies and contradicts the very “Law of the Land” that was designed and intended to keep such freedom draining and wealth depleting policies from becoming a "tangible and measurable" reality.

That Law of the Land (the Real Law) is the Constitution of the United States.

Imagine what might happen if you allowed the choices of someone you personally KNOW and who you were "aware" had dark intentions for your future, to control and manipulate how you think, what you believe and what you do.

Would you allow that to happen?

Imagine if that was being done on a MUCH LARGER scale. Would you "allow" that?

There’s no need for you to attempt to imagine what MIGHT happen because, if you take an educated, informed, honest and objective look at what's transpired thus far over the course of the last 100 plus years at how our "Constitution" is regarded as nothing more than a "piece of paper" by those who "allowed" the construction of MANY systems, you can clearly SEE and perhaps are feeling the painful repercussions from what has happened.

If you haven't looked and aren't aware, perhaps you're “feeling the painful pinch” (or perhaps even the life draining crunch) of the consequences that have stemmed from it.

It’s been a LONG time coming but it seems as if the time to pay the fiddler is here. If the same "intellectual capital" of the few is enabled and allowed to continue to program, condition, indoctrinate, dominate, control, manipulate and impoverish the many, what the "fiddler" receives at the cost of the many is going to be far more enormous than it's already become at YOUR expense.

Enormously "pleasant for the few" and enormously painful for the many.

Based on “common logic and reasoning” making financial choices and adhering to a "fiat monetary system" who's foundational structure is based and built upon DEBT and one that’s obviously weighted to benefit the few at the cost of the many, paying the fiddler is and always has been inevitable.

Perhaps it's way past time for the masses to become keenly aware of the importance of enhancing, expanding and elevating their "Intellectual Capital" and breaking free from the programming and conditioning that has created a population of compliant and obedient "robots."

But based on a specialized form of knowledge, breaking free from the commonly held victim mentality that common logic and reasoning has implanted deeply into the minds and psyche of MOST of the world’s "uninformed and unaware" inhabitants, not only IS possible, it's necessary.

Waking up and taking a "conscious look" at what has happened, is happening and will continue happening unless and until The People DO something about it, is of VITAL IMPORTANCE.

Or you could continue “paying the fiddler” as many are and will continue to, unless and until they begin using the intellectual capital that we were each "freely provided" and have consistent access to and DO something about it.

To use our own intellectual capital in its most effective, beneficial and pleasingly transformational way, requires taking an up close, honest and objective look at what's happening, becoming "keenly aware" of what's transpired and HOW, recognizing it for what it is and DOING something in such a way that MOST aren't doing to change it.

You can't change the entire structure of a capitalistic and consumer driven economic structure. You can't single handedly change the system that drives and supports it. You can't single-handedly change the minds of those who choose to use their intellectual capital to serve the self rather than the many.

What you DON'T have to do is continue to enable and allow it to impact or affect your life as many are "choosing to." You don't have to continue to feed and contribute to the system that has led to the "fiddler" receiving FAR MORE than his share.

What you CAN DO is enhance and expand your knowledge so you might begin to utilize your Intellectual Capital in such a way that aligns, harmonizes, supports and provides you with more of what nearly EVERYONE is looking for and currently "believes" is so important.

Real Wealth, Real Freedom and a long term form of sustainable "material capital" is quite possible regardless of what form of indoctrination and programming you've received to this point.

It CANNOT be done through resistance. What you resist persists. How it CAN be done is through a conscious choice to "unlearn" what restricts and inhibits you and make a "conscious choice to open yourself to and acquire a "specialized form of knowledge" that breaks the chains of bondage that a monetary system driven by debt and a fiat currency creates.

If learning how things truly work in our financial systems is of interest to you; if learning how to most effectively and efficiently break the chains of bondage that a debt based system creates; if assisting others on a global scale to do the same is something that excites and invigorates you, perhaps joining a global movement focused on and intended to serve the many would be of interest to you.

Karatbars International is one such movement that I've "chosen" to become a part of. It's my personal choice as well as the choice of more than 180,000 others around the world.

Check it out. It could prove to be the answer and the solution that you're looking for.

In the meantime, I hope you'll consider what I've shared, continue on and learn more about the systems that exist which ARE serving the few at the cost of the many.

Become aware. Make a conscious choice to enhance and then guard your Intellectual Capital in such a way that provides you and others with the understanding that Real Liberty, Real Freedom, Real Wealth and Real Harmony in life is quite possible and then, if you choose, USE it, share it with others, contribute to the world in a truly "value driven" kind of way, so you and others can actually experience in tangible and measurable form, what so many "claim" to want.

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