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Revealing Hidden Taxes

There are a number of hidden taxes that the average American has no clue about. Although "hidden" in one sense, they're actually HIDING in plain site.

Below are just a “Few” of the Under the Radar Hidden Taxes that you and MILLIONS of other Americans Pay Each Year Without Realizing That They Are in FACT, paying MANY forms of HIDDEN TAXES!!

Let's face facts. Taxes are out of control. WAY out of control. Even the ones we're aware of.

If you're like MOST, these MANY other forms of "hidden taxes" are zapping your wealth without you being aware that they have different "labels" yet are in fact, NOTHING more or less than MORE taxes...disguised as something else.

How is it that we've come to accept so many forms of taxation that we ARE aware of, not to mention the countless forms of hidden taxes that we aren't?

The answer is simple. A "choice" to remain unaware of what's "truly happening" and "allowing it" to take place. You can ignore, dodge and refuse to accept it, but doing so isn't going to change the FACT that Hidden Taxes are EVERYWHERE?

Take for example the average of 17.2% in HIDDEN taxes that Americans pay on their cell phone bills.

Were you "aware" of that?

Unlike federal income tax, state income tax, city tax and county taxes that you pay EVERY year, year after year you pay tax on property you already OWN.

Do you really think you OWN that property? Try NOT paying the tax on it and you'll see who REALLY owns it. It's an annual PAYMENT disguised as a tax...or vice versa.

The following hidden taxes are simply a way to integrate, yet at the same time mask, yet another form of taxation that’s taking place right under your nose.

Hidden taxes are simply a form of under the radar TAX that MOST don't even view as TAXES. But they ARE.

Here are just a few examples...

Recession is a form of "hidden tax." Inflation is another form of "hidden tax."

The Federal Reserve Act itself implemented a TAXING system that masks the BIGGEST form of tax ever. Yet MOST people "choose" to remain oblivious to the fact that our very monetary and BANKING system is a "hidden taxing system" masked via "interest charges."

But, there's MORE...

The following "hidden taxes" drain, on average, $14,764.00 annually from every family on this planet.

WAKE UP People and DO something!!

Don't get angry...get ACTIVE in a pro-active kind of way.

Let's begin by becoming "keenly aware" of an out of control taxing system. Then and ONLY then can we DO something about it.

What needs to happen is a reevaluation and complete overhaul of this poorly distributed and wealth draining tax policy,"

Before you can fix it, you have to become “aware” that it exists and make a conscious choice to stop digging the same hole that the uninformed, ignorant, compliant and for the most part complacent sheeple people herd enable and allow to happen.

Chances are GREAT that you don’t realize it and equally great that you’ve never even THOUGHT about it, but here it is…something more than worthy of becoming "aware of", thinking about and if you choose, DOING something about.

Hidden taxes, regardless of their appearance or the labels attached to them are designed as a transference of wealth from the compliant, programmed, indoctrinated and unsuspecting “sheeple people” all around the world into the vaults of a few PRIVATE BANKERS who disguise themselves via a conglomerate of private corporations.

One of those is known and "masterfully disguised" as The Federal Reserve...a PRIVATE BANKING cartel widely believed to be a "federal" institution.

The list of “hidden taxes” that follow are a small few of many “hidden taxes” that are quite prevalent today.

If you don't read them all because you’re too busy doing what’s necessary to survive and get by AFTER you pay your taxes, go to the end then you may decide that you DO want to take proactive steps and DO something about it.

A very viable and effective alternative "solution" to recoup at least a "portion" of hidden taxes that you pay can be found there.

This is “sickening, criminal, tyrannical and constitutionally ILLEGAL” yet the "the people" allow it and it's happening right under their your...YOUR nose too. Before YOU or anyone else can stop it, awareness of it is key.

Here are just a few of MANY Hidden Taxes

  1. Accounts Receivable Tax

  2. Building Permit Tax

  3. Capital Gains Tax

  4. CDL license Tax

  5. Cigarette Tax

  6. Corporate Income Tax

  7. Court Fines (indirect taxes)

  8. Dog License Tax

    Hidden Taxes Empty Your Pockets

  9. Driver’s License Tax

  10. Federal Income Tax

  11. Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)

  12. Fishing License Tax

  13. Food License Tax

  14. Fuel permit tax

  15. Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)

  16. Hunting License Tax

  17. Inheritance Tax Interest expense (tax on the money)

  18. Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)

  19. IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

  20. Liquor Tax

  21. Local Income Tax

  22. Luxury Taxes

  23. Marriage License Tax

  24. Medicare Tax

  25. Property Tax

  26. Real Estate Tax

  27. Septic Permit Tax

  28. Service Charge Taxes

  29. Social Security Tax

  30. Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)

  31. Sales Taxes

  32. Recreational Vehicle Tax

    Hidden taxes are stealing your wealth

  33. Road Toll Booth Taxes

  34. School Tax

  35. State Income Tax

  36. State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

  37. Telephone federal excise tax

  38. Telephone federal universal service fee tax

  39. Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes

  40. Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax

  41. Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax

  42. Telephone state and local tax

  43. Telephone usage charge tax

  44. Toll Bridge Taxes

  45. Toll Tunnel Taxes

  46. Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)

  47. Trailer registration tax

  48. Utility Taxes

  49. Vehicle License Registration Tax

  50. Vehicle Sales Tax

  51. Watercraft registration Tax

  52. Well Permit Tax

  53. Workers Compensation Tax

There are MANY more "hidden taxes", but you get the idea.

Here's the thing...Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago. You want to know what's REALLY crazy and sinister about the countless forms of "hidden tax" we have today that DIDN'T exist then?

Our nation was STILL the most prosperous in the world, had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world and Mom could STILL stay home if she chose to, to raise the kids.

What in the HELL happened?

This might "hurt a bit", but it's true...

YOU as an individual and we as a "Collective People "allowed and enabled" it to happen.

Just like EVERYONE else "allowed and enabled" it, we can DO something about it whenever and IF ever WE choose to.

It's happened and it IS happening. You can't change what HAS happened. But we CAN change what happens in the future.

The BIG question is, what are you going to DO, to ensure that it doesn't CONTINUE happening?

We have "a part" of the solution and IF you'll allow us to, we can assist you with that "part"...

Check out what WE DO. It's proven to be a tangible and viable solution for MANY people all around the planet for more than 3000 YEARS.

Check it out. If you're anything like the 10s of thousands of others who have, and chosen to participate, you're going to LOVE it.

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