Your MEconomy

Your MEconomy, Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success, Need Not Be Minimized or Compromised by the Economy or What's Going On In the World Out There

Your MEconomy need not be impacted by the economy

Your MEconomy isn't dependent on any external event, condition, circumstance, person, institution, or the state of
the economy. What it is dependent on is awareness, understanding and conscious application of a very specialized,
and never wavering form of wisdom and knowledge that enables you to see and KNOW who you truly are, the inherent
power freely provided to you and that you're more than worthy to express and be who you "truly" are. - Chuck Danes

The proverb warns that “You should not bite the hand that feeds you.” But maybe you should, if it prevents you from feeding yourself. ~ Thomas Szasz

Let's talk about money, the economy, YOU and your MEconomy.

As I write this, (August 2014) the subject of money and the economy, both in the U.S. and globally is a highly volatile and emotionally charged topic. There's good reason. There's an economic storm underway of tsunami proportion. MANY have no idea what is happening, others are oblivious to how and WHY it's happening, some have no idea that anything is happening, and MOST are completely unaware of WHAT to do or that anything can be done.

As much as many would like to, the vast majority believe there's nothing they can do individually.

Sadly, there are also those (greater numbers than I care to think about) who simply bury their head in the sand and ignore it, simply don't care and are doing their own thing, all the while waiting for someone else to address what needs to be addressed.

In spite of all that, aside from all the "perceived" randomness, chaos; inspite of the apathy, apprehension, ignorance, narcissistic behavior and feelings of helplessness, the great news is, your MEconomy need not be impacted or sacrificed.

Yet for that to become and remain true, adopting, acquiring and applying a very uncommon form of awareness is going to be necessary.

The area of economics is one such area that an awareness MUST be gained, if we're to continue to enjoy our liberty, freedoms and the quality of life afforded to us through healthy economic structures.

Currently, the global economy is anything but healthy. That's never good news. What's worse, few are doing anything about it.

Remaining unwilling to become inquisitive and approach what's taking place with an open mind, an understanding heart and a sincere desire to make a difference, is the cause of MEconomy's that lack in substance.

With no thanks to governments, we've become, and every day are becoming more infected and infused with entitlement mentalities.

Although there are times when a hand up is needed to get through a rough time, massive and out of control entitlement programs only serve to dis-empower and create dependence among the many rather than assist the few.

As a result, growing numbers have adopted a "what's in it for me" mentality. What can the government or someone else "give" me.

A thriving MEconomy requires more than a "what's in it for me" or "what do I get out of it" stance. MEconomies flourish for those who adopt a sense of caring, curiousness, a willingness to assist and acquiring the understanding necessary to take affirmative action which enables, empowers and serves the many rather than a few.

It's scary to think that we're becoming a people who are growing complacent, narcissistic, non-discerning and as a result, fail to see what's "truly happening", let alone what's "truly needed" to turn things around.

Becoming Consciously Curious in a Predominantly Unconscious and Non-Inquisitive World is the 1st Step Toward Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Freedom and Real Liberation

Let's face facts. As a people we've become too busy. Our work, our children, our families, technologies, TV, our responsibilities and the day to day demands of life keep us on the fast track.

We've become so busy and so caught up in our own little worlds of busyness, overloaded schedules, fear, doubt, anxiety, overwhelm and DEBT, we claim and "believe" that we have no time to pay attention to such matters as the economy, stressed economic conditions or get REALLY SERIOUS about holding our elected leaders accountable for allowing things to progress to the degree they have.

And, because of that we're paying a price.

There are MANY under the radar shenanigans underway, the Global Economy is in SERIOUS trouble and without question, BILLIONS of people have been, are being and will continue to be adversely impacted by the current turn of events.

So, what can you do?

What can WE do?

Can Anything BE done?

Individually we can make an impact. Together we can change the world. But to get that done, ACTION is necessary. It's going to require more than a few, it's going to require the MANY making different choices than they have.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Due to the state of the Global Economy, the BILLIONS who struggle, are homeless and even starve due to their MEconomy,

You've no doubt heard the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child." Whether in the area of economics and finance or any other, it takes a single individual with an idea to get the ball rolling, a village to unite and come together to begin creating that change and an entire movement comprised of MANY villages collectively joined to ensure that meaningful, lasting and needed change that serves EVERYONE equally is acted on, adhered to, achieved and sustained.

Enhancing your MEconomy doesn't require a village or a movement, although it DOES require a commitment, a willingness to take new kinds of action and the fortitude to follow through on that commitment, so you might begin MOVING and continue DOING something in a way that gets the job done.

We need a global village of DOERS.

For many years I've held a vision (and HAVE a sincere desire) to play a significant role as an agent of change. It takes many "change agents" to create a movement, yet only an individual choice to become an active and effective part of that movement.

Perhaps what follows will serve as the blueprint for taking those first steps toward reigniting your passion, re-clarifying your vision, defining your desires and playing an active and meaningful role in uniting and serving in a movement intended to enrich and serve the world.

You CAN and I'm going to show you WHY and HOW you can. Once I've shown you, then, it's simply a matter of YOU deciding it's time and DOING something with it...

  • What if you discovered that you could become a part of a global movement that assisted you in transforming your MEconomy in as little as 12 weeks REGARDLESS of where you are financially, what the Global Economy has done, is doing or will do at some point in the future?

  • And what if, at the same time you were able to learn how to play a "personal role" in contributing significantly to the lives of others, in impacting the Global Economy while enriching and enhancing the lives and MEconomy's of those who are, or may become, adversely impacted and effected by it?

  • And what if I told you that you CAN become a part of such a noble and needed effort, regardless of where you are and irrespective of how horrific and ugly or grand and gorgeous you "perceive your life to be right now?

I ask because, the fact is, you CAN. The question is, will you?

That's why I created this section and titled it Your MEconomy. We're going to narrow things down a bit and look at Financial Matters specifically and how they relate to and impact your MEconomy and the MEconomies of billions all around the world.

I share what I do with the intention of educating, enabling, empowering and encouraging those who are sincere and serious about making a difference.

I'm not only going to be revealing how YOU as an individual CAN make a HUGE difference, I'm also going to introduce you to a resource that provides what you need and even shows you HOW to do it. What's better than that, is that it can all be done and provided to you FREE of charge.

It's a resource and a plan that not only serves others on a global scale, but also enable you to begin taking a form of action that can, and if you'll use it WILL, dramatically enhance your MEconomy.

You CAN. The FACT is, ANYONE CAN. Most just aren't "AWARE" that they can. It's going to require a paradigm shift, swift action and a choice to do what MOST aren't doing and if history is any indication, which most never will do.

So, before we go ANY further, are YOU sincere, serious and "truly ready" to create change in your life as well as the lives of others?

If not, no need to waste your time reading further. What follows is for those who ARE.

Becoming "aware of" the power YOU hold and your inherent ability to enhance your MEconomy, regardless of what's happening "out there" is where lasting change begins.

The sad fact is, MOST never get to, let alone THROUGH the becoming "aware" part.

There's no denying or questioning the fact that the Global Economy and the structuring of capitalistic economic systems CAN and in many cases DOES lead to troubled and seemingly hopeless MEconomies that are bleak at best.

Although it "seems" that way, it doesn't mean it has to remain that way. Whether the economy or anything else out there impacts and affects you adversely or positively is a choice that YOU make for yourself...period.

It's not a choice that the masses make.

But those who "choose to" become consciously curious; those who understand that it's VITAL to become and remain aware of the IMPORTANCE of learning, understanding and then DOING what most "choose NOT to" will thrive and KNOW, in a very up close and personal kind of way, what it means to experience a kind and quality of life, financially and otherwise, that MOST never will.

I'll be revealing how you can do that as well as WHY you can soon.

But first it's important that you become aware...keenly aware of what has taken, is taking and will continue to take place in the Global Economy itself. It's going to be necessary to develop, at the VERY least, a "basic understanding" of HOW the monetary system that's currently in place works, which determines the state of the Global Economy as well as the economy in whatever country you reside in.

If you're not already aware, it's also going to require that you become willing to learn and understand more about YOURSELF, the inherent power you hold to change things and what you can do to make meaningful, lasting and desirable changes, for yourself and others, that not only serves, empowers and assists you and others in intangible ways, but provides significant, lasting and enormously pleasing results that are tangible and measurable in nature.

Which brings us to an important point...

Unless results are "tangible and measurable", financially or otherwise, they're NOT results.

As it pertains to what we're discussing here, the tangible and measurable results I'm referring to, have to do with providing YOU and others with a sense of hope, assurance, a way to contribute and a highly effective strategylearn how easy it can be to create MORE MONEY for yourself.

For MOST, doing that is going to require a "shift." It's an "intellectual shift" initially. But it's a kind and quality of shift that enables you to become "keenly aware" that you ALREADY HAVE everything you could possibly need to serve in a big way and THRIVE, not ONLY financially, but physically, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually too.

Once you've made that "shift" and begin DOING what MUST be done, you'll begin to see how true that is, regardless of what the "world chooses" and aside from what the world is about to undergo financially speaking.

But to DO that is going to require that you DO what most WON'T do. It's going to require that you become aware and opt out of the programmed, conditioned and self defeating mindset that the majority holds before a REAL sense of liberation and freedom which EVERYONE "claims" to want, can become a tangible and measurable EXPERIENCE.

Enhancing Your MEconomy Requires Engaging in a Process of Unlearning and Relearning

Let's face facts. Everybody WANTS wealth, however you define it individually. Many work really hard in their attempts to achieve that goal. Yet FEW DO what's "truly needed" and necessary to create the kind, quality and quantity of wealth that most everybody "claims" to want.

While most believe that economics is the cause of their "less than desired" financial situations, becoming aware of WHAT is happening and WHY, reveals that NO ONE is a victim of, but rather a contributor to, not only the current state of the Global Economy but their MEconomy as well.

But in order to SEE, KNOW and become enabled and empowered to DO something about it, it's going to require that you begin making some "uncommon choices."

A Paradigm and Focus Shift from Effects to Cause is Where ALL Meaningful, Lasting and Transformational Change Begins.

A LOT of people today "claim" that the economy is the CAUSE of their financial woes.

Any financial system and any situation you find yourself in as it pertains to finances or anything else in your life, is an effect...NOT a cause.

A very "specialized form of education and knowledge" is necessary to precipitate this paradigm shift. It's necessary because it enables and empowers you to get around all the doubt, apprehension, CAN'T's, IF's, BUT's and WHAT IF's that keep so many in a cynical, self defeating, fear based REACTIVE mode, rather than becoming aware, resourceful, PROACTIVE and doing what we ALL can do to EXPERIENCE tangible and measurable results that we LOVE.

Ironically, in many cases, that's what keeps us from serving and providing Real Value to others, which is a key, yet often overlooked part of experiencing a MEconomy that is "uncommon" to say the least.

But to do that, it's necessary to get to the heart of the matter so we might understand and address the all too common "issues" that create all the excuses and "seemingly justifiable" reasons why we DON'T do what we'd truly love to do and in fact, are HERE to do.

In the The True Origin Of And The REAL Truth About Money article that's a part of this series, I cover that topic and walk you through a process that DOES get to the heart of things and reveals the "true cause" of ALL effects.

ALL effects include your MEconomy.

A paradigm shift is what's necessary to SEE THROUGH all the misinformation, the hype, the rhetoric, the programming, conditioning and indoctrination that WE ALL have received at varying degrees throughout our lives.

In the same way, regardless of where on the planet you live, MOST individuals look toward and depend on their local economy to determine their MEconomy.

Put simply, for most people in the world, the "gauge they use" for determining the state and quality of their MEconomy is the local economy which CAN play a role in determining the amount of money and the quality of life that they have or don't have, although it doesn't HAVE to.

The sad fact remains though, that's what MOST choose without ever realizing that they ARE choosing it. We ALL choose, although granted, many do so "unconsciously."

As a result of this "unconscious way of doing things" it's not at all "uncommon" to honestly believe that what we receive or don't receive in life, materially, monetarily or otherwise, is dependent on the local as well as the Global Economy.

That's the 1st mistake MOST make. And it's a very dis-empowering and self sabotaging choice to make. It's our beliefs and perceptions regarding our financial conditions, our homeland economies as well as the Global Economy as a whole that impacts, affects and determines our MEconomy as individuals.

A dependence on an out of control ECONOMY and waiting for someone else to DO something about it, equates to nothing more than an entitlement mentality. The entire financial structure itself, that drives the Global Economy and which so many depend on for their survival, is tainted, polluted and overrun with many of these "entitlement programs."

That too is part of the problem.

When you break out of this "fear based entitlement paradigm" it becomes SO EASY to SEE that what's going on "out there" need not affect nor adversely impact what we experience individually, economically or otherwise. But to transcend the effects of a global monetary system gone haywire, requires learning, becoming AWARE, believing, thinking, speaking and ACTING in specific ways, which keeps adverse effects on an individual scale at a minimum.

Change begins at an individual level and is seen and experienced by others, as the impact that each individual makes, spreads.

BELIEF is a HUGE part of the MEconomy equation. That not only holds true in an esoteric and intangible kind of way, it holds true in very real and tangible ways as well. The fact is, it's nothing more than belief that keeps the entire financial structure and system that's in place, functioning.

Unbeknownst to MOST, it's both individual and a collective BELIEF that drives and sustains the mechanics of ANY economic structure regardless of how sound or unstable it might be.

Needless to say, since it's predominantly "believed" that our homeland economies and on a larger scale, the Global Economy determines the quality of ALL of our lives as individuals, it’s an important subject and one "more than worthy" of becoming and remaining "keenly aware" of.

It's more than important. It's necessary. It's VITAL and ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL if you ever hope to come through the coming financial tsunami that's headed our way with a MEconomy that remains in tact.

There's a Perceived Truth and a Higher Truth in EVERY Aspect of Life, But the Higher Truth ALWAYS in ALL WAYS Prevails...Regardless

My purpose in life is to assist others by sharing what I've discovered and like to refer to as a Higher Truth.

This Higher Truth applies to economics just as it does to any other area of life.

Once you are aware of a Higher Truth regarding economics, how today's financial systems operate, how the state of the global economy is molded and shaped by those factors, and SEE it for what it truly is, you can not only regain control over and enhance your MEconomy exponentially, you can make a profoundly meaningful, positive and significant difference in the lives of MANY individuals who are "unaware" that anything can be done and who "unknowingly, unconsciously and "needlessly enable and allow themselves to become and remain adversely impacted and negatively affected by the state of the Global Economy.

We Each Have All the Answers, Tools, Resources and Solutions We Could Possibly Need to Impact the Economy and Enhance Our MEconomy

In light of some dark and scary truths that are becoming more widely known and understood in recent years, individuals globally are seeking out alternative answers and solutions to "fix" their economic woes.

That's part of the problem. A BIG part as it pertains to YOUR MEconomy.

Why? As I OFTEN share...

What you "Focus on Expands and What you FEED, grows.

Being "problem focused" is REACTIVE. Being "solution focused" is PROACTIVE.

Any focus on financial problems and "fixing economic woes" will create and keep "financial problems" and the need for "fixing economic woes" and your MEconomy a reality. A focus on "THRIVING" and DOING things in such a way that enable you to rise above all the perceived randomness, chaos and "ugly things" that are happening in the world, is the "missing link" that MOST in the world aren't aware of and don't do.

Would you agree that nearly EVERYONE would if they were "aware" of how to do it?

MOST in the world have no grasp, understanding and as a result "perceive" themselves as unable. have no idea about.

Let the world think, believe and DO as it will. None of that has ANYTHING to do with your MEconomy unless you choose to allow it to.

As you'll discover soon, the answers and solutions to "seemingly complex" financial difficulties made real through corrupt, troubled and unstable financial structures do exist. It's simply a matter of becoming "aware of" what's "truly going on", looking in the right place for the answers and solutions that are both "within you" and ALL around you, and DOING something with them once they're found.

In Spite of What's Underway or Why, You Can Rise Above it All and Experience a Dramatically Enhanced MEconomy

After pushing ahead, expanding, growing and becoming "uncommonly aware" of what is happening in the financial arena and WHY, I'm delighted to say that, not only do the answers and solutions exist, even during what MOST would refer to as "the worst of economic times", the Higher Truth is, opportunity abounds.

It Always has and ALWAYS will regardless of the appearance of things. But although opportunity is everywhere, these opportunities must be realized, seen for the good that they are and acted upon once that awareness becomes real.

The same opportunities that are available to the Rich and Happy are available to you as well. It's simply a matter of becoming aware of and DOING something with them once you are aware.

Because opportunity abounds, once the awareness is acquired and the right actions are taken in the right order, MEconomies flourish. Your MEconomy can flourish as well, regardless of what you might currently believe to be true, irrespective of what others think and aside from what you might be experiencing now, economically or otherwise.

Your belief, your choices and your ACTIONS (or inaction) will determine, as they ALWAYS have, always do and always will, what you'll experience in life economically and otherwise.

It's through becoming "keenly aware" of, focusing on and moving toward what you desire and EMBRACING the Opportunity that's all around you, that germinates and feeds the "seeds" of wealth and success, NOT the Global Economy.

ALL change, regardless of how dark, unsettling, or bleak it may "appear to be" on the surface, contains within itself ENORMOUS opportunity for growth, abundance, prosperity and sustainability.

As dark and dreary as things can "seem" on the surface, the chance to counter and move through all these "seemingly impenetrable walls with answers and solutions that enable and empower YOU to Shine YOUR Light in a way that BENEFITS, contributes to and serves the world are everywhere.

It's simply a matter of becoming proactive, aware, creative and willing to flow with, rather than resist, fight and struggle against the way things are. We don't HAVE to but we MUST if we ever hope to see, use and benefit from the countless opportunities that surround us and which we ALL have access to.

Although many well intended people are doing just that, let's face facts. Neither you, I, or anyone else can single-handedly change the world's monetary system or make any notable difference in the Global Economy.

We CAN however consistently make conscious choices that lead to DOING things in such a way that educates, enables, empowers and enriches the lives of others which leads us into and provides us with a dramatically enhanced MEconomy.

Flowing with, simply requires accepting and then aligning and harmonizing with the inevitable changes that come our way as the Global Economy and the world does whatever it's going to do.

It's a kind of acceptance absent apathy, complacency and inaction.

When you combine the right "resources" with your inherent resourcefulness, you can shield yourself and those you love against the adverse affects that troubled and/or toppling financial systems always bring with them.

Although I haven't always understood it, in the past 3 decades I've come to KNOW and understand that you and I can change the world by enhancing the lives of others. It only requires a choice.

I also came to the realization that, because things have spiraled so far out of control and many of the problems we face in the world today have intensified to the degree they have, nobody, whether a group, individual or institution could or was going to single handedly "fix" the Global Economy nor get things back under control anytime soon.

That's why I'm sharing what I am with you. Individually I can create an impact. Together we bring about SIGNIFICANT, meaningful and lasting change that serves EVERYONE and makes an enormous difference on both a local and a global scale.

Since those who oversee, run, control and manipulate our financial systems are the VERY PEOPLE that have enabled and allowed the Global Economy to become what it has, discernment, creativity, and becoming PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE is of greater importance than ever.

Let's be real. It's difficult to discern between who to trust and who to run away from in this day and age. There are MANY individuals, groups and organizations out there, many of whom "claim" to have your "best interest" in mind. Yet their "true intention" is self serving and self fulfilling. That's a part of life as it always has been. It brings a much deeper EXPERIENTIAL understanding of what it means to "beware of wolves in sheep's clothing."

That's why a conscious, aware, optimistic and life enhancing form of discernment is so vital.

The conclusion I've personally arrived at and adhere to is this...

Developing a Basic Understanding of the Mechanics of the Global Economy and Consciously Managing Your Personal MEconomy is YOUR Responsibility

Our only choice, each of us, is to accept personal responsibility for where we are, where we've been, where we're headed and where we'll end up when the smoke clears.

Although an essential start, it doesn't end with accepting responsibility. There's more to do. Taking responsibility and actually DOING something about whatever situation we find ourselves in, requires taking the initiative to study, explore, understand and become “keenly aware” of what’s “truly going on” if we're ever to regain and reclaim any semblance of balance and control of our own lives, financially or otherwise.

The Financial Aspect of Life and How It's Being Impacted by The State of the Global Economy is One Area that is of VITAL Importance, Yet Few Truly Understand HOW it Works and Why

Because the financial aspect of life is such an important and fundamental part of life, it’s certainly no exception. In fact, becoming aware of and developing a keen understanding of what money "truly is", how financial systems "truly work", and how they're controlled and manipulated by a small handful of VERY wealthy and VERY savvy individuals who are focused and fixated on their own "self serving" interests, is of VITAL importance.

It's important that is, IF you're ever to rise above the "crowd" so you might experience a lasting sense of peace, assurance and long term security in the area of finances.

Money can't and doesn't provide Real Security and is by NO MEANS the "Main Thing." Far from it. But in a world that depends on and revolves around a capitalistic system, in cultures and societies that depend on a "medium of exchange for survival, financial security is without question a vitally important part of experiencing Real Wealth and Real Freedom in life.

I've personally found and lead a team that saw what I did, which provides a Real and lasting solution and addresses the economic woes that many have.

More than that it SERVES others on a Global Scale in FAR too many ways to address here, which is WHY it works in the way it does and WHY countless tens of thousands around the world are becoming a part of the movement which drives, sustains and grows it.

I invite you to check it out and perhaps join us as we do what we're able to enhance our own as well as others MEconomies in a time of struggle, confusion and disillusionment that MANY in the world are experiencing due to a troubled economy.

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