An Introduction to The Light and Dark Side of Money
and Our Global Financial Crisis

In Order to Be, Do and Have What We as a Global People Truly Desire in Life, We As Individuals MUST Become Open To and Keenly Aware Of the Light That Leads Us to It and Discerning About the Darkness Which Does Everything In It's Power to Keep Us From It

Light and Dark exist, yet a single light illuminates the darkest of darks

Light and Dark are very real and very prevalent in both the seen and unseen world. Yet a single light is all
that's necessary to illuminate and transform the darkest of nights. Individually we are "light." Imagine
what we, as a global people, 7 BILLION strong, can and could do by working, uniting, banding together and
"consciously choosing" to unite and shine our light. We CAN, but will we? - Chuck Danes

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those
who watch them and not do anything. – Albert Einstein

What follows is an introduction to the Light and Dark Side of money, our global geopolitical structures and what we as individuals and a people, collectively joined, can DO to transform the less than desired results that stem from it into tangible and measurable results that we love.

Make NO mistake. It's NOT enough to become "aware of it", it's absolutely NECESSARY to DO something about it if we're ever to SEE the "desired changes."

Although few are aware, there’s a very real battle raging on a global scale. Although the article that follows, has to do with money and financial structures, both of which are tangible in nature, ultimately, it's a battle between darkness and light.

Although this "darkness and light" is often thought of, referred to as and believed to stem from spiritual/metaphysical concepts that we "humans" have no power or control over, light and dark are very real, are ALWAYS at work and equally present in both the tangible and intangible world.

Let's take the esoteric nature of light and darkness out of the equation and relate it to the dark side of politics and the rapid decline of our God given liberties...namely U.S. politics.

The Washington machine has bullied and suppressed the freedoms of Americans and many other citizens on a global scale for far too long. Monetary systems and the policies which drive them are one of the biggest culprits.

Although "untrue" from a strictly spiritual perspective, in a physical, tangible, real world kind of way, money is a very real tangible means of exchange that determines the level of physical and finite power that individuals as well as governments utilize to achieve whatever their aspirations might be.

The current system is imbalanced, designed to benefit a "few" at the cost of the many and will continue to unless and until change is implemented.

Point being, things have gotten out of control, although MOST are oblivious to what HAS happened and will continue to happen unless something is done.

Nothing is more symbolic of an out-of-control system than a Federal Government trampling our liberties, keeping us enslaved and creating systems and processes labeled as "for the good of the people", which are nothing of the sort...although on "the surface" it may "seem that way."

In essence, the way it "seems", only seems that way because the "darkness" has a way of disguising itself and masquerading as "light."

It’s an under the radar battle that, although many are unaware and oblivious to the fact that it’s actually happening, it’s a very real battle that has been and will continue taking place unless and until we as a people wake up, take notice and DO something about it.

Although the unaware and oblivious have a tendency to write such things off and label them as wild eyed "conspiracy theory", when the evidence surrounds you, theory transforms to reality.

It’s a very real, documented and easily verifiable battle designed and intended to hold the people of the world in bondage, slavery and in many cases, the one thing that "needlessly keeps" so many from EXPERIENCING a quality of life that is ours by birthright.

Although what follows is the beginning of an education regarding the light and dark side of this battle; a kind of education that everyone truly needs, not everyone is aware that they do.

One thing is certain. The subject matter and the quality of education that follows is certainly not the kind that we receive in school. Quite the contrary in fact and due in great part to the dark and underlying motives and tactics that oppressors utilize, for very good reason.

As you'll discover, should you choose to read The Dumbing Down of America article, it's an education that the dark side prefer you didn't receive and not only will do, but are DOING everything in their power to ensure that you don't acquire it or simply "write it off" as nonsense or wild eyed "conspiracy theory."

The geopolitical polarity of dark vs light

The reason WHY, is because what I’ll be covering impacts EVERYONE on this planet, both the light and the dark side, not only in an economic and financial kind of way, but on a much larger scale. You could refer to how things are unfolding as a sinister scale, that further threatens to diminish the very liberties and freedoms that are our birthright as a global people.

If the term the light and the dark side doesn't suit you for whatever reason, what we'll be covering, could be viewed as a battle between right and wrong or good and evil.

Whatever "label" you choose is immaterial. The battle raging between the 2 is VERY REAL and IS impacting every aspect of our lives both individually and collectively.

As true as that is, there are MANY individuals who are going to continue ignoring it, turn a blind eye, pretending and acting as if nothing is in disarray...For a time at least.

I say for a time, because I believe what's happening in the global financial system as a whole, is getting ready to implode. Due to the pain that such an event would create globally AND in your life individually, ignoring it and/or remaining oblivious to it isn't going to be possible, should that happen.

The first step in the process is becoming aware. The second step is committing to DO whatever you can.

Rest easy for now. I'll be pointing you to a "potential solution" that noted experts and gurus in the financial arena, claim is a sure safe haven.

Even having a viable and proven solution available, there are those who won't heed the warning signs that are all around us.

As is common among the “human species”, sadly, most NEED to feel and experience enormous pain before they make the choice to open their eyes, wake up, change their mind, make the necessary paradigm shifts and DO something about what not only NEEDS to be changed, but is LONG overdue in our social, economic, ecological and geopolitical structures.

One area of VITAL importance that needs to be recognized, acknowledged and clearly SEEN for WHAT it truly is, is the light and dark side of our “Global Financial System.”

For those who make the choice to study and understand this "system", it becomes quite easy to SEE that it is clearly a system of bondage and slavery disguised and labeled as the letter of Law.

From a tangible "real world" perspective, that's where MOST of today's challenges stem from. When sinister events are underway, follow the money.

As true as that is, the current repercussions, consequences and adversity being experienced on a global scale, extend well beyond financial systems. The darkness that’s infused within and the atrocities that stem from these “systems”, threatens the very liberties and freedoms that ARE our birthright and that we as a people have enjoyed and experienced in times long past.

The implications that underlie this "issue", are a HUGE and vitally important topic, and based on how most individuals SEE things, way too BIG to actually do anything about collectively, let alone individually.

That's perhaps the BIGGEST part of the problem and what has enabled and allowed what we're experiencing now to become the "very real" and enormous "problem" that it's become.

That’s the very attitude and mindset which has led to where things are and continuing on, holding on to the same beliefs, choosing to remain blind, oblivious and/or inactive is the very type of attitude and mindset that will enable the ugliness, darkness and sinister agendas of the "dark side" to continue.

Inevitably, should we "choose" to continue to ignore the problem, pain will inevitably follow.

Hopefully, you'll make the choice to gain the education that will shield you from the pain.

This, as well as a number of other articles that can be found on the right sidebar of this page, are intended as a means to enhance awareness, both individually and collectively and provide needed insight regarding our monetary system, the erosion of our freedoms and a very real and growing threat which, unless and until proactive steps are taken and something is done to shift it, is going to cause MUCH pain, adversity and suffering for us as individuals as well as entire cultures and societies globally.

Some of that pain is already being witnessed and experienced. If the people (which includes YOU) enable and allow it to continue, it’s going to get FAR worse and the pain will intensify.

When I refer to OUR monetary system, I’m referring to the financial system that’s in place GLOBALLY. Billions around the planet are oblivious to WHAT is going on as it pertains to finances, governmental policy and the financial systems and structures that we all depend on for our survival.

Where the light and the dark side really come into play is becoming aware of the insidious, self serving and sinister group that oversee, manipulate and ultimately control not only the financial system itself, but many other facets of life.

Few are aware of the dark and sinister agendas of those who have been put in place and allowed to oversee, control and manipulate these “global systems.”

Although there are some who are aware, they are so few in number; they feel overwhelmed and and in many cases helpless, for the most part, to DO anything about it.

There are also those who are aware and are DOING what they’re able, but who need the additional support, backing, help and encouragement of the global masses to get the job done.

Some choose to remain blind and unaware. There are others who are aware, yet don't play an active role in DOING anything to change what they've become aware of. One thing is certain. Whether the choice is to remain blind and ignorant, or aware, yet inactive and unwilling to do anything about it, both choices provide the same “tangible result.”

Needless to say the result isn't of a kind and quality that many are hoping, wishing, praying and waiting for.

Awareness and knowledge, regardless of how vast and on target it might be, absent proactive steps and application of those attributes, is worthless.

The quality of the current results we’re witnessing globally, are far less in “quality” than most “claim” to want and certainly FAR less than what we COULD have and experience. If the masses would wake up, become “aware” of what’s going on and DO their part, this darkness would be minimized and perhaps snuffed out.

Getting the job done is a journey of sorts. The first step in that journey, is becoming aware that something NEEDS to be done. As true as that is, MOST keep allowing and/or DOING the same thing they always have and rather than taking proactive steps toward desired change remain blind or consistently make “excuses” as to WHY they can’t DO anything individually.

Ronald Reagan on DOING something to create change

There are also those who honestly believe that "God" will surely rescue the world.

As a very insightful and wise statement that I’ll borrow from the Judeo Christian bible “clearly states and reveals”…

“Faith without works is dead.”

It's way past time to become aware and "get to work."

One thing is certain as it pertains to the light and dark side. The darker, shadowy side IS at work, has been at work and is going to continue unless and until those on the "light side" realize and recognize that, doing whatever we can can to "shine our light" is needed more now than perhaps any other time in history.

The articles on the right sidebar of this page provide a real world view of how the light and dark side ARE at work in our global financial structures and provide a solution to those who are ready, open and willing to open their eyes and SEE what has been and is taking place.

One thing is certain. If nothing changes, nothing changes. The dark side is DOING plenty and the changes are not only evident, they're ALL around you.

To begin creating a more "desirable" form of change is going to REQUIRE the participation of the awake, the asleep and the uninformed.

In the case of financial structures that determine our health, well being and quality of life, ignorance is ANYTHING BUT bliss.

Do yourself and everyone else in this world a HUGE favor. Get informed and DO something while we still have a "choice" in the matter.

I'm Finished With The Dark and Light Side of Geopolitical Systems
Take Me to the True Origin of Money

I'm Finished With The Dark and Light Side of Geopolitical Systems
Take Me to the Abundance and Happiness Homepage

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