GOLD is the Ultimate Store of Value

There's a Huge Difference Between Real Money With Real Value and a Paper Fiat Currency That Has Perceived Value. Take the Belief Away and The Perception and Value of "Fiat Paper Money" Disappears...POOF

Gold has Real Value and Paper Money is as Close as It's EVER BEEN to Worthless

You have a choice between the natural stability of gold and the honesty and intelligence of the members of government. And with all due respect for those gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, vote for gold. - George Bernard Shaw

Gold was once humanity's main form of money, however over the past few decades the world's currency has been replaced and represented by worthless pieces of paper often referred to as a fiat currency.

There's a Huge Difference Between Real Value and Perceived Value. Real Value Remains While Perceived Value Can and Often Does Vanish into Thin Air. GOLD is the Ultimate Store of Value.

Because of a lack of understanding and awareness regarding the rapidly declining value of "paper currency", there’s MUCH doom and gloom surrounding the current state of the Global Economy.

For the unaware and uninformed, that sentiment "seems justifiable, certainly “seems” very real and for those who choose that line of thought, it's no doubt quite painful.

For the aware and informed, who prefer joy over pain, security over wonder and a sense of assurance and certainty over fear, anxiety and despair, because of the current events that are unfolding in the global economy, this "seemingly horrific and scary" series of events COULD prove to be both an exciting and EXTREMELY profitable time in history.

For some it will and some it won’t.

For those who see that the "paper fiat currency" is headed for more trouble and develop the understanding regarding the 3000 year history where GOLD always has, currently is and Always will hold Real Intrinsic Value, will be much more secure in the fact that their wealth is being protected.

Which one will you be?

If you think that the economy is OK, that the federal government has a firm grasp on what’s going on and you honestly believe that you and your family are safe and secure as future global financial events unfold, and you're also dead set that your mind can’t be shifted or changed, there’s no point in you reading further.

But if you're ready to learn HOW to hedge inflation, opt out of the "recession" mindset and prosper REGARDLESS of what the economy does, what follows is especially for you.

Since what follows could easily be (and often is) “believed and perceived” as being a “Conspiracy Theory”, let’s clear the air right up front.

Theories and Speculation are Impossible to Measure Yet FACT Can Be and ALWAYS is Verifiable in Tangible and Measurable Ways.

Let's be real. Theories and speculation can’t be measured or held in your hand. FACTS can be.

I have a 3000 year history of FACTS and something that’s tangible and measurable to SHOW you that will change your mind about what many believe to be a “fear based theory” or worse a conspiracy theory with no FACTS or PROOF to back it up.

If you truly believe that the dollar and the country are sound and that anything said to the contrary is “conspiracy theory”, you certainly have that right.

But REGARDLESS of WHAT you choose to think or believe regarding the economy and what may or may not happen personally, the FACT is this...

As 3000 years of tangible and verifiable history CLEARLY reveals, GOLD is and always has been a consistently sound store of value. That same history clearly reveals that "paper money" is a useless and worthless piece of paper once the "promise" that backs it goes away.

The little value it has left will disappear as public belief in it wanes or ceases to be.

Here are the FACTS regarding Gold which is Real Money with Real Value and the worthless paper fiat currency that MOST “believe” is money all the while "perceiving" that it has some form of “intrinsic value”…

I'll warn you up front. The facts about the current economy and the future that "paper fiat money" is going to provide, aren’t pretty. For many they’re EXTREMELY unsettling and scary facts. But they need not be any of those nor need what’s taking place adversely impact you like they have, do and are so many others.

My personal advice? Ignore the doom and gloom, STOP being reactive, get educated about the Real Facts about money and get proactive.

Here are some more HARD, verifiable, tangible and MEASURABLE FACTS that MAY assist you in shedding a "poverty mentality" and joining the ranks of the happy, wealthy and fulfilled…

The Not So Pretty Truth About a DEVALUING and Worthless Currency, aka Paper Money

According to government sources in the United States of America, the current U.S. debt stands at 16 TRILLION Dollars and is growing every SECOND.

You might be surprised at how quickly the interest on that debt multiplies EVERY second.

Considering HOW the government does things with its facts, figures and mathematics, I’ll assure you that number is MUCH higher. Many independent and world renown economists say it’s closer to 60 trillion.

But let’s be ultra conservative and go with what Big Brother says. Let’s assume that the current U.S. debt really is the 16 Trillion the government “claims.”

If the government is unable to pay off that debt through growth, guess what they’ll do?

If you guessed make a call to the FED to print more of the nearly worthless fiat currency that MOST people THINK is money, you’re right.

What happens when they print and place MORE fiat currency into the system? The value of an already dramatically DEVALUED dollar, that to date has already lost an estimated 98% of its original exchange value, becomes even MORE DEVALUED.

The banksters who oversee the FED earn more money through the INTEREST they charge on this inflated amount of fiat currency. that doesn’t even exist and the rich get richer while the poor become poorer.

The "labels" rich and poor have nothing to do with money, but rather have EVERYTHING to do with what you believe and HOW you utilize your Intellectual Capital.

That’s what has happened to the “middle class” too. MANY have moved from the “middle class” into a category that the government rates as being at the “poverty level.”

Sweet deal for the government and the FED…NOT such a sweet deal for you, I, the poor or what's left of the “middle class.”

That’s WHY it is SO VITALLY IMPORTANT to understand and become keenly aware of what "money" really is, how the monetary system truly works and how you are being fleeced while a handful of the world's elite are becoming wealthier at your expense.

During periods of social, political or economic unrest, throughout history, Gold has traditionally held its value. The dollar? After looking at the FACTS above, need it even be said?...Not even close.

In today’s world, what is “supposed to be” a dollar that could be exchanged for 1 dollars’ worth of value in the past, only has a “value of exchange” that’s worth .02 cents today.

Same dollar...FAR LESS Value.

To protect the little value that’s left in the dollar, it’s going to be necessary to exchange this DEVALUED paper fiat currency into a store of value that has, is and will continue holding Real Value.

What is that?

The one thing that many average and VERY wealthy and affluent people alike are exchanging the eroding value of their dollars for is GOLD.

GOLD always has, currently does and if history continues to repeat herself, ALWAYS WILL be considered a VERY safe and secure store of value.

That’s been the case for MORE than 5000 years. I don't see that changing over the next 5000.

Considering what you’ve learned regarding the FED, the dominant media which is controlled and manipulated by the FED and keeping in mind that the FED profits when you LOSE, I personally don’t and wouldn’t read too much into the many so called "expert" predictions that the predominant media puts on the airwaves.

Just as we've seen so many times with so many so called "expert analysts", price targets, and what the talking heads on TV claim is happening in the global economy, theories and speculation about the economy are often not worth the paper they are printed on.

I personally choose a tangible and measurable "history of proof" rather than some talking head or media source that in some way shape or form often conveys a message that serves those who control media and hurts, harms and maims those who "choose" to remain oblivious and unaware.

Do your OWN due diligence, learn about the long history of Gold and paper dollars and once you SEE and KNOW for yourself what’s truly going on, trade your worthless paper dollars for something of Real Value while your “paper fiat currency” still has some value left.

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