Reality Check Part 2

The Reality Check Reveals How to Keep Your Heart and Mind Open, Your Aspirations High, Your Imagination Uncommonly Expansive, While Keeping Your Feet FIRMLY Planted on the Ground So You Can DO What "Truly NEEDS" to Be Done

In case Part 1 of Reality Check wasn't "crystal clear" in what the objective here is, The Reality Check as a whole, is intended to DO 2 things...

  1. Enable and empower you to see beyond the limitations of the less than desired "physical and finite" results unfolding all around us in the world, so you and we as a people might see and reach beyond the stars.

  2. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground as you DO what "TRULY NEEDS TO BE DONE" to start receiving what you and what we as a species "truly desire" in and out of life.

What follows in the Reality Check is NOT based on some poor, misleading or pie in the sky interpretation of religious doctrine or dogma. Nor are the insights conveyed derived from theory, speculation or some airy fairy philosophy.

The Reality Check is about learning to identify, become keenly aware of and learning to master your inherent ability to navigate what can otherwise "seem to be" a scary, hectic, troubled and noise filled world while imagining, thinking about, remaining focused on, and receiving measurable results that you Love.

The Higher Truth is, unless results are "tangible and measurable", they're NOT results.

Since there are so many facets to LIFE and an infinite number of possibilities, the Reality Check is "general in nature", meaning it doesn't matter what area of life it is that you desire to enhance or expand in some way. The very same "core principles" apply, whether your tangible or intangible desires are of a physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional or spiritual nature.

The Reality Check can prove to be a "one size fits all" solution in one sense, although personalizing the steps that it reveals in a way that resonates with and works for you is equally important.

It's not a step by step manual on what to DO and how to DO it, but rather provides insight that encourages the importance of becoming Self Aware and doing what "truly needs" to be done in the right order so you might become unaffected and immune to the "less than desired" choices, opinions, actions and effects (measurable and seemingly real outcomes)that others create.

In essence, the Reality Check points out and focuses on a "specific way of BEING" that MUST be undertaken and mastered before you can ever EXPECT to DO and HAVE what so many "work so hard for", frantically scramble around seeking out, yet can't seem to find and NEVER receive no matter what they do or how they do it.

The reason WHY that holds "true" for so many is simply because amid all the "fear based" looking and scrambling, MOST never choose to look, let alone explore, where the fulfillment of their most heartfelt desires already exists and CAN BE found.

The Razors Edge is an Acknowledgment and Awareness That For Every Good in the World, Bad Also Exists as a "Probability" and as Such, is Also a Possibility.

In the bigger scheme of things, meaning at the spiritual/metaphysical level, things such as "good or bad" are non-existent. Good or bad is nothing more or less than a mindset. Your "personal results", whether you view them as "good or bad" only become "possible and REAL" based on our "beliefs, perspectives and unique observation of the event unfolding.

Good and bad are perceptions

That's what determines the paradigm we exist within as individuals. Since it applies at an "individual level", the same holds true at a collective level.

In the tangible "real world" perspective, good and bad are VERY real. Finding the razors edge and learning to SEE "good and bad" for what they "truly are", is the KEY to seeing and experiencing it ALL as "the GREATER good" that it ALWAYS turns out to be.

To become enabled to see and KNOW the good regardless of the quality of the event, it's necessary to transcend the common world view and SHIFT the paradigm that makes it "seem as if" life and the events, conditions and circumstances that we experience as we go through life are something less than "good."

The quickest, simplest, easiest way to DO that, so you can SEE and KNOW it for yourself is meditation.

Meditation enables you to enter into states of spiritual awareness and connection that are so absolutely beyond description, incredible, beyond "common" human understanding, they seem to change a person at the core of their very being, forever.

It's a "reconnection" really, that enables you to SEE and KNOW that disconnection is nothing more or less than a perception.

Once you've touched this "space" that human words can't possibly describe, you can NEVER forget.

In my experience, meditation is the "short path" that clearly points out and reveals where you want to go...WHEREVER that is.

There is also the possibility of getting so caught up in the "appearance of things" and how things "seem" on the surface, that the rat race and the FEAR we experience as we make our way through life, can become a "seemingly impossible" thing to break free from. As humans, it's quite "simple" to get caught up in the "tangible reality" of life to such a degree that you unintentionally and "unconsciously" overlook and as a result limit (and in many cases sabotage) what's "truly available" to you.

Since MOST spend the MAJORITY of their time and energy earning and spending MONEY, let's use it as an example.

One of the most WANTED and widely sought after "tangible effects" that humans strive for is MONEY.

Due to the FACT that MOST place SO MUCH emphasis on MONEY and a desire to be "materially wealthy", (or at the very least materially secure), the Reality Check addresses that head on as well.

I've integrated what you could call an "Uncommon and Not Widely Taught Money Education" into Reality Check. The articles on the right side bar address MONEY and monetary systems specifically. I've included those articles so you might become more "keenly aware" of how the very monetary systems that drive the money machine operate.

I don't include those articles because they will assist you "spiritually" or eliminate the inevitable challenges that we humans experience in life. I share them because MOST humans place so much focus, attention and importance on "acquiring more MONEY" that they never TAKE the TIME to DO what's TRULY NECESSARY to DO at the "intangible level" which enables them to HAVE the tangible desires they hope, wish and pray to have "someday", spend so much TIME trying to GET and place so much FOCUS and emphasis on.

Let's Talk About WHY So Many WANT Money, Yet So Few Ever Receive It In the Quantities That They Hope, Wish, Pray For and Claim to WANT

It's amazing to me (sadly amazing) that although nearly everyone "claims to WANT" more money, VERY VERY few will DO anything that enables and empowers them to get beyond "wanting." Sure, they might continue to DO what they've been taught to DO, yet never realize that ALL the DOING they've done so far hasn't provided it and "probably never will."

Yet they continue to do the VERY SAME THINGS that they've always done.

Because of this short sighted and "stubborn" stance, MOST never change the quality of their "beliefs", their predominant way of thinking or what they DO so they might engage themselves and DO things in such a way that's "truly necessary" to GET whatever it might be that they believe and feel they lack.

You could say there's a HUGE void between where MOST are and where most EVERYONE "claims they WANT to be", not only financially speaking, but in MANY other ways as well.

It's not because "lack" is the way things were designed. As it pertains to money specifically, just as any form of LACK, a "lack of money" stems from a lack of awareness and understanding when it comes to money.

Let's look at it this way. Abundance is the way of the cosmos. It's HOW things work...unconditionally.

What does that have to do with ignorance or an "uncommon form" of understanding?

An abundance of ignorance provides an "abundance of" what "seems to be" a series of random, disappointing and half hazard results.

An abundance of understanding provides an abundance of results that are essentially a "mirrored reflection" of tangible and measurable results that reveal themselves just as you KNOW they will based on what you "think you know."

If what you "think you know" is providing all the ABUNDANCE you could ever hope for, stick with it. If it's not, perhaps it's time to "seriously consider" changing it OR doing something with it.

What does ALL of that have to do with money?

A lack of "knowledge and understanding" regarding money will lead to a "lack of money" plain and simple.

VERY VERY few even realize how monetary systems work, let alone how to enable and allow these "systems" to work in a way that is personally pleasing for you. Although EVERYONE that I know who are being "truly honest" with themselves "claim" to have a "sincere desire" to HAVE more money than they do, VERY FEW ever take the initiative to explore and LEARN what money "truly is", how it works, why our "current GLOBAL monetary system" isn't "working" as intended, let alone who is responsible for such a thing as IMPORTANT as financial systems and the policies that are NOT enabling and allowing our current monetary system to work for the "average guy and gal" in the way it COULD.

It's certainly NOT limited to money.

REGARDLESS of what you WANT or which area of life it is, whether it's "tangible or intangible", AWARENESS is where EVERYTHING begins.

It doesn't matter WHAT area of life it is, if you're "unaware" that it exists as a "possibility", that you're more than worthy of RECEIVING it, combined with an understanding of what's "truly necessary" to create it, it really doesn't matter how much you hope, wish, pray and WANT to have more of it, you're going to continue WANTING.

One thing is certain. A "choice" to remain "unaware" of how things DO work, materially or otherwise, almost ensures that they'll never work for you in the way you WANT them to.

The fact is, things DO NOT, HAVE NOT nor ever will work the way we WANT them to. HOW they DO work is how we believe they will combined with what we DO or DON'T DO with what we DO believe.

Put simply..."Faith without works is dead."

If you've fallen for the hype and fluff of "visualizing your dream life into being" and you're certain it's going to provide you with the "Keys to the Kingdom", the Reality Check isn't going to assist you in any way, shape or form.

Creating extraordinary results in life REQUIRES doing the "inner work" to be sure. But that's only the beginning. Mastering the razor's edge requires doing BOTH the "inner work" AND the outer work. The GREAT news is, when you DO the inner work, the "outer work" doesn't "seem like" work as most define it.

In fact, you're work CAN become something that you absolutely LOVE and look forward to DOING.

What you're reading now is MY work. I LOVE my work. With that being true, is it REALLY work? If you were able to DO what you LOVE every day, serve many people, earn an EXTRAORDINARY income and have the "time freedom" to engage in your "work" when you WANTED to and NOT ENGAGE when you "didn't want to", would you SEE IT or define it as work?

The Reality Check provides the whole enchilada. The "inner work" as well as the tangible actions that MUST be taken to transform any hopes, dreams, desires and WANTS that you currently have into a tangible and measurable reality.

The sad reality is, although MILLIONS will arrive at this page and read these words, VERY FEW will actually read all the way through, fewer will DO anything beyond reading and even amongst those who DO read it, the majority of those will never "follow through" and APPLY what the Reality Check conveys.

There is a VERY good reason why only a VERY small percentage of the world's population experience a truly happy, fulfilled and prosperous quality of life. It requires more than simply acquiring more knowledge and data.

Knowledge is awesome yet effective action (application of "correct knowledge") is necessary to transform ANY knowledge, regardless of how profound, insightful or on target it is, into the kind of tangible, measurable and "desirable results" that so many "claim" to want.

The kind of knowledge that "we think and believe" is "the way to get things done", is the very knowledge that creates the wanting, hoping, wishing, blindly praying, hard work, struggle and sacrifice that MOST experience at varying degrees.

Once you've finished going through Reality Check, you'll HAVE all the knowledge you could possibly need to simplify things and break the "less than desirable cycles" that MOST find themselves "seemingly trapped" within.

Make no mistake...although the Reality Check provides the knowledge, once you have it, it's going to be necessary to consistently APPLY and DO something with the knowledge received.

A LOT of people "claim to be aware." They even go as far as acquiring the knowledge and talk the talk. Of the millions upon millions who DO just that, VERY few actually "walk the walk."

Reality check...It requires DOING all of it.

Before we get into that, first, it's important to understand a very KEY point that provides a big picture view of why I felt it was necessary to include the Reality Check as a part of the site. It's necessary to introduce you to this VITALLY IMPORTANT and VERY KEY POINT right up front for the simple fact that we have such a diverse set of beliefs, perspectives and opinions regarding what's TRULY NECESSARY to create real Joy, Harmony and Prosperity in our lives, it's difficult to discern who's "telling the truth."

That KEY point is based on a timeless, unchanging and unwavering FACT that's been discovered, substantiated and is supported scientifically as well as spiritually.

It's an Immutable and Unwavering FACT That There Is, Always Has Been and is Always Going to be a Dark as Well as a Light Side to Life.

The "darkness" exists as a "probability" just as the "light" exists as a probability. It takes BOTH to make the life experience WHOLE. That applies to EVERYTHING in life INCLUDING (but not limited to) the FACT that there IS a "light and dark side" to finances and financial systems too.

There is a "light and dark" side to EVERYTHING.

If you're one of the "spiritual minded" who believes and "claims" that money is "the root of all evil, or isn't important, you can continue "fooling yourself" if you like.

The ONLY time money becomes "evil" is when those who possess it use it for evil deeds.

The only time that money isn't important in a world that depends on and uses "money" for a medium of exchange, is when you have plenty.

The fact of the matter is, roughly 98% of the world's population has WAY LESS than "plenty of money" and a Pollyanna approach isn't going to CHANGE that. The fact is, MOST are experiencing "dark and shadowy times" when it comes to finances...more so the "spiritually minded" than the worldly minded.

To simplify things and to keep it from "seeming" too esoteric, let's look at the darkness as something that CREATES fear, human pain, suffering, anxiety and a "lack of" desired tangible results and the light as something that creates a sense of peace, assurance, ease, flow, joy, prosperity and PLENTY.

Darkness and shadows as it pertains to "finances" specifically or anything else that you might desire in life, means a "lack of." Darkness and shadows can be viewed as "evil", although MOST have been taught and "perceive" evil as being something other than it truly is.

Through a bit of "seeking and DOING what NEEDS to be done, it's not difficult to discover that the "true meaning" of EVIL is calamity, adversity and disaster.

I think you'll agree, having NO money or not enough to DO what needs to be done can be easily viewed as calamity, adversity and disaster.

In the same way that pertains to finances, it applies to EVERYTHING in life. EVERYTHING includes events, conditions, circumstances, ideas, people, institutions, organizations, etc.

There are MANY individuals and groups "out there" who's choices and actions ARE creating MUCH calamity, adversity and disaster in the world "out there."

Why? Simply because they think, speak and act in "self serving ways" and refuse to take into account the good of the whole. Evil emerges from

That MAY seem very obvious and simplistic to you. The reason I mention it up front is because, apparently it's NOT obvious nor anywhere close to "real" in the minds of most. THAT is the ONLY reason WHY so many "less than desirable" things are happening and WILL, without exception, CONTINUE happening in the lives of individuals and on a larger scale, collectively, all over the world.

Let's look at the "polar opposite of "evil."

There are those who have a tendency to place ALL focus and emphasis on the the "Light" side of life (the spiritual, abundant and good)as well as those who tend to place more focus and emphasis on the "dark and shadowy" (evil, lack, limitation, discord) side of life.

Although focusing on the good (the Light) is more beneficial and life enhancing than the opposite, a primary focus that is more heavily weighted to ONE side of the polarity spectrum than the other, (whether light or dark) is PRECISELY what keeps so many from EXPERIENCING, in "TANGIBLE and MEASURABLE form, what they "claim" to want.

By the same token, a choice to "pretend" that the darkness and shadows aren't REAL can and does limit the kind and quality of Light that so many are "seeking out."

That's where the "razors edge" comes into play.

Case in point...

There are those "out there" who consider themselves to be "extremely spiritually minded", yet for any number of reasons, refuse to acknowledge that the dark side is quite ACTIVE and equally present in life.

Although darkness is VERY REAL, there are those who choose to pretend that the "dark side" isn't real. Because of this "less than aware" stance combined with an apprehension (fear) to DO anything to "illuminate" this darkness, they also have a tendency to bury their head in the sand when it comes to DOING something to illuminate the "dark side" and transform it into what's "good."

Regardless of how unconscious and unintentional it might be, through a choice to remain "inactive" and/or "unaware", we ourselves, both individually and collectively enable and allow this "less than desirable side" to produce "dark issues" in our lives and on a larger scale, in the world.

In many cases, those who see themselves as "extreme spiritual types" prefer to "believe" and often "pretend" that the darkness will just "magically go away." They consistently "state" how they're "projecting light" into the world all the while "believing" that their part is done and no "tangible action" is necessary.

Although holding an admirable intention, thinking "good thoughts" and wishing well for humanity is a VITALLY IMPORTANT part of the "amazing life" equation, in and of itself, it's a Pollyanna approach to life and one that will only enable the dark side (as well as dark and shadowy events, conditions and circumstances that are not only REAL but VERY prevalent in the world) to grow and flourish.

Those who are actively participating in the growth of "shadows and darkness" via choices made and actions taken that don't "positively impact" the whole of humanity, are doing much more than "mentally projecting" the darkness and shadows that they're creating.

They are following this "intention" and line of thinking up with TANGIBLE action. They are DOING something other than visualizing and creating "dream boards" to create and project the darkness that adversely impacts humanity.

In the same way, to project and expand the "light" in a way that serves humanity, ACTION MUST BE taken.

Not blind and unconscious action based on fear, but rather conscious intentional and purposeful ACTION that comes from a "place" of Love.

That same REALITY applies equally to financial and material matters just as it does physical, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual matters.

Again, because it's SO important in the "minds of MOST", let's use money as an example to bring the point home.

Do your best to "mentally" project "light" to a starving child and you'll SEE that projecting your "light" and the "good will" behind it, regardless of how admirable or "well intentioned" it might be, isn't enough. Your good intentions and the "light" you project through your "thoughts" isn't going to feed, nourish and sustain the "life and body" of a starving child.

It's a GREAT start. It's an IMPORTANT start. The intentions we hold and the mental activity that we each engage in is the foundational place where ALL tangible things come from.

But make no mistake. That's all holding the right intention, "thinking good thoughts" and "mentally" projecting light, peace and prosperity out into the world is...a GREAT START.

Without tangible ACTION to transform those admirable intentions and thoughts into measurable results, all you're going to HAVE are "good feelings."

Due to FALSE and shortsighted doctrines and dogmas as well as hyped up claims of "overnight success", many "so called" spiritually minded people have become addicted to HOPIUM.

This HOPIUM may very well have you "feeling good" for a time, yet when the electric company or your mortgage provider decides that it's time to "get their stuff", your "good feelings" aren't enough to satisfy the "physical need."

On the other end of the spectrum, those who have little to no understanding about "spiritual and/or metaphysical concepts", who have experienced more than their share of "shadows and darkness", have LOST HOPE at varying degrees and have a tendency to believe that "The Light" is esoteric gibberish.

If that applies to you, you might want to do a basic review of what 21st century science has discovered and "clearly understands" about EVERYTHING in the's ALL LIGHT (aka energy) in it's purest and most basic form.

Nicola Tesla said it best...

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Although EVERYTHING really and truly is Light, the "possibility and potential" for shadows and darkness to produce and manifest itself from this Light also exists.

The Light is infinite in nature and because of this FACT, darkness and shadows CAN BE

Most are so busy "trying to make their lives work" in the way they "think they need to", they never DO what's truly necessary to enable and allow their lives to work as simply, easily and pleasingly as they CAN work.

Far more people than not put little to no emphasis on the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing in their lives because of what they BELIEVE the "single most important" thing is.

It's NOT money!! Money is a bi-product (it too exists as Light in it's purest and most basic form) that comes to you when you choose to become "aware", understand and begin to APPLY what the "single most important" thing is.

What is this "single most important thing?"

Your "spiritual, or if you prefer your "metaphysical awareness." Few give that area of their lives the time and attention that's REQUIRED for enabling and allowing them to "receive" the kind of peace, assurance, knowledge and guidance that enables life to unfold in the best possible way.

Start talking about "spiritual issues" and the importance of planning your life around your spirituality and MOST will tell you they don't have the time. But when local or global events began effecting their bank accounts, you get their attention and they almost immediately begin "seeking out" answers and solutions and want to know what they can do.

The Reality Check is based on a "whole view approach" to life that enables you to become "aware" of just how real the darkness is, so you might DO something to keep it at bay in your life, all the while keeping focus and attention on and moving ever closer toward the Light.

Since the darkness and shadows are REAL at the spiritual, mental and physical levels, as such, they MUST also be acknowledged and addressed at EACH of those "levels" as well.

Conscious alignment of our mental, emotional and physical faculties are KEY to producing the kind and quality of life that we humans "claim" we'd love to experience.

Put another way, The Reality Check addresses the 3 aspects of us that makes us who we are as "spiritual, mental and physical BEINGS, each of which is VITALLY important and each plays a vitally important role in determining how EVERY "tangible experience" we have in life turns out.

That applies to our physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual "results" individually, as well as what happens in the world collectively.

Let's take a closer, under the radar look at what I refer to as the dark side as it pertains to many of the current dark and shadowy world events that we can LOOK at, SEE and are being impacted by every day on an individual as well as a "collective scale."

Based on outer appearances, combined with how MOST choose to VIEW things, it seems as though the World is currently moving through a "very dark" period...

  • Financial systems are collapsing or are on the brink of collapse.

  • Ecological issues (pollution, global warming, etc.) are escalating to dangerous heights.

  • War and acts of terrorism are prevalent and seem to be intensifying around the world.

When we observe what is happening in "tangible and measurable form", it looks like anything that can go wrong is going wrong.

The BIG QUESTION is, WHY does it all seem to be going so wrong and what sustains and enables this "wrongness" to continue?"

MOST will tell you it's because of some political organization, some institution or due to something that someone else is DOING.

I'm here to tell you that it's BECAUSE of what we as a people are ignoring, NOT DOING anything about and in turn are enabling and allowing to happen.

Many will tell you that they're DOING their very best to DO everything they know how to do.

Therein lies the problem.

  • Could it be that our individual as well as collective "choices" to "blindly accept, adopt, follow and adhere to the dark and shadowy beliefs, intentions and direction of others is what makes things "seem" so wrong?

  • Is it possible that our OWN choice to blindly accept and act in a way that "others" say is the "right and/or only way" is the VERY thing that enables the "wrongness" that we see unfolding all around us to grow and sustain itself?

  • Could it be that policies implemented and legislation passed under the guise of "Being the patriotic thing to DO" is what is enabling and allowing the shadows and darkness of humanity to grow?

  • Is it possible that the darkness and "less than desirable" events that we experience are a reflection of the COLLECTIVE beliefs we've adopted, the choices WE ourselves make, the way we think and what we do (or DON'T do) as a result of those beliefs and the "choices" that follow?

Whether you think and believe it is or not, that's PRECISELY what is happening. Think about it...

Every "tangible" Real World issue mentioned above, (as well as the countless less than desirable issues NOT mentioned) stem from the minds of men.

Where did all these "less than desired" outcomes that we're currently experiencing stem from?

  • Man created financial systems and the masses believe in, follow, utilize and adhere to those "systems."

  • Man determines how those financial systems operate and the masses jump in line like well trained "sheep" and are following the entire herd to slaughter.

  • Man created and the masses "choose to USE" the things that are polluting the planet.

  • Man's "dark sided" ego, fear, the need to be right, combined with a hunger for money, power and control is what causes war and the inhumane acts of terrorism brought on by the obvious reality that mankind as a whole has ignored and continues to ignore that to experience the greatest possible quality of life, we must each adopt, internalize, apply and adhere to a philosophy that puts us in the mindset of serving, contributing and having a "reverence for life."

Yet, for the most part, man continues to ignore the many warning signs that are becoming a tangible reality in life.

Here's what's "truly sad" to me. As humans, in MOST cases it's necessary to experience enormous pain before we "accept responsibility" and decide to DO something differently.

The only way enough Light will be projected from the masses to transmute the less than desirable events, conditions and circumstances we're SEEING and EXPERIENCING on a GLOBAL scale, is for the pain and suffering of the masses to reach such a magnitude that the consequences experienced become more "painful" than the "pain" experienced and endured by choosing to break "habitual patterns"

Pain serves a "good purpose" just as it's polar opposite does. No one "likes pain", yet pain MUST BE experienced for the simple fact that it enables MAN to CLEARLY SEE that new choices must be made, a new way of thinking must emerge and a more effective way of DOING things must be undertaken.

Once we're able to CLEARLY SEE that individually, then it's necessary to put together a personal plan of ACTION, take the necessary steps to implement that ACTION and follow through until the job is done.

The sad reality is, MOST have no PLAN whatsoever, other than the one that has been taught to them which is get an education, get a job and work hard. THAT is a "plan" that, in MOST cases leads to a lifetime of "hard work, struggle, sacrifice and survival" at best.

Although we've been taught and choose to follow and adhere to this long ago adopted "approach" to life, it's a form of slavery really. But this form of slavery continues on decade after decade due to the fact that most "believe" that's how things work and what MUST be done if we're to "survive and get by."

It IS an approach that enables "mere survival and getting by" to happen

The bottom line is, MOST have allowed others to define what the "plan for their lives" will be by blindly accepting the instruction and opinions of others without ever stretching, expanding, exploring and coming to their OWN understanding and conclusions about what's "true or untrue."

Although sad but "true", what MANY believe and perceive to be true about life isn't based on a Higher Truth at all.

Those who DO have a plan in place are those who ARE experiencing happiness and prosperity in some cases. In other cases, the plan is dark for humanity due to the fact that the masses BLINDLY listen to, believe, listen to and follow the very individuals that have brought about the "less than desired" outcomes that the world is experiencing.

That's PRECISELY what's happening. Nonetheless, most are still waiting on someone else to come up with a plan, DO something for them, tell them what to DO and how to DO it, or GIVE something to them.

The reason WHY is because MOST don't realize how much POWER we as individuals have. Those who spread darkness and shadows DO NOT HAVE MORE POWER than you but they have DONE things in such a way that has put them in a place that THEY have acquired and DO have more INFLUENCE than you.

When you understand that we ALL have the same power and you KNOW how to USE your power in a conscious and intentional kind of way, you too gain influence, a kind and quality of which can UNITE, "illuminate, enhance and expand" rather than separate, darken, diminish, constrict and limit the lives of others.

There is PLENTY of the "latter" going on in the world out there and far too FEW see it, let alone DOING anything about it.

What are MOST doing?

The "extreme spiritualists" are waiting for God or whatever the Source of their understanding might be to fix things. Those who view the world as "going to hell in a hand basket" and are waiting for someone else to do something FOR THEM find themselves limited to and dependent on the choices and actions of others.

Change Begins With the "Individual" Which is Recognized, Seen, Embraced, Acted Upon and Experienced by the "Collective."

Throughout history, inflated, self serving and destructive human egos have inflicted, are inflicting and will continue to inflict their "self serving agendas" on humanity. That's not going to change for as long as the majority of humanity "allows it." That is what is happening now as can be evidenced by the "seemingly horrific" events occurring around the World which are being witnessed and experienced on a global scale.

You CAN'T and NEVER WILL be able to "single handedly" fix that, but you CAN DO something as an individual that contributes to CHANGING it and you most definitely CAN shield yourself as an individual from the adverse effects of it.

That's what the Reality Check will SHOW you HOW to do.

The Reality Check is intended to assist you in transforming any darkness, shadows and "less than desirable" outcomes that ARE very real in your life and in the world, into those that are personally empowering and life enhancing rather than "life draining and depleting."

You CANNOT "change" the world but you CAN change yourself, and as a result assist others in "seeing" the power behind it via the "tangible evidence" that DOING so provides.

I'll tell you up's going to require MORE than just visualizing and projecting your "light" into the world. It's going to require more than working yourself into mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

Finding and walking the Razor's Edge is going to require taking "tangible and intangible" ACTION that serves YOU and at the same time, contributes to the collective in an "uncommon kind of way."

It's about choosing to LEARN HOW to fly above the clouds in such a way that you become KEENLY aware of the raging storm, yet remain "emotionally calm, stable and unaffected by its repercussions.

If you'll choose to stay with me, I'll walk you, step-by-step, through some powerfully transformational measures that you can begin taking right now as well as in the hours, days, weeks, months and years ahead as you seek to fulfill and EXPERIENCE in "tangible and measurable form" whatever aspirations you might hold.

Don't be fooled. The "Life Journey" towards "more" never ends. Regardless of how "good" things become, they can always become "better." In the same way, they CAN become MUCH worse. The INFINITE goes in BOTH directions.

REGARDLESS of which way things go in "the world", you CAN become a victor, or "choose" to remain where MUCH of humanity "believes" they are and continue to play the role of victim.

Contrary to much of the airy fairy "mumbo jumbo" Law of Attraction NONSENSE that has become so prevalent in the world, things that have the "potential" to ignite Fear and stress within you are NEVER going to "disappear" from your life.

The possibility and the potential for FEAR and DARKNESS is there, has always been there and it's ALWAYS going to be. Whether YOU enable and allow that possibility and potential to impact and affect YOUR life or NOT is ENTIRELY up to you.

But we can learn to look at, see and DO things in such a way that not only minimizes MUCH of the "personally inflicted" fear, doubt, worry and pain that so many "needlessly experience", but illuminates YOUR path as you navigate toward and THROUGH whatever your "desired form of MORE" might be in the quickest, simplest and most pleasing way possible.

You CAN because, just as science has proven and the ancient texts have CLEARLY conveyed for thousands of years, EVERYTHING you EXPERIENCE in YOUR life is felt, seen and EXPERIENCED in precisely the way that you "believe and imagine" it will be.

As in EVERYTHING, there are rare exceptions, yet those are so few in number, we won't take the time to discuss them here.

The "beliefs" you hold determine how you "perceive" the events, conditions and circumstances in your life to be which in turn directs the quality of your IMAGINATION and determines the kind and quality of your action, inaction and inevitably, the kind, quality and quantity of your personal results.

The Reality Check could very well serve you as a "belief expander."

Although I've chosen to include Reality Check as a webpage, The Reality Check is more a "Transformational Personal Empowerment Course" of sorts. It reveals in an empowering and transformational kind of way, how to become and remain aware of the "darkness" that IS VERY REAL, without enabling or allowing it to adversely impact your life.

The Battle Between Good and Bad, Right or Wrong, Dark and Light is a Battle That's Taking Place Within You

Although the perceived "war and struggle" between the dark and the light side is viewed as real and necessary via tangible as well as intangible issues that adversely impact and limit the kind and quality of progress that EVERYONE claims that they WANT to experience, the Real Battle and the war that is raging is one that happens within each of us.

Once again, that applies "individually and collectively."

We each have adopted our own set of beliefs. We each have our own way of viewing life. We ALL have an "opinion." Because we ALL do, it's we ourselves who determine what's "dark" and what's "light."

Those VERY SAME factors determine what we do (or don't do) when we encounter what we believe to be dark and shadowy. They also determine how we respond or react.

That's NOT to say that the dark side isn't real in a tangibly measurable kind of way. It does no good and serves no benefit to you or humanity to ignore or pretend that dark and horrendous things aren't taking place in the world. Ignoring it, pretending it's not there or remaining oblivious to it is anything but a wise choice. Quite the contrary. The point is, we don't HAVE to enable and allow "the world" or the choices of others to determine the quality of our lives or our futures.

Put simply...We CAN be IN the world but not OF the world as the ancient text "CLEARLY" states and instructs.

As individuals we CAN become conscious and "uncommonly aware" of HOW and WHY dark things happen IN the world and what's "truly necessary" to change them. We CAN view them as the "opportunity" that they truly are and DO something to change them. We also have the "choice" to remain oblivious, fully believing that there's nothing that we can DO about it.

Once we ARE "conscious and aware", we CAN play an important and significant role in transforming the "dark" into "good."

Just as we CAN do that, we also have the ability and the power to transform the "light" into what we believe, perceive and view as "dark, shadowy and bad."

The fact is, as is VERY evident in the world, as humans, we DO that ALL the time.

It's the things that we "perceive as being "dark and bad" that ignites FEAR which binds us, blinds us, dumbs us down, limits our progress and keeps us from DOING what's necessary to transform the darkness and shadows into a more "desirable form of progress."

Although we humans LOVE progress, due to MANY factors that are unfolding in our own lives as well as the world at large, a "lack of progress" is what MANY are currently "SEEING and perceiving." What we "believe and perceive" as being real, right and true, whether it be "good or bad" is what we'll end up SEEING and experiencing.

Point being..."It's our Perceptions which create the facts as WE see them, yet our "perceptions" are VERY limited, our opinions are short sighted and they MOST CERTAINLY are NOT "definitively true."

Get out of your own way

When you hear someone say, “I’m sick and tired of it,” what they are really saying, in many cases without even realizing it, is that they’re sick and tired of suffering from their own ignorance and lack of understanding.

When we come to that realization and understand the IMPORTANCE of enhancing and expanding our "beliefs", we can learn to "consciously direct" our thoughts, feelings and emotions in a meaningful, purposeful and POSITIVE kind of way...REGARDLESS...enabling us to move beyond being sick and tired into a space of being healthy, energized and vibrant. When we "choose to DO that" consistently, we automatically intensify the light, clear the fog and become able to begin DOING things in such a way that we become able to personally SEE and EXPERIENCE what it means to "Get out of our OWN way."

When you get out of your own way, you create a "safety bubble" of sorts which protects and shields you from the "darkness" in the world. DOING so enables and empowers you to become able to DO and EXPERIENCE much more of what you love and far less of what you fear.

Getting, Being and remaining in our own way, limits our progress.

This perceived "lack of progress" is both tangible and intangible in nature. But it ALL begins at the "intangible level." More specifically, EVERYTHING that is happening in YOUR life, regardless if you see it as good or bad, right or wrong, awesome or horrific, saintly or evil, is a reflection of what you "believe and perceive."

Those factors determine the "paradigm" in which you exist within.

Fear based beliefs create shadows and darkness. Beliefs that align with Love, growth, expansion, contribution and service intensify the light.

Put in a different way, the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in YOUR life, REGARDLESS of what they might be, are a reflection of what's happening "within you."

That's what is determining, has determined and will continue to determine how you FEEL as well as the quality of the "tangible stuff" you'll see and experience during the course of your life.

That's also where a "perceived lack of progress" stems from. Although MANY "believe and perceive" that they're EXPERIENCING a "lack of progress", it's NOT a lack of progress at all, but rather a FORM of progress that doesn't align or harmonize with a "consciously desired" form of outcome.

Case in point...

  • Looming financial issues are "growing and progressing."

  • Ecological issues are growing and "progressing."

  • War and terrorism are growing and "progressing."

These "issues" are going to continue to "grow and progress" in the same way they have unless and until the "consciousness" that has created, is creating or will create them at some future point in time CHANGES.

Point being...there is NO SUCH THING as a "lack of progress."

What there IS, is a lack of conscious awareness followed up with the same "lack of ACTION" at an individual and collective level, as to HOW powerful YOUR consciousness is and how life works.

We "humans" have a way of judging, labeling and "BELIEVING" that EXPERIENCING less than we want is a "lack of progress" rather than SEEING it for what it "truly is" which is the process of creation DOING what it always has and always will do...provide each of us, in tangible and measurable form, (as well as in non measurable form) events, conditions, circumstances, feelings and emotions that ALWAYS in ALL WAYS align, harmonize and provide a "mirrored reflection" of the "beliefs, perceptions and opinions" that WE ourselves choose to adopt, hold onto and base our "action" as well as "inaction" on.

That applies to you individually just as it does the entire "humans species" collectively. In the "collective sense of the word", it's widespread INACTION which "allows" so many ridiculous, horrific and inhumane events to happen in the world.

To shift what you "don't want" into what you DO want, so you can EXPERIENCE a more "desirable form of progress", is going to require YOU making a "conscious and intentional" choice to become aware of WHAT is happening and WHY it is happening.

Then once you've DONE that, it's necessary to TAKE ACTION and DO something about it.

You can't single handedly STOP or eliminate the "darkness and shadows" in the world out there, but you CAN eliminate them from YOUR life.

The more you help OTHERS do that, the more you EXPERIENCE it for yourself.

That's the ONE and ONLY thing that will enable and allow you to get out of your own way. You certainly can't get out of your own way until you realize, acknowledge and accept that you are in fact the ONLY one who is standing IN your way.

That "getting out of your own way" process BEGINS by becoming and remaining keenly aware of the 16 Reality Check points that follow.

When you "choose" to get out of your own way at the "intangible level", the TANGIBLE and MEASURABLE events, conditions and circumstances that are often "believed and perceived" as being "less than desired" (aka a "lack of progress") SHIFT into a "more desirable form" of "Tangible results" that we "humans" view, perceive, believe and often refer to as AWESOME progress.

Make no mistake...It's ALL progress. The only difference is one of degree. There's "dark progress" and "light progress."

The same holds true whether the EXPERIENCE is tangible or intangible.

Since MOST "humans" place all or much of their focus on acquiring more "tangible stuff", let's address that first...

One of the BIGGEST, scariest and unsettling tangible REAL WORLD issues MOST are currently experiencing, has to do with money and finances.

As humans, we have a tendency to enable and allow our financial situations to dictate and determine the quality of lives we'll lead. The anxiety and stress related to financial and security issues also fills up your stress barrel and makes it far more likely that something will eventually BREAK (health, relationships, finances, anxiety, etc.)

More specifically...a LACK OF money which stems from a widespread ignorance regarding finances.

Let's face facts...tangibly speaking, Looming Financial Issues which are Blossoming into Widespread Financial Panic are prevalent and growing around the world.

The sad fact is, most are oblivious to HOW or WHY these "looming financial issues" became "issues" in the first place. Many are also oblivious to the FACT that an effective and long term solution does exist for ALL tangible and intangible issues materially or otherwise.

The fact of the matter is, although MOST seek out various quick fixes which are temporary at best, the Real Solution that provides a long term resolution to any "problem" in life is one and the same.

Spiritually speaking this "solution" has nothing to do with money and finances. Humanly speaking it has EVERYTHING to do with it.

The Reality Check reveals that solution. It's only going to be necessary for YOU to learn, internalize and "apply it" so you can EXPERIENCE the benefits first hand.

Should you choose to read The Reality Check in it's entirety, you'll be informed, well prepared as well as enabled and empowered to DO everything that's necessary to TRANSFORM your physical, financial and relational results REGARDLESS of what the world is experiencing.

Before we get into the specifics of WHAT that entails and HOW to DO it, let's talk about you and success, however you define that, and provide the first step that will enable you to begin SEEING and EXPERIENCING the kind and quality of success that you hold dear.

To Achieve "Uncommon Results" in Life, You Must
Become Willing To Do What's Uncommon Which Most Aren't "Aware Of" and Don't and/or Won't Do

It's no secret (and certainly not rocket science) that those who achieve "uncommon success" do so because they DO what's "uncommon."

They become able to DO what's "uncommon" by learning the importance of aligning the mental, emotional and physical aspects of themselves in such a way that enables "efficient and effective" ACTION to be taken.

If you ever hope to experience "greater than average" results, it's going to be necessary for YOU to do what's "uncommon" as well.

DOING what's uncommon doesn't necessarily mean DOING more in a physical exertion kind of way. The fact is, MOST are DOING plenty. The truth is MOST are DOING much more than necessary yet still aren't receiving what they hope, wish and pray their doing will provide.

The single most important thing to do is "BECOME AWARE" of what you CAN and CANNOT do. It's of VITAL importance to "control what you CAN and let go of the need to control anything else.

The sad fact is, MOST are consistently "striving" yet never arriving regardless of WHAT or HOW MUCH they do. It's ONLY BECAUSE they don't understand and/or choose to overlook the "power of BEING. MANY who have FAR MORE than you, have done and will DO much less than you do.

It's not HOW MUCH you do that's important. It's WHAT you do, WHY you do it, HOW you do it and HOW you FEEL about what you do which IS important and makes "uncommon results" possible.

Where does ALL of that begin? In your mind.

One of the MAIN things that the truly prosperous and happy DO is become aware of the fact that they can DO whatever they set their mind to. That's DEFINITELY an "uncommon belief" which leads to "uncommon forms" of confidence and assurance which in turn results in uncommon forms of ACTION.

Combine ALL of that together in a conscious, intentional and meaningful way and you RECEIVE "uncommon results."

This "uncommon form of action" only remains "uncommon" because MOST won't take the time to DO what's necessary to complete this 1st VITALLY IMPORTANT step, prior to frantically engaging in all the DOING that we've been told, taught and believe to be necessary.

When you attempt to skip the first and single most important step, the steps that follow can "seem" difficult and in many cases are perceived as being IMPOSSIBLE.

One of those steps is DOING. Based on how MOST do things, you'd think that we were "human DOERS" rather than "human beings." That's what MOST "human doers" overlook and DON'T do. They do this, do that and DO this other thing with greater intensity, yet they overlook the power of BEING.

Some do what they do frantically, hoping wishing and praying that their DOING will provide the tangible results that they WANT.

That's why so many who view themselves as "common folks" think and honestly believe that "The little guy (or gal) must struggle to survive and get by in life no matter how much they DO.

They get to be right for one simple fact. They "believe" that they must struggle and "work really hard" to "survive and get by." Because they "believe that", that's what they spend MOST of their time and energy DOING which transforms into the "tangible reality" that hard work and struggle is inevitable and that they can never get ahead in life."

Believe me when I tell you, I hear that ALL the time. The "little guy or gal can't possibly hope, let alone expect to achieve what the "Big Boys" do, can they?

The answer is YES they CAN...YOU can too...even if you DO "perceive yourself" as the "little guy" when you learn the IMPORTANCE of DOING the "right things in the RIGHT order."

What many "average folks" overlook is the FACT that 99% of the "Big Boys" started at the bottom as MOST do.

You could say that a very large percentage of the Big Boys experienced MUCH of the shadows and darkness before SEEING and finding the Light.

The fact of the matter is, in MANY cases the Big Boys have experienced ENORMOUS pain before they decided to start DOING things differently than "average folks do." More than just "deciding", the "Big Boys", who were at one time "average folks", actually followed through and DID what was necessary to achieve "Big Boy" status.

I know first hand that fear, pain and regret has a way of motivating us "humans" into ACTION. Although "perceived as bad" by most, fear and pain CAN be good...VERY good, and as has proven true time and time again, experiencing that for yourself can be quite "life changing."

It CAN that is, if you "allow it" to.

It leads many to thinking, speaking and acting in such a way that their long held dreams become a Reality rather than remain a hope, wish, WANT, or passing fancy.

It's not something that the vast majority does by any stretch of the imagination, but for those who choose to DO what's uncommon, it happens all the time.

Moving Out of the Shadows and Darkness and Into The Light May Be the Hardest Thing You've EVER Done

Look, I know first hand how hard it can initially seem to DO what's "uncommon" as you go for your dreams. I know what it's like to keep trying, to deal with the inevitable roadblocks that face you, to wrestle with the doubts that surface, and how difficult it can be to stay on track when it seems as if "someone or some thing in the world out there" is conspiring against you.

On the tangible side, there are a number of people in the world out there that will do (and ARE doing) everything in their power to keep you down. Not for the sake of keeping YOU down necessarily, but rather to so they might lift themselves up.

On the intangible side...what you believe and perceive regarding these "individuals" as well as the "seemingly dark" events, conditions and circumstances that result from their "self serving choices" determines the impact and affect they have or DON'T have on you.

I also KNOW, that there's a LOT of "nonsense" out there that provides what can best be described as an "airy fairy Pollyanna approach" that provides nothing more than false hope.

Let's get REAL...

In spite of all the "so called, quick, cheap, easy and FREE solutions" out there, not the least of which is a bunch of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo NONSENSE that MILLIONS of hopers, wishers, prayers and WANTERS buy into, you're going to face adversity of one form or another before you reach whatever aspirations you aspire toward.

After many years of working with a very diverse group of folks from nearly every walk of life, I also KNOW first hand WHY so many pay such a high price and have such a difficult time reaching their hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations and often times QUIT, prior to reaching where they aspire to go.

That's a HUGE topic with an "infinite number" of possibilities, so I'll condense it into one statement...

It ALL has to do with the fact that, as humans we have a tendency to focus on and give attention to the "Dark and less than desirable" than we do the Light and pleasing side."

The determining factor as to WHICH you'll personally experience MOST in YOUR life, is determined by which you choose to focus on and give the most attention to.

That not only determines how you feel, it also determines what you'll HAVE or NOT have in life.

Helen Keller said it best...

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows."

Yes, the darkness and shadows out there are real, but we don't have to focus on them. To reach our fondest aspirations, we MUST become "aware", we MUST maintain hope, we MUST persist and we MUST remain focused on the Light as we move through the shadows and darkness and ever closer toward whatever our goals and dreams might be.

We MUST that is, if we ever hope to arrive at the desired destination and achieve whatever it is that we have a desire to achieve.

It's a "focus on" and consistently giving "attention to" the "darkness and shadows" that "needlessly" keeps many from BEING, DOING and HAVING what they "truly desire" in life.

This "darkness" I refer to doesn't have to block or sway you. It CAN and for many it DOES. But it doesn't HAVE to. Whether it does or doesn't is a matter of choice and that CHOICE is yours to make.

But to EXPERIENCE what MOST don't, you must DO something that MOST don't do. It has to do with becoming AWARE of what IS blocking you WITHOUT placing unnecessary focus or attention on WHATEVER it is.

The Reality is, there's a HUGE difference between being aware of something and choosing to place a constant focus on it.

Most people are DOING plenty without realizing that becoming AWARE of what is happening and WHY it's happening is the 1st step. It requires becoming aware of both the tangible and intangible forces that "seem to be" blocking you.

Which leads to the main reason WHY I titled this section Reality Check. I did because of the fact that MUCH of the content I FREELY share throughout is focused on creating an extraordinary quality of life. The predominant focus of that content is designed to keep you fixated on what's right, good, true and pleasant in the world.

It's intentionally designed and written that way to assist those who are "sincerely interested" in this form of information to understand the importance of remaining FOCUSED ON where you want to go rather than where you DON'T want to go.

Essentially, it's a kind of focus that assists in getting into and remaining in a "feel good" place rather than choosing a focus of lack, limitation, pain and fear of failure.

Whether you're "aware" of it or not, that is of VITAL importance.

Most everything that's written throughout the site also conveys the awesome power you hold, the infinite potential you have, and reveals how to begin USING your inherent ability...a literally indescribable ability that WE ALL have, without you might reach the heights of and become enabled to play with the Big Boys.

Those factors, combined with the fact that most everything within the site is written and shared with a predominant focus on spiritual/metaphysical concepts, there's little focus or emphasis about polarity/duality as they relate to physical life.

When I refer to polarity/duality, I'm referring to the inevitable contrast that is, always has been and always will be a part of life...the dark and shadowy side as well as the light and illuminated side.

It's not because I don't recognize or acknowledge that the dark side and the Light Side are equally real in the world. It's certainly not because polarity/duality doesn't exist and it isn't here.

It DOES exist. It IS here. Like it or not, it's part of "human life" and it's always going to be!!

The KEY to rising above it all requires acknowledging and becoming "aware" that it IS here. Once you are aware and acknowledge it, it's a matter of learning how to NOT enable and allow the darkness and shadows that ARE "out there" to adversely impact YOU or keep you from HAVING what you want in life.

To NOT enable and allow that, you MUST become aware that the darkness DOES exist as well as learn to recognize exactly WHAT the shadows and darkness are.

As you'll learn soon, should you choose to READ Reality Check in it's entirety, the darkness and shadows are often disguised as something else.

The fact is, there are those who hold enormous power and influence in the tangible world, who have "self serving" intentions and who are creating the very havoc we're experiencing, yet in many cases, they're "believed and perceived" as being the "good guys."

Should you decide to read Reality Check in it's entirety, you'll learn more about that soon too.

Back to WHY I've decided to write and include Reality Check as "part of" the site...

Due the nature of the subject matter that exists throughout the site, combined with the diverse nature of us "humans", it's easy for some to get the wrong idea about what's "truly needed" to achieve extraordinary results in life.

The sad fact is, I understand WHY that happens to MANY people. It's simple. There is MUCH information "out there"...misinformation best describes MOST of it...that has MANY people DOING a number of things that are "time wasters" at best.

Others listen to rationale and logic that has them so fearful and afraid that they'll be unable to survive and get by if they don't adhere to "common logic" and the common ways of DOING things, that they never stretch, grow and exceed beyond what "common logic" says you can.

Reality check is a form of "Uncommon Logic" that, when applied. provides "uncommon results."

There are also those who explore, discover and in many cases even EXPERIENCE profound spiritual/metaphysical encounters, yet remain "seemingly stuck" in hope, wish and pray mode as it pertains to tangibly pleasing results.

Often times they even begin to enter into and remain in a "feel good" place, yet never move beyond that "intangible feel good state" so they might actually DO what's necessary to HAVE and ENJOY, in tangible and measurable form, what they "truly desire" in life.

That too is often due to MISINFORMATION of an entirely different form, although it leads to the same disappointing results.

There are those who "ignore" the intangible altogether and place ALL focus on DOING the "tangible stuff."

That's yet another "good reason" why I decided to write and FREELY share Reality Check with you might actually learn to DO what's "truly necessary" in the RIGHT ORDER so you can begin DOING things in such a way that enables you to receive and experience what you WANT in life.

Whether you're aware of it or not and whether you're ready to accept it or not, there's a razors edge to walk and mastering it, is going to require consistently engaging in a form of DOING that MOST don't do.

A Reality Check Can Prove to Be Not Only Vitally Important, But Life Enhancing Beyond Description

The Reality Check section is a grounding of sorts, provides what many would call a "real world view", yet at the same time provides a Reality Check via 16 VERY IMPORTANT points that, if internalized and applied, can assist in making you, not only keenly aware of, but immune to the darkness and shadows that DO exist in the tangible world.

I write and share this Reality Check with the intention of assisting you to "become AWARE" of, transcend and rise above the darkness and shadows that, like it or not, ARE a VERY REAL part of life.

It's worked for me, it works for MANY others and it CAN work for YOU too. The fact of the matter is, the Reality Check that follows COULD change the entire course of your life in REALLY great ways.

The only way you'll ever know if it WILL or WON'T assist you, is reading on and finding out for yourself. Although I KNOW it CAN, whether it will or won't is up to you

If you're not experiencing what you "truly desire" in life but you'd LOVE to, for your sake, I hope you'll read, internalize and APPLY each and every nugget of insight and wisdom that the Reality Check conveys.

It could be the missing piece of the puzzle that you've been looking for.

Continue on to Part 3...

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End Of Reality Check Part 2

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