16 Point Reality Check

Discover, Become Aware Of, Understand and APPLY This 16 Point Reality Check and Learn The Real "Not So Secret" Secret to Creating and EXPERIENCING an Extraordinary Quality of Life

16 point reality check

The world can be a "seemingly cold, uncaring and dangerous place", unless and until you become awake, aware, informed, discerning and make a "conscious choice" to learn the skills and adopt the mindset to NOT enable and allow the darkness and shadows to deter you on the journey toward completion. - Chuck Danes

If you arrived here without first reading the introduction to Reality Check, or you've skipped over Part 2 or Part 3, it' highly recommended and would prove beneficial if you did that first.

In the introduction, we already covered the fact that although there IS MUCH GOOD in the world, there is also plenty of shadows and darkness.

In Part 3, we also touched on 2 of the 16 Reality Check points that are important for experiencing the greatest possible quality of life.

The first 2 of the 16 Reality Check Points that we covered are...

  • Reality Check #1 - EVERYONE Can BE, DO and HAVE what they truly desire in life...regardless.

  • Reality Check #2 - In 99.999% of the Cases, Unlearning is a BIG Part of the "Having What You WANT" Equation

Which brings us to Reality Check #3...

Reality Check #3 - Discover the Importance of Thinking for Yourself and Embracing a Higher Truth

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is
a perspective, not the truth." ― Marcus Aurelius

If you're like most "humans", chances are better than good that you depend greatly on the "beliefs and opinions" of others to point you toward where you're "supposed to be" and what you're "supposed to DO" in life. If you're like MANY, you also expect to be told exactly what to do or how to do it without taking the time to understand why you’re “doing things” that way. If that describes you, then it's almost a given that you're going to be deceived and misled at some point.

There's a time and place for "expert opinion" for sure. But in a world overflowing with "self proclaimed experts" on every topic under the sun, maintaining a sense of discernment is CRUCIAL.

As I conveyed in part 1, the reason WHY, is because there’s PLENTY of shadows and darkness in the world “out there.”

When you become (or if you remain) unwilling to think for yourself, whether knowingly or unknowingly, there are plenty of people "out there" with dark and shadowy intentions who are eagerly waiting to and will HAPPILY take advantage of you.

Learning how to and then actually Using the inherent tools you have, is a VITAL Part of living the "good life."

You have an extraordinarily powerful and capable mind. Go to the trouble and make the effort to make full use of it, ESPECIALLY when it concerns your own affairs.

Let’s be real, life and the reality we exist within can “seem to be” and in far more cases than not, is BELIEVED to be, VERY VERY complex. From a strictly “human perspective”, that’s true. It IS complex. At least it "seems that way."

But it only "seems that way" because of listening to, heeding the advice of and DOING

In a world of infinite possibility and potential, you definitely can't be expected to know every little detail about every little thing in life. But you will become MUCH happier and FAR MORE effective and efficient in “creating and EXPERIENCING” what you “truly desire” in life, when you make the COMMITMENT to yourself to take the time to learn more about yourself and the fundamental principles that provide with unerring and unwavering certainty and perfection, a mirrored reflection of what you believe, think about, say and DO most.

That's what determines what you’ll have or not have in life.

When you discover that…when you make a “conscious choice” to “unlearn” how difficult, hard and “complex” life is, you begin to SEE and embrace a Higher Truth. It’s a kind of truth that rises above and transcends “common” human understanding.

It doesn’t matter what area of life it is, whether your health, your money, your career, your material possessions, your family, your love life…WHATEVER…it’s YOUR life and YOUR future we’re talking about here and YOU have the ability and the power to mold and shape it in a way that creates Real Harmony for you.

Because that’s “true”, it's also your responsibility to understand how EACH and EVERY aspect of your life becomes whatever it becomes.

Most “humans” are looking for answers, solutions, shortcuts and quick, cheap, simple, easy and free solutions “out there.” The person best suited and most qualified to think, speak and act in a way that serves your best interest, is you.

Sure, there’s a time to seek out and follow the advice of experts. But BEWARE of and stay away from anyone who promises that their way is The ONLY way or those who attempt to convince you that "it's best" to allow them to do your thinking for you.

By the same token be aware of those with all the best intentions, who provide advice and direction that they "believe" to be true, yet who aren't EXPERIENCING the kind or quality of results that you desire.

Make the effort to become aware, informed and then put that information to good, positive use. Make a conscious choice to question beliefs that have you thinking, speaking or acting in any way that moves you away from rather than draws you to your “heartfelt desires.” Become “aware” and start thinking for yourself.

You certainly don’t HAVE to. You only HAVE TO if you ever expect to begin successfully and consistently molding, shaping, creating and living life on your own terms.

That’s up to you.

That brings us to Reality Check #4...

Reality Check #4 - Being Aware of the Law of Attraction Doesn't, In and of Itself, Illuminate the Shadows OR Turn on the Light

There are those in the "Law of Attraction world" who would have you believe that eliminating the darkness and shadows and moving into the Light, (a.k.a. getting everything you WANT in life), is 3 step simple. They'll often tell you that taking those 3 or 4 or even 5 simple steps that they instruct you to take, is all that’s necessary to “get what you want.” They also often tell you that DOING that is REALLY REALLY easy...humanly speaking.

They tell you to DO this step, DO that step and then DO this other thing, and all of your WANTS, needs and every "desire" you've ever had will be "magically" taken care of. Although they may be very well intentioned, it's obvious they've never "FULLY EXPERIENCED the Light" themselves.

reality check just ahead

I can say that with a sense of assurance because as those who HAVE EXPERIENCED “The Light” will tell you, It's NOT that "simple or easy"...humanly speaking.

On the other hand, spiritually speaking, it IS VERY simple AND VERY easy...profoundly so. But SEEING and EXPERIENCING the “simplicity” for yourself, isn't achieved in the way many of these "well intentioned people" claim it is.

The reason why, is because we're each VERY unique. There is no "cookie cutter approach" to life...humanly speaking that is.

But because the quick, cheap and easy message sounds so "sexy and appealing" to MOST humans, A LOT of them go for it. Humans like quick, cheap, easy and they ESPECIALLY like FREE.

Because of much of the quick, cheap, easy and FREE stuff floating all around "out there", because of the quality of WHAT they get, many misunderstand and in MANY cases "believe" that spiritual/metaphysical concepts and things such as the Law of Attraction, meditation, affirmations, dream boards etc. will somehow "magically" fix things in their lives, eliminate all the "shadows and darkness" and in some cases, drop their "dream life" into their lap, without them having to DO anything more.

There's a LOT of that "stuff" out there, even today. A LOT of it.

In light of all the spiritual and metaphysical "mumbo jumbo" that's in the world, A LOT of people have "tried" to DO things in that quick, cheap, easy and FREE way, only to "fail" and fall on their face...humanly speaking.

You could call "getting what you want without having to DO too much of anything" outside of yourself, a popular and highly sought after way of doing things.

Forgive me it this offends you in any way. At the core of any "expectation" of “getting what you want” without becoming willing to serve, contribute, provide VALUE and assist others in “getting what they want”, there exists, to some degree, an "entitlement mentality."

That's not a harsh or short sighted judgment. It's an accurate observation that’s quite “common” amongst humans.

Point being, an entitlement mentality or a "what's in it for me" approach doesn't, never has and never will get the job done.

But that's what a lot of the quick, free, cheap and easy "mumbo jumbo" leads a lot of humans to believe.

Which brings us to Reality Check #5...

Reality Check #5...Nature Abhors a Vacuum. To HAVE More, You Must Give More...to Others and/or Yourself

If you're not positive what "nature abhors a vacuum" means, look it up. It's important. It is, because it's true. Nature DOES abhor a "vacuum."

WANTING something for yourself, yet limiting focus TO and keeping it strictly ON yourself as you try "getting WHATEVER it is you WANT, will make it "seem" impossible to get.

In the same way, giving all of yourself without loving and honoring yourself as you give whatever you do, is equally limiting. That's a vitally important part of the razor's edge to master and walk.

Any perceived disharmony or misalignment in life points to a lack of giving to all in an equally balanced way, in a way that everyone involved gets to win, including yourself.

Anything less will make it "seem as if" the Law of Attraction isn't Real or that “it doesn’t work for you” too.

That's why so many "Law of Attraction" folks become disillusioned and quit trying. It's NOT that the Law of Attraction isn't real or doesn't work, it only "seems like that" because it's not being taught, learned and applied in the way it NEEDS to be, so it can work in the way that so many Law of Attraction folks WANT it to.

Take it from someone who's "walked the path." It won't provide what so many hope, wish and pray that it will by simply thinking your dream life into being. Like it or not, DOING and taking "tangible action" that SERVES yourself and OTHERS are both an equally important part of the "having it all" equation...humanly speaking.

Spiritually speaking, it's this "serving yourself" AND others that illuminates the shadows and darkness within yourself and in the world "out there" too...humanly and spiritually speaking.

It's a fine line and one worth not only finding but walking.

Which leads us into Reality Check #6...

Reality Check #6...Illuminating the Darkness and Shadows Doesn't Mean You'll Never Experience Challenges in Life

Illuminating the shadows and darkness in life in that way, doesn't mean you don't and/or won't ever have what most "humans" call problems. But they certainly become "less frequent" at the very least and enable you to move quickly through them as they arise.

The years I've spent doing what I do has had its ups and it's downs believe me..."humanly speaking" I mean. You could say, I've stuck with it during the good times and the bad times.

Believe me when I tell you, like EVERYONE, I've seen and experienced PLENTY of both.

Yet because of these "EXPERIENCES" that I had prior to DOING what I do; you could call them very "illuminating experiences", which I do share in various places throughout the site, combined with being "human", I recognize the "seemingly bad" (and even the "seemingly horrific) for what they "truly are."

I KNOW how REAL they can seem. I DO, because I've personally "experienced" PLENTY of that myself.

I like to look at and refer to the "less than desired” experiences, not as BAD or horrific, but rather as "growth lessons" and/or "opportunities for growth. I look for and heed the message they reveal, so I might move through them quickly...perhaps never experience the same again AND become enabled to consistently EXPERIENCE the greatest possible result...not ONLY mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but in tangible and measurable ways too.

I LOVE the tangible and measurable as much as I do the intangible, indescribable and awesome.

I can only assume, since you're still here reading this, you'd LOVE to "experience" some the same for yourself.

That's why I created this section, and titled it Reality Check. So you and I might engage in an illuminating and potentially transformational dialogue. But the kind and quality of Reality Check I’m referring to, if you’re like “most humans”, is going to require letting go, unlearning and relearning what kind of REALITY you CAN have.

There's a "very good reason" behind WHY a Reality Check is SO vitally important.

The reason is because as "humans", it's necessary to DO a point by point reality check on occasion, regardless of what you "think you know" or where you are in life. When you do a kind of reality check that enables you to become and remain truly open (and sometimes brutally honest) with yourself, you can exceed, excel and transcend far above and beyond where most "humans" think they can go.

I've already given you a hint as to the single most important thing that needs to be done..."humanly speaking" but there's more. I'll be sharing that soon, but before I go on, I'll say this.

Regardless of WHAT you're experiencing...humanly speaking... have EXPERIENCED, "spiritually or humanly" speaking, and aside from what you might experience at some point in the future, Illuminating the Perceived shadows and darkens in EVERY aspect of your life, CAN become VERY Real. The fact is ANY shadows and darkness CAN be eliminated COMPLETELY once you've learned WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

If you're like 99.999% of the other "humans" out there, it's not quick, cheap, easy OR FREE. You could say there's a price to be paid for EVERYTHING, humanly and spiritually speaking.

It doesn't mean that all the shadows go away or that you won’t experience challenges. What it DOES mean is that you see them and experience them in a different "light" than most humans do.

I can't FULLY explain what to do or HOW to DO it in a single article, so I'll just say, spiritually speaking, it's a matter of aligning and harmonizing what's going on "inside of you" with what you desire to see and experience on the "outside."

For most humans, that takes a little work. Sometimes A LOT of work. The fact is, sometimes it's hard, painful and scary initially. It's the price you often pay, but it's worth it. MORE than worth it.

It's an important first step. There are more that follow.

Once you've decided and commit to taking that 1st step, you hold fast, keep stepping, keep your eye on the "desired outcome" and do your VERY best not to let the shadows and darkness that is VERY prevalent in the world out there to take you off of your game.

Humanly speaking, having what you desire on the "outside" in the simplest, easiest, quickest and cheapest way possible, becomes real through getting and keeping the "inside" aligned and harmonized with what you really and truly want to see.

Part of the process is learning how to most effectively and efficiently "serve yourself AND others."

That moves us into Reality Check #7...

Reality Check #7 - You CAN have the BEST of everything, tangibly and intangibly

I know of A LOT of humans who have A LOT of money and stuff, who aren't happy and fulfilled...spiritually speaking. By the same token, I also know A lot of "humans" who have profound spiritual experiences and KNOW the awesomeness of that, but don't experience Real and Whole Fulfillment in the tangible and measurable aspects of their life...humanly speaking.

Some are satisfied and have no desire to experience wealth, success, etc of a tangible nature. Hey that's AWESOME. It's not WHAT you have in life that's important. What IS important is how you FEEL about what you have or DON'T have.

Happiness and fulfillment is FAR more important than "money and stuff."

Having "money and stuff" isn't as IMPORTANT as some think it is, but many WANT to combine their profound “EXPERIENCES"...spiritually speaking, with the experience of having the tangible joys and pleasures that "the world" can provide...in a human experience kind of way.

That's AWESOME too. I LOVE that...for them and myself.

Here's where many "humans" needlessly get "seemingly stuck", fully believing that spiritual experiences and human experiences (having a sufficient or more than sufficient amount of money and physical stuff) are somehow separate, and that to HAVE one, the other must be compromised somehow.

Which leads us into Reality Check #8...

Reality Check #8 - The Physical and the Spiritual are NOT Separate and ARE In Fact BOTH One and the Same

Contrary to what MANY think and believe, and aside from HOW they DO things, whether humanly or spiritually speaking, nothing is separate.

It seems that way to a lot of humans. But they're not. Because they're not, we can have it all. The best of both worlds I like to call it.

NOT separate and they NEED NOT be compromised...although MOST choose that, without actually realizing that they ARE.

Because a lot of people think that way it's necessary to separate and divide the explanation.

This part of Reality Check #8 is intended mostly for the "spiritually minded" who think that they and you must "sacrifice" on the tangible stuff if you're ever to be truly spiritual. They go without a lot of stuff that they could have, and at some level would love to have. They only "go without" though, because they believe that it’s a “spiritual approach” to life.

Although in many cases, they think they're spiritually rich and enlightened, the fact is in many cases they're not. In fact, in many cases I refer to them as the "spiritually AND materially poor."

Don't misunderstand. Not ALL spiritually minded people who have little ARE spiritually poor. Some LOVE their lives just as they are. They don't NEED or WANT for anything even though they have few tangible possessions.

That's awesome for them. I'm happy for them and completely accepting of whatever makes someone happy.

The spiritually poor I'm referring to are those who REALLY desire greater results, yet put up a front in their “attempt” to be seen and viewed as “spiritual.” Many have been taught and led to believe that it's in some way, shape or form NOT spiritual to have plenty.

Regardless of what you've experienced or HOW you "perceive life" due to your own life experiences, tangibly and/or intangibly, if results aren't tangible and measurable, they are NOT results...humanly OR spiritually speaking.

Since EVERYTHING "tangible" begins and comes from an "intangible place", (we're referring to the "intangible” as spiritual or metaphysical) you could say that EVERYTHING is spiritual. Spirituality is WHOLE...NOT incomplete or lacking in ANY way, shape or form with the "exception" of where you enable and allow yourself to be lacking.

Beliefs that "lack substance" will create a "lack of substance."

Beliefs that "provide substance" will provide an "Abundance of Substance."

This part of Reality Check #8 is for those who, for whatever reason haven't yet HAD one of those "profound spiritual encounters", are limited to an "intellectual understanding" about "intangible or spiritual" concepts, who look at, see, judge and label things as "good and bad."

Every "seemingly bad" thing presents, with itself the choice and the ability to become "better"...AWESOME even, humanly speaking.

In the same way, even though I "look" at both the "good" AND the "seemingly bad" differently than many, the "good times and bad times" are VERY real...again...humanly speaking, that is.

They've been a part, and are going to remain a part of my "human experience" just as they are yours and every other "human" on this planet.

Spiritually speaking, it's all been "good."...AWESOMELY good and even better than that in fact.

But they can and will only "become better"...humanly speaking, in a tangible and measurable kind of way, ONLY if I make a conscious choice to look at and SEE them differently as well as DO something different than the way I DID things which created, in tangible and measurable form, what MOST would call "bad."

Humanly speaking, I've reached and continue to reach many "spiritually minded people." I also reach (and will continue reaching) those on the opposite end of the spectrum, who MANY would judge, label and refer to as "dark, bad or evil."

There are also many who have been reached and will continue to be reached, who fall somewhere in between....again...humanly speaking of course.

Which brings us to Reality Check #9...

Reality Check #9 - We ALL Have a Light
and a Dark Side...Regardless

The FACT is, we ALL fall somewhere in between. Put simply we ALL have a "light side" and we all have a "dark", or if you prefer, a "shadowy" side.

Whichever we "choose" to focus on and use most often in the "world", determines our own "human” outcomes and experiences" in "the world" during our "human lifetimes." Those tangible and measurable "human experiences" often determine how those in the world perceive, see, judge and label us, as well as how we judge, label and view ourselves.

Learn to love yourself

As humans, in MOST cases, if we're not getting what we want or we're not “able” and doing what we want to do, we're pretty hard on ourselves. We have a tendency to judge ourselves "harshly." I've found that, when we DO that to ourselves, we also have a tendency to judge others "harshly" too.

That's not beneficial to ANYONE...especially YOU (humanly speaking) as a future Reality Check will reveal.

But regardless of how "we ourselves" (or others) choose to DO that", we ALL have both...a "light side" and a "dark side."

The KEY to bringing out the Light side of ourselves FULLY, so we can stop being so hard on ourselves and others, is learning to LOVE ourselves so we can begin to love "ourselves AND others "equally"...regardless.

That brings me to a VERY VERY IMPORTANT point. Let's call it Reality Check #10...

Reality Check #10 - We Always in ALL WAYS Get to Be Right...Unconditionally

I have many "VERY spiritually minded" people who have EXPERIENCED very profound things. You could say they "reached, saw, touched and EXPERIENCED" the Light.

They're EXPERIENTIALLY Aware of what that means. Often times they write me to correct me to say "money and stuff" doesn't have anything to do with the "spiritual experience." They also often write to say that there is no such thing as "darkness or bad", only good.

In a sense they are correct...in a strictly "spiritually speaking" kind of way.

On the flip side of the coin, I also have those who, at varying degrees, choose to project and utilize their more "shadowy side", or if you prefer "less than aware and informed side", tell me that there's ALL kinds of bad in the world...that it's without a doubt a "dog eat dog" world so to speak. They WANT money and stuff and they're willing to eat their children to get it.

At times, they'll write and "tell me" that the light side, in the way I describe it, isn't real...that what I write about is a bunch of hooey, and/or far-fetched, airy fairy nonsense.

In a sense they are correct too..."humanly speaking."

There are those who fall somewhere in the middle "humanly speaking" who just aren't sure and believe that we humans can't know such things. In some cases, they’ve been led to believe that it’s dark, satanic and a SIN to even “desire” to KNOW such things.

Since they aren't sure and aren't aware that we CAN experience such things, they place most of their focus and attention on "human experience stuff."

They too, are right in a sense and get to experience life just as they choose.

There are also those who sense that there is more than what we see here in "human form" and are seeking it out. They feel, in their "heart of hearts" that what I share is "VERY real and VERY true", yet, for any number of "seemingly justifiable reasons", they don't think or believe that it can become "true" for them.

They too, get to be right...in a sense.

Although NONE are 100% correct in the "literal sense of the word", (including ME) we ALL "get to be right" simply because that's how "things work"...both spiritually and humanly speaking.

That's what I ALWAYS share with ALL "groups" whether they choose to lean to the Light, the Dark, OR choose to exist within that "middle ground" in life...

We ALWAYS, in ALL WAYS get to be right...regardless.

So you could say that EVERY "group", regardless of what they think, believe or write to me about, are ALL right.

And you know what? Regardless, in my mind it's alright." We are where we're supposed to be. We're each doing the best we can DO, "humanly AND spiritually speaking" and we're ALWAYS in ALL WAYS "receiving" what our beliefs, our choices and our DOING provides.

That's what determines how our "individual experiences" unfold, whether spiritually or humanly speaking.

What many don't do is realize that both the dark and the light...the good and the bad are not separate at all....they "believe", think, say and DO things in that way and they "Get to be right."

Because of that, many never experience the fullness and wholeness...physically and spiritually speaking, that we ALL CAN have and which is equally available to us ALL...IF we only choose it.

You could say MANY never find the "razor's edge" between the spiritual and the human "EXPERIENCE" which provides Real Harmony, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom in life...humanly AND spiritually speaking.

That's why so many "spiritually minded people" claim they don't want anything and so many dark minded or "middle minded people" claim they don't and CAN'T get what they want.

Which leads us into Reality Check #11...

Reality Check #11 - We Don't GET What We WANT or Don't WANT in Life, We GET What We "Choose" to Get...WHATEVER That Is

How and what we choose, we get to experience that. I believe, and as a result have "chosen" to DO my very best to find and walk what I like to call The Razor's Edge.

Because of my “sincere desire” to learn HOW to DO that, I’ve become enabled to EXPERIENCE what I like to call the "razor's edge." From a strictly “human perspective”, It can be a tough balancing act, I'll assure you. The key to finding the "razor's edge" which enables you to EXPERIENCE the greatest possible result, both tangibly AND intangibly, (or if you prefer, humanly AND spiritually) is recognizing that the light and the dark side are BOTH real, they're equally present in the "physical world", yet at the same time, they are ALL (WE are ALL) equally "connected."

Once you're able to KNOW and SEE that, you understand the IMPORTANCE of learning how to look at, DEAL with and take effective and efficient ACTION, in a way that provides the greatest possible quality of life...tangibly and intangibly or if you prefer, humanly and spiritually speaking.

You could say that the "light side" and the dark side is equally REAL and "true" in BOTH "seemingly separate" worlds...humanly speaking.

Which brings us to Reality Check #12...

Reality Check #12 - We MUST Become "Aware of" and Discerning About Who We Love Up Close and Who We Love From a Distance.

Spiritually speaking, it’s “true” that we’re to LOVE everyone. But there's also a Higher Truth that’s often overlooked which reveals there IS a Dark Side out there too which we MUST become aware of, IF we’re to HAVE the “greatest possible” human experience.

That Higher Truth reveals and “clearly conveys” the fact that, the Light and Dark side are BOTH very "real and true." Because we are equally connected, in a "humanly speaking" AND "spiritually speaking" kind of way, it’s necessary to find that “razor’s edge” which assists us in SEEING and “dealing with” the dark side in the most beneficial way.

The dark side IS very real. No doubts or questions about that in MY mind. Yet, because there IS a dark side, AND the dark side CAN, does and will continue to DO it's BEST to blind, and at the same time, "hurt and harm" and "keep you and others" from having all you CAN in life during your "human experience", it's necessary to become "keenly aware and discerning" of who we choose to enable and allow into our lives...humanly speaking.

We don't HAVE to. We only HAVE to IF we're to EXPERIENCE the greatest possible results.

Because we ALL have a "light and dark side" that makes us and enables us to be "human", the light and dark sides are ALWAYS intermingling and ALWAYS at work at ALL times.

That doesn't only apply to others in the world out there.

It happens within ourselves as well as the world "out there."

The reason WHY is because the "dark side" and the light side ALL come from and exist within the same "space."

The only difference between them is one of degree.

The dark and shadowy side operates in and comes from a place of fear. Internal disharmony, darkness and shadows are the result of fear. We humans have a tendency to call fear, and the ACTIONS which stem from it, bad, dark, horrific or evil. We DO because it doesn't "FEEL good." It "feels dark." It creates "shadows (or at least CAN create them) in our lives.

The same is true in the world around us. There are "less than illuminated people" (call them bad, or dark or evil if you choose) who make choices, do things and create things because of their fear, which CAN create things that cause fear and pain in other humans who aren't "aware of them" and who don't DO what's necessary to "Love them from a distance."

You could say, those who choose to live in and come from a "place of fear" DO that are "choosing" to be closer to the dark side because of their "fears." Those who choose to focus on and live in fear, sometimes intentionally and sometimes without realizing it, project their "fear" into the world.

They don't DO it because they are BAD or HORRIFIC people. They DO it because they are afraid. Because they ARE afraid, they are DOING the BEST they "know how" based on what they’ve been taught, believe and “think they know”, in their best attempt to survive and get by in life...humanly speaking.

That doesn't mean it's "best for us" spiritually OR humanly speaking.

In the strictly humanly speaking kind of way, in the way most humans think, believe and view things, there ARE plenty of bad and/or evil people "out there."

It's equally true that in some cases, these "bad folks" WILL do whatever is necessary to hurt and harm those who "choose" to remain "unaware and oblivious" to the fact that they ARE here. They do what they do because they ARE afraid and as a result of not understanding the AWESOME nature of good that comes from "shining their light" rather than "projecting their fear", they CONTINUE DOING things to keep the "light" from shining through for those who are sincere, serious and who truly WANT to see it.

We CAN judge, label, point fingers and hold the intention of “doing harm to” those who we view as less than enlightened OR we can develop and adhere to the understanding that they're simply afraid and DOING the best they know how to do.

Most “humans” believe and perceive” that they’re “victims” of others choices and actions.

Reality check #13 reveals that we don't have to be.

Reality Check #13 - No One in the World Out There, REGARDLESS of How Dark and Shadowy They Might Be, Can Impact Your Life Unless...

Here's the really GREAT part for you, me and EVERYONE else who has a sincere "desire" to EXPERIENCE the good life...the "Light side"...humanly and spiritually speaking...regardless of what ANYONE "out there" does…CAN…regardless.

Those who "choose" to project and DO things which create "dark and shadowy" results in the world, CAN'T keep you, me or anyone else from what we "truly desire" unless YOU, me and/or WE, enable and allow them to.

They ARE out there, but WE have a choice if we "allow them" to impact us.

Judging, labeling, blaming pointing and even trying to KILL the darkness doesn't STOP or illuminate the darkness. It feeds it. It enables it to grow. It actually intensifies it and creates more darkness and shadows in life...humanly speaking.

The BEST thing we as humans can do, is to DO our VERY BEST to "Shine our light" if we ever hope to illuminate the darkness in our own lives as well as the world "out there", IF we're ever to EXPERIENCE the greatest possible result.

It really doesn't matter how "dark or shadowy" others might “seem” or be.

Humanly speaking, darkness and shadows can't snuff out "light"...regardless. That applies in a human kind of way as well as a spiritual kind of way.

Humanly speaking, Light ALWAYS in ALL ways illuminates "shadows and darkness" in “real life” doesn’t it? The VERY SAME holds "true" spiritually or if you prefer "metaphysically" speaking, just as it does "humanly speaking.

The “human experience” is nothing more or less than a mirrored reflection of what is happening “spiritually and/or metaphysically.”

In the same way, any FEAR within you, does it's best to keep the shadows and darkness "seemingly real" and keeps YOU from SEEING beyond the Bad AND the fear so you might begin Being, Doing and Having all you CAN, in spite of what others do.

But you CAN. It requires being open, receptive and willing to become aware that BOTH the light and the DARK side do exist...that they are REAL and must be acknowledged, SEEN and accepted for what they are, AS they are FIRST, so you can begin most effectively and efficiently begin DOING what's necessary to illuminate the darkness and shadows they create…humanly speaking.

The fact is, that's necessary to DO so humanly and spiritually speaking, so YOU and EVERYONE else who “truly desires to”, can begin to experience "the good or the light" that EVERY “human” on this planet "claims to WANT" and "truly desires" to experience.

Although we ALL can, it's necessary...of VITAL IMPORTANCE actually, to become "keenly aware" so you might "recognize" the difference between the good and the bad...humanly speaking.

Before we go on, I want to take a moment to commend you for reading this far. I want to also Thank You for taking the time to DO this Reality Check. I want to also Thank You for taking time out of your precious day to read what I write in my "humanly flawed" way.

I commend and Thank You because I KNOW if you'll internalize and APPLY the points we've covered, I KNOW that together, we can DO much to brighten and illuminate the world "out there"...humanly speaking.

When you do a reality check, you begin to SEE that BOTH the light and the dark coexist here. You begin to realize that they AREN'T separate, that BOTH NEED to be acknowledged and accepted, that although in a humanly speaking kind of way, both "seem to be" working against the other, spiritually speaking they BOTH serve a purpose.

But it’s also of VITAL importance that you SEE that you don't NEED to be afraid or EXPERIENCE the darkness that fear creates when you DO the right things in the right order.

The fact of the matter is...once you DO a reality check, you realize that the light and the darkness are BOTH needed and necessary HERE in the Real World.

The 2, not only make us whole and "human", they both exist so we might FULLY experience life. Without one, we wouldn't be, nor could we be, whole OR human ourselves, nor could we FULLY experience life.

It doesn't matter if you're aware of it, believe it or don't believe it. The potential and the "probability" for GOOD and BAD is here and it's here to stay.

Because of HOW things were designed, having it any other way, would be scientifically, metaphysically and/or spiritually impossible.

Which brings us to another VITALLY IMPORTANT point to grasp, internalize and understand IF you want to move into "the light" and EXPERIENCE the greatest possible results humanly and spiritually speaking.

We'll call that point Reality Check #14...

Reality Check #14 - You ARE (we ALL are) the "Light of the World" Granted the Right and the Free Will to CHOOSE the Light, the Darkness OR a Combination of Both, If WE Feel So Inclined

Spiritually and Humanly speaking we ARE the "light of the world." That's true REGARDLESS of who you are or what you believe to be "true" about yourself or others. If you don't yet see or believe that, it's only because it's based on a Higher Truth than you might currently be aware of. It's also been "tangibly validated." That "tangible validation" comes from forward thinking scientific circles.

You are light operating in a field of light

So, since it's been taught for THOUSANDS of years in spiritual and metaphysical circles and has been “tested and proven” by scientists as being physically true, you could say, both spiritually AND humanly speaking, it's "true."

Humanly speaking, although REALLY and TRULY we are the light of the world, since we each have a "dark and/or shadowy side" as well, we CAN and often DO use it, even though we may not realize that we are.

Here's where Reality Check #14 becomes VERY VERY important.

The same is "true" in the physical aspects of DAY to DAY life. Within every system, every structure, every organization, every religion, every government, every institution, etc., where humans are actively involved, there is the "potential" for "darkness and there is the "potential" for light."

Both exist within, ARE being chosen and "tangible and measurable results" ARE being produced by "humans" who work and do things in these "seemingly separate groups."

Which leads us into Reality Check #15...

Reality Check #15 - Sometimes It's Difficult to Discern Between The Light Side and the Dark Side

Here's where things can get really tricky humanly speaking. It CAN be very difficult (humanly speaking) for humans to discern and SEE the "differences between what MOST humans refer to as "the good" and "the bad"...humanly speaking.

Some of the darkness "out there” can, and often DOES have "underlying dark and self-serving intentions" because of their "fear", which can be looked at, viewed, thought of and "seem to be light.

They ARE "out there" too. ..EVERYWHERE.

As some of the ancient texts CLEARLY convey...individuals or groups who "seem to be on the "light or good side" yet have dark, self-serving "intentions and agendas"; although they can "seem to be" shining their light, in REALITY they are DOING their best to spread and intensify the shadows, the darkness, and their FEAR.

They are, as the ancient spiritual texts describe them, "Wolves dressed in sheep's clothing."

They DO exist in the world out there, and they are DOING just that…spreading FEAR and intensifying the “shadows and darkness” for ALL humans, like it or not.

The opposite also holds "true."

In the same way, there are those "out there" who ARE wearing sheep's clothing, who do their best to shine their light to expose these "wolves" so others might become aware of and SEE the darkness that underlies the "seemingly real appearance" of those "darkness and shadow spreaders."

They are keenly aware that MANY humans SEE these dark and shadowy figures as being "the light" and because of that, they think they are DOING what's "good and necessary."

These "light shiners are doing their VERY best to make humans aware of this "disguised darkness." They DO what they're able to illuminate and eliminate the darkness and shadows that, IS not only disguised as "the light" or the good...humanly speaking...but who aren't DOING what's best for themselves or "other humans" on a collective scale.

Humanly speaking we could call those who DO that, evil, bad, or horrific which is how most "humans" judge and label the dark or the shadowy side.

Depending on what we've learned, believe and "think is true" though, these "light shiners" can "seem to be weird, crazy, or out there", conspiracy theorists. The very "light shiners" who DO their best to inform, educate and awaken humans, share things that "many humans" never take the time to explore and because of that, they simply aren't aware of it.

Because they aren't "aware", or for whatever reason, don't "believe" what many "light shiners" KNOW, humans can get testy and judgmental prematurely. It's a "common thing" and the predominant way that MANY humans react when they hear something that doesn't align with their “beliefs” or way of seeing things.

Here's what makes it even MORE tricky...

The "wolves" who are dressed in sheep's clothing" do their best to convince other humans, on a VAST scale, that the "light shiners" ARE nothing more than CRAZY, wacked out and "out there" lunatics and “conspiracy theorists."

Those with dark intentions who "seem to be spreading the light" are VERY wise and VERY cunning. In many more cases than you might realize, these "wolves in sheep's clothing" are DOING what they describe as "Being in the "best interest of humans" when in reality, they are NOT doing that at all.

Because of how they DO things, combined with being very wise and cunning in a very dark and shadowy kind of way, it can and often DOES "seem" "far-fetched and less than "true" to the unaware and non-discerning "human group" that...what "seems to be light, necessary and needed", is really only DARKNESS that creates and intensifies FEAR, lack, limitation and even BONDAGE for MANY humans ALL around the world.

Both are "out there" which is why becoming KEENLY aware and remaining discerning is a VERY important "part" of experiencing what "humans" call the BEST and most "pleasing good" that they CAN.

Which brings us to Reality Check #16...

Reality Check #16...Don't Assume That Because You've Learned, Think and Believe That Something IS True, That it Really Is

You can ask any number of people WHY they believe what they believe and in many cases, the answer is the same. The common answer is, "Because it's "true."

But they can't tell you WHY it's true or WHY they believe it. They just believe it. MOST never get to the root of their beliefs and never get to the core of where they came from.

That’s one of MANY reasons WHY Reality Check # 16 is of VITAL importance. Many things that humans are "taught to believe" aren't really "true" at all...spiritually or humanly speaking.

Thinking and believing anything less would be "untrue" or at least "less than true." Put another way, regardless of how much you might think and believe that one exists and the other doesn't, it's not based on a Higher Truth.

Both exist, both are at work and BOTH are producing tangible and measurable results ALL over this planet. Based on A LOT of darkness and shadows that are in the world right now, economically, ecologically, socially, culturally, it "seems as if" the dark and shadowy side is DOING more than the "light and good side."

That's WHY we as humans are SEEING and experiencing so much fear, darkness and shadows which reveal themselves as "less than desirable" tangible and measurable results.

Attempting to argue, debate, deny or do ANYTHING less than "accept that", really and truly equates to nothing more or less than lying to and perhaps attempting to "fool yourself."

Lying to or attempting to "fool yourself" doesn't do YOU or other "humans" any good at all...humanly speaking.

Doing that, yet not realizing that you MAY be doing it, stems from a "lack of awareness AND discernment."

Choosing to keep doing ONE or BOTH of those will limit both your "spiritual and physical experience at some point as well as contribute to LIMITING the spiritual and physical experiences of other humans.

It only serves to enable and allow the darkness and shadows to grow. Humanly speaking, those who choose that and DO that are contributing to the "problem", NOT the solution.

You CAN DO that, but it won't BENEFIT you or anyone else...humanly speaking. Spiritually speaking, attempting to ignore it, not DOING anything about it or attempting to merely "spread the light" without taking tangible ACTION, in the VERY same way, will only enable and allow the darkness and shadows to GROW.

Yet as "humans", we often DO that. Because we DO each learn, think and believe "different things" combined with the fact that we DO each have a "light and a shadowy" side, it's quite easy to see things in a "brighter" light than they truly are. By the same token, it's quite easy for "humans" to view things in a dimmer light" than they "truly are."

It's also easy to get caught up in the blame, judge, label, you're wrong and I'm right game, regardless of WHO you are.

The Main Reality Check is this. If you're DOING that, it's counterproductive IF you're "truly hoping" to experience "The Light or The Good" in the BIGGEST, BEST, simplest, quickest, easiest and least expensive way possible.

It's a choice that only serves to FEED the shadows and darkness, enabling it to grow and flourish in YOUR life and the lives of other humans.

That's what those who exist within the "middle ground' often do. They WANT to see the light...the good...but unknowingly, unintentionally and unconsciously continue to FEED, nourish and inevitably GROW the opposite of what they "claim" to want.

By the same token, those who have personally EXPERIENCED very profound and indescribable things, things beyond conceptualization, let alone description, can, and often DO become equally complacent. It's quite "easy" to deny that darkness and shadows "truly" exist and ARE very real...humanly speaking...when you've touched and EXPERIENCED "The Light."

I've discovered, after having "experienced the same", often times, even the "most spiritually minded" can become as complacent, apathetic, judgmental and, in a sense, as blind as the "unaware and uninformed."

Not blind as in, not seeing and understanding a Higher Truth, but rather blinded to the NEED and NECESSITY of putting that awareness and Higher Truth into a tangibly measurable human from of ACTION in a tangible and measurable kind of way, so they might DO everything that CAN be done to "illuminate the darkness and shadows" that is equally real in the tangible world of shape and form...humanly speaking.

There's no need to "sugar coat it."

Many of the "spiritually minded" out there, choose to bury their head in the sand, not acknowledge that there IS darkness "out there" and claim they DO their part by merely focusing on and projecting "Light."

Often times they DO that, fully believing that the "light" they've EXPERIENCED...this same "light" that they've discovered that they are....which we ALL are, will somehow magically transform and FIX the many VERY real, tangible and measurable "dark" economic, physiological, psychological, sociological, ecological, political and yes, even spiritual "problems that are VERY REAL, quite "measurable" and equally present (as well as prevalent) in the tangible world of shape and form.

They refuse to fully accept and acknowledge both the spiritual wisdom as well as the scientific evidence that clearly reveals that the "Light and Dark" side of reality are very present as well as VERY active in one "place."

They also often overlook the FACT that "Faith without works is dead."

It's quite easy to DO that though, simply because, in the "profoundly spiritual place they've EXPERIENCED, none of the darkness or shadows exists.

In this space they've EXPERIENCED, where only "The Light" exists, there is NO DUALITY.

In a strictly "spiritual sense" that's true. NO darkness DOES exist in that place. It's ALL light that contains an "infinite number of possibilities." The potential for darkness and shadows exists there, but there is NO dark per say, nor is there any judgement.

Humanly speaking, that's an ENTIRELY different ball game and if MOST everyone keeps DOING as they've BEEN doing (which is "nothing much"), that dark and shadowy REALITY is going to continue to grow.

The GAME and the "end score" isn't going to be much FUN for anyone...humanly speaking.

To Sum Up This 16 Point Reality Check...

The darkness and shadows have always been Real, they ARE Real and they're always going to remain Real. At the very least the "potential" for them to become real is always going to be.

Duality, darkness and "ill intentions" in THIS world are VERY REAL and VERY true. DOING something to CHANGE it is necessary.

Put in the most down to earth and humanly understandable way I can...

Experience the good life

In the tangible world of shape and form, duality is quite real, quite prevalent and creating a lot of fear, pain, suffering, lack and limitation on a global scale, "needlessly."

I say needlessly, because we as a global people could "fix things" much more quickly than the time-frame in which they've been created. And humanly speaking, things have spiraled WAY out of control.

Although we could easily "fix things", we DON'T.

The question is WHY? The answer is simple.

We don't choose to.

Although MOST "claim" they WANT to, the reasons why we don't "choose to" is equally simple, yet on the surface "can seem" and be perceived as being "VERY complex."

It can "SEEM" complex because the dark and shadowy side is, as I've mentioned, VERY CUNNING, VERY wise (in a dark and shadowy kind of way) and they have intentionally made it where things DO and will continue to "seem" extremely complex and unchangeable.

Humanly speaking that's true. Things DO look and SEEM that way.

Spiritually speaking it's not "true" at all. The fact is, it's ALL very simple and COULD be changed in the blink of an eye if more humans would "open their eyes", wake up and DO things in the way they NEED to be done, to enable and allow that to become a "Tangible and Measurable Reality.

What it really boils down to is belief and perception. Our unique and diverse "beliefs and perceptions" and the resulting paradigm that we ourselves create and exist within, both individually and collectively, "needlessly "allow" all this senseless pain, suffering, darkness, fear, guilt, doubt, resentment, judgement and labeling to continue.

It's as simple and "seemingly complex" as that.

It's only these "chosen paradigms" which we as humans CHOOSE to exist within, which "seem to divide" us.

In Actuality, that's the only thing that DOES divide us.

A very simple shift in both our individual as well as "collective paradigm" could reunite us and have us working in unison. Should we ever "choose" to do that, many of the world's current problems (the shadows and darkness) could be effectively and efficiently dealt with and what "seems to be" such horrific and horrendous problems would go away.

Any "future problems" that might arise could be and would be, at the "very least", quickly and effectively dealt with and resolved almost as quickly as they surface.

In a very "human speaking" kind of way, problems are a part of life. Duality is a VERY real part of life. Good and bad are VERY real parts of life. Darkness and shadows are a VERY Real part of life.

They're ALWAYS going to be.

There's an equally true, immutable, unwavering and NEVER changing spiritual side to both tangible and intangible problems regardless of how "seemingly AWESOME and grand or terrifying and horrific" we as "humans" believe they are and aside from how we "choose" to perceive, judge and label them.

That "unwavering, immutable and unwavering truth is...

...ALL things work together for a greater good. ALL things regardless of how awesome or "seemingly horrific" they might be.

As true as that is, because humans have a tendency to LOVE and prefer to TRY the quick, cheap, simple, easy and FREE path, they don't really WANT to have to wait for things to self correct.

They don't WANT to go through the bad or seemingly horrific to become enabled to SEE the Greater Good that ALWAYS in ALL WAYS comes from it.

The Higher Truth is, there is NOTHING....NO THING, that ISN'T "SPIRITUAL." ALL things come from and return to the same "place."

The ONLY thing that keeps and divides the light workers, those in the "middle ground" and those with "dark intentions" is choice.

Part of the "problem" is, MOST are unable to see that. Because of that, we have a tendency to judge and label some things as "good and some things as bad. We look at, view, believe, perceive and take action or remain in "inaction" in such a way that the "battle" rages and remains constant in the world and in our lives.

As "humans" it's quite easy to get caught up in what "seems to be, the "spiritual and "nonspiritual" aspects of life.

The fact is BOTH are true, BOTH are real and BOTH are going to continue as they always have.

The defining factor as to how "effective" we can be in DOING something about it in a way that diminishes and ILLUMINATES the "dark side" in a "humanly speaking" kind of way, is dependent on and determined by how unified we choose to become and what we choose to DO or NOT do about it.

Becoming UNIFIED requires becoming AWARE...KEENLY AWARE, that the dark and light side are REAL, humanly speaking AND spiritually speaking.

DOING something about it is equally necessary to change it.

We can deny, choose NOT to accept and even bury our head in the sand if we choose and continue to enable and allow the "dark side" to grow and flourish.

We can become "keenly aware" that dark choices are being made, dark results ARE taking place and that we CAN and MUST do something "individually and collectively" to change it.

The point behind ALL of that is this.

What I've written and what I've shared is my passion. I LOVE spreading the Light. I am also VERY passionate about DOING things to improve our world intangibly and spiritually speaking as well as tangibly and humanly speaking.

I DO some things that have proven to be VERY "tangibly effective" in a Real World kind of way, that serves A LOT of people.

I'm ALWAYS looking for those who are "sincere and serious about DOING the same. I LOVE connecting, working with and assisting those kinds of people. I KNOW that when you get enough "Light Shiners" together and working in unison, it doesn't matter how DARK and SHADOWY things seem, we CAN Light up and illuminate the world.

I've included MANY articles in the "right side bar" of this Reality Check article that reveal...humanly speaking, many DARK THINGS that are underway due to many "dark minded", self serving "people" making a "choice" to DO what doesn't unite or benefit the WHOLE but rather the few.

It also provides a "solution." A very powerful, effective and efficient "tangible solution" that tens of thousands are also using.

Perhaps you'll "choose to" as well.

It doesn't matter which side of the fence you choose, we CAN all become aware...we CAN all accept that the dark side is here, VERY real and VERY active...we CAN choose to unite and DO something about it TOGETHER or we CAN continue on as MANY do, continue debating, judging, labeling, pointing fingers, denying and burying our heads in the sand and in "essence", enable and allow the "Dark Side to continue causing the needless and widespread fear, pain, suffering and limitation that MANY in the "real world" are experiencing.

I hope you'll make a choice to get educated and informed about what's "truly happening" in the world, and perhaps join me in "illuminating it."

DO whatever you will with it. It's ALL there, ULTIMATELY because it's my intention to DO my part to reveal that "light and darkness" are at work, that they ARE real and that choosing to IGNORE that FACT for ANY reason will KEEP YOU and US as a "collective people" from being, doing and HAVING all that is, always has been and always will be available to you and US as a whole.

It reveals some of the darkness, was written and exists to benefit YOU and the world at large.

If you feel compelled, please DO your part and share this (as well as the site) with those who you might perceive, judge and label as being either dark minded, light minded or somewhere in between, so we might DO all we're able to join in UNISON and begin DOING something about all these VERY REAL "tangibly measurable problems" that, "spiritually speaking, aren't really "problems" at all.

I'm Finished With 16 Point Reality Check
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I'm Finished With 16 Point Reality Check
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