The Dark Dynamics of Debt and Fear

The Dark Dynamics of Debt and Fear
By David Cameron

Debt. Who isn't in it nowadays? It seems to have captured almost everybody these days. Individuals are in debt, companies are in debt, even nations are in debt. And this debt is collapsing on people, companies and countries. The question is why are we playing the debt game? Who said we have to play it? When did it start? How can you get out and ahead of it and not be swallowed by it?

In this article, we are not going to look at the cosmetic reasons behind debt, nor the cosmetic fixes to it. We are not going to look at how to cut down your business expenses, put your credit card in water and freeze it in your freezer, or do anything else cosmetic to get out of debt. These tactics have their place, and they are useful in certain situations. But right here, we will look at the root cause and root solution. Let us begin.

First of all, let us define money. Money is the energy of exchange or transfer of value. It is neither good not bad, it just is. You build wealth by building some type of value within you, and then extending this value outside of you. For example, you can learn to be a doctor, and thereby build that type of value within you. Or you can learn how to start a business that provides a service to people. You build value within you, and then you extend that outside, through trade or other means, and in exchange of that extension you are compensated with cash money. Cash money is merely an exchange of value within and between beings. See, money in itself is neither good nor bad. It is just an exchange of the underlying values between two or more participants.

So where does debt come into the scene? And why? Ok, it is time for a history lesson. I am sure you all know that before cash money was invented in it's present form, people used to trade by barter. They would exchange goods. Finally, one day, a powerful merchant family said "We have another way we can do this". I believe it was the Medici family of Florence, although the Romans and other civilizations also had their own coins. Anyway, the first paper money worked as follows. A trader would go exchange his or her goods for gold. They then take this gold to deposit it with the Medici, and the Medici write up a paper with their signature and seal, a paper that would represent the gold that was deposited with them. This solved various security and portability issues and increased trade. This paper, upon return to the Medici, would be exchanged into its gold equivalent. That is where the gold standard came from.

Now let us look at debt. Imagine that the Medici have just opened up their first bank and announced the new scheme to the traders. So one trader, let us call him Alan, goes to the Medici and deposits $100 worth of gold. The Medici makes up a paper saying that this paper was exchangeable for $100 worth of gold upon its return (less a banking fee, plus an interest, whatever). Alan takes this paper and goes home. Alan can use this paper to buy things, but let us assume he does not. Now James, another guy, wants to start a new business, a hotel. He has the land and building but needs some pots and pans. He does not have any goods to trade in exchange for pots and pans, but he hears the Medici are giving loans.

So James goes to the Medici and asks for a $100 loan. The Medici say they can do that, but James has to pledge his land and building as a security, collateral, in case of default. The Medici make up money (money that did not exist) on paper, sign and seal it, and give it to James. The condition is that on return, James has to give back $100 plus $10 interest. Now freeze right there. Imagine that James and Alan are the Medici's only two customers at the time. Which means that the economy only has two paper notes out there, one with Alan and one with James. And James has to return his plus $10. Where will James get that $10, unless Alan comes and rents a room at James' hotel for $10? The Medici did not print the extra $10! So even if James is hyper- careful with his loan, even if he does not spend it but returns it after a year intact, it is physically impossible for him to pay the $10 interest, because he cannot print the extra money and Alan does not want to spend his, yet Alan is the only one with the only other note printed! Do you see the error in this system? Even if James now has goods to trade, he cannot trade them for paper money because there is no more out there. James will have to lose his hotel to the Medici simply because of a paper shortage error. Debt, by its very nature, is designed to fail for a certain percentage of the population, no matter how much effort or care they put! And it is so simply because there is not enough money created for the interest requested. The only reason this illusion has managed to run this far is that there are millions of players. Every now and then, the debt bubble bursts, but someone somewhere comes and rescues it, again with more debt and more conditions of control. It happens to individuals, companies and countries. And it keeps rising, getting bigger and bigger.

So what? What does this mean to you? Simple. As you are about to see next, debt is a function of control and hence fear. Give me a minute and you will see why. Read on. Debt is a product of fear, and a deep seated belief in not having and not being able to have. And fear is a means of control. We all play the control game. We play it with our spouses, family, friends, competitors, customers, and so on. What happens when you feel that you are in control of another person? You feel powerful, and they feel drained. But, there is a rule that say "As above, so below". The physical is evidence of the spiritual. Fear, were you to observe it at an energy level, leads to the victimizer sucking the energy out of the victim. It is an energy game. When one is in fear, they lose energy to those who put fear into them. Isn't that the way any abusive relationship works? It does not matter whether this relationship is between people, institutions or countries.

Before we look at you further, let us consider the mortgage game that many of us play. Mortgage. What does that word mean? Where does it come from? Split it up and look at its origins. Mort, muerto, mortuary, morgue... do you see the root? Gage, engage. Engaged till death. Why would your house loan be called a name that has its word origins from the words that mean death and engagement? Why those two? Of all the millions of words, why those two? The English language was built up by deriving words primarily from Latin. And Latin came from the Romans, a nation that inherited much of its wisdom from the Greeks who in turn got a lot from the original Egyptian civilization, all of which had one common ancestor, the wise Hermes Trismegistus, the same person known as the Egyptian and Greek god Thoth, the same person known in Christian and Jewish history as the powerful Enoch, one of only three men in the Bible to end their life on earth by simply rising to the skies and disappearing. This is the same person who invented language and writing, geometry and architecture. This is the same person whose teachings ended up forming the Essene school, the same one that Pythagorus and Jesus studied under. And a core Hermetic teaching is this: As Above, So Below. And the language invented was designed to reflect this law. Above here means the spirit or energy side of things, and below is the evidence we see as physical objects.

Now let us get back to you and debt. What does debt make you feel; especially when you cannot pay it or you are worried about how to pay it or missing a payment? It makes you feel fear. Whatever is scaring you is attempting to control your thoughts and actions and is stealing your energy for its own growth. There are two ways to grow. Out of fear and out of love. The fear-based growth works, but it is destined for eventual collapse, simply because it is not real. Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing that is unreal exists but as an illusion. This is not the time to blame the issuers of debt, or anyone else for that matter. There is no judgment or guilt in the matter. Only energetic facts. The minute you start playing a blame and judgment game, you enter into a victim position, and that is no good for you.

And the fact is this: debt is a function of fear and self-worth issues. You will find that people with more love of their own self, and high self-esteem, are very wealthy and prosperous, especially on the long-term, and if they choose to be. Prosperity is a natural result of love and self-worth. Look at the rich. Even if they have debt, their asset column is longer than their debt column. They only use debt as a tool. And they always have more assets than debt. And what is their demeanor like? Confident, stable, of high self-worth and self-esteem, and their love column is often longer than their fear column. They may have fears, of course, but their fears do not outweigh their love and passion for who they are, what they do, the world they live in.

Now consider people with debt problems, or countries with debt problems. What is the personality of such people? Chaos, fear, never having enough, support issues, and so on. These do not arise because of debt. The debt arises because of these mental states. That is not a bad thing. Remember, we are not judging anything here. We are merely observing energetic facts. There is no need of tying a thought and an emotion to that fact. Now, the debt merely represents them losing their life energy to an external entity. But they only lose it because they accept to do so. Only they can say "I accept". And only they can say "OK, I have had it with this crap, I put my foot down, and I am now seeing myself differently."

The debt rope is always being thrown at us all the time. You don't have to grab it. The world has built a very large global fear-ego, and this fear-ego is expressing itself in various physical means to maintain itself. Our world is now a world of contracts that try to commit you into debt (we now even have phone contracts that penalize you for not using the service for a certain amount of time!); credit cards that do the same; jobs that scare you towards that end. But none of these are to blame. Only you can accept them. And they can only work on you when you accept them. These big bad monsters are rubber ducks, because they depend on your agreement with them for their own functioning. Take responsibility, and you will find then, and only then, that you have response ability. And avoid these debt traps. You must unplug yourself from the group consciousness of the Fear Ones, and join the Love Ones. It may be scary as you make the switch, for there is a gap to cross. Things may fall off to make space for new ones of the new way. But once you cross it you will wonder how you ever had agreed to live any other way.

There is nothing wrong with debt, when used as a tool. But when it arises, as it mostly does, from fear and negative self-worth beliefs, then it is a control game being played, a painful one at that. A game we created and continue to create.

Arises out of fear and belief in inadequacy. Arise out of issues with negative self-worth. Recognize that there is a game being played. An energetic game with simple rules. As above, so below. Change your above, and your below will change automatically. You have free will, and you are the master of your world. Make your choices knowing that each one of them must have a root, and there are only two possible roots you can choose from: love or fear. Only one is real, and the other is an illusion. I wish you the best in everything.

Article written by David Cameron Gikandi. For even greater insights into your quest for wealth and financial liberty and ability, go here....

Debt and Fear Don't Have To Win. Learn The Fundamentals Of Wealth Building.

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