Financial Freedom

The Acquisition of Financial Freedom Can Be SO Much More Easily Acquired Than Most Think It Can or Believe That It Is

financial freedom

Financial Freedom or scarcity aren't the cause of happiness, sadness, success or failure. Those are effects derived
from a cause leading to something that you do and achieve. Adopting the mindset that aligns with Real Wealth and
Real Freedom unconditionally is the cause...a consciously chosen way of BEING which "enables and allows" Financial
Freedom, Real Wealth, Real Success and REAL Freedom; the kind that isn't limited to or dependent on DOLLARS, to
become a tangible and measurable reality...consistently - Chuck Danes

I LOVE the human spirit. In spite of the current global economy, aside from the huge unemployment numbers, irrespective of the failed financial systems, the out of business signs and all the crazy and less than desirable stuff happening all around the world, many are still hopeful, focused, staying on track and consistently walking the path keeping their eye on financial freedom.

But for most, it's a long, hard and sometimes grueling journey.

Do you want to know why so many take so long to DO what COULD be done in the blink of an eye?

It may sound too simple but it's true.

It really does boil down to 1 of 2 things...

  1. A lack of awareness and understanding.

  2. A choice not to "apply" what they are aware of and do understand

I'd LOVE to give you some long bullet point list because I LOVE to write. I could do what a lot coaches/teachers do and make it complex, mind bending, really esoteric and "seemingly impossible to carry out what so many "claim" to be necessary, but that's it.

Those are the only 2 things it CAN be. It's that simple.

For those that are consistently working real hard and "trying to make financial freedom a reality in the "old school, grin and bear it, do whatever it takes and step on whoever you have to" kind of way, there's a better way.

Let's call this better way a technology. A FAR better and more efficient technology than most use.

When I say it's better, I mean it's a simpler, quicker and MUCH easier way to get things done than how most go about it.

What is this way?

I personally like to call it leverage. Not a traditional form of business leverage like leveraging money or anything like that. I'm referring to a much more powerful and effective form of leverage, although in a sense, it's based on the same concept as business and money leverage.

The same rules apply too, but it's a far more powerful and efficient form of leverage that what's traditionally thought of as being "leverage."

Although we all have and all use this technology, not everyone knows they do, so not everybody uses it in the way it can be used. I think some have forgotten how to use it.

Regardless of why so many don't use it, whether forgetfulness or ignorance, anyone who wants to, can learn how to use it or remember how in the same way, through the same means and experience the same result.

It's just a matter of being aware that it exists, learning how to use it and then choosing to use this "Leveraged Technology."

Doing that comes through education. Not just any old form of education though. The "Right Kind" of education. A very specialized form of education.

The kind of education I'm referring to is the kind that provides the understanding of how VITALLY important it is to become Keenly Aware of what money truly is. Likewise, it continues by developing a keen understanding about what Real Wealth and Real Freedom "Truly" are.

Once that's understood, it's simply a matter of finding and engaging in something you LOVE...and then "choosing" to consciously, intentionally and purposefully align and harmonize that LOVE, with whatever it might be that you desire.

I call that leveraging LOVE. That's the Leveraged Technology I was referring to.

If you received and read a newsletter I wrote quite some time ago, titled "The Greatest of These is Love you may have thought I'd dipped into the happy pills or had too much to drink.

That's OK, if you thought that. I bet a lot more people do "think that" than those who actually tell me what they're thinking. But again, that's OK. Actually, it's funny to me. REALLY funny actually.

I discovered a LONG TIME ago, the Love path can be a lonely path as it pertains to doing your best to assist others in seeing how vitally important Love is and the "seemingly miraculous role" it plays in providing EVERYTHING we believe, think, say, do and experience in life.

Yes EVERYTHING, including but not limited to financial freedom. The FACT is, Love isn't limited to or BY anything. Not money, health, relationships, good times, bad times, horrific times or ANYTHING else.

The problems that we have in the world today, regardless of what they are, exist because people don't understand the power that this Leveraged Technology (Love) has. So they overlook and don't use it or do what enables and empowers them to have results that they Love.

What's overlooked though is simple. Fixing it is equally simple. It's simply a matter of becoming and remaining "aware" of what and how they're being. If you find yourself BEING something less than Loving, you shift it.

That applies to yourself, your work, your neighbor, your boss, your car, your lawnmower...WHATEVER. If you find yourself BEING anything less than Loving, you simply shift it as quickly as you can.

The more you catch and the more you shift it, the easier it becomes. You could say Love is a habit. Fear can be a habit. We all have "habits." But in many cases f we're not getting what we Love and we really really want to, we have to recognize the habits that aren't serving us and change them.

When we do that enough, we break old habits and develop new ones. We can do that with Leveraged Technology too.

LOVE is a way of BEING. If you pick what you LOVE to do, choose heartfelt desires that you'd LOVE to have and make a conscious choice to continue reaching out and consciously and consistently sharing what you Love with people who LOVE what you have to offer, Financial Freedom becomes a no brainer.

Although it is a no brainer, I think a lot of people have just lost sight of how "simple" it is.

It's really as simple as consciously choosing a Way of BEING, developing the "habit" to do it always and then DO things in such a way that supports and ensures the materialization of whatever it might be that you'd Love to have, whether it be financial freedom or anything else.

Let's face facts. Financial Freedom is, for SO MANY obvious reasons, a HUGE topic of discussion and area of immense interest in today's world.

It's perhaps even, the single most desired and sought after by those who are seeking to enhance the quality of their lives in some way, shape or form.

Yet as widely sought after and appealing as it many individuals globally, who consistently hope, wish and pray that financial freedom, or at the very least some form of financial comfort or relief might become a reality for them...hopefully...perhaps someday...only a very small percentage actually achieve and/or receive it.

Have you ever really explored or even thought about WHY that's true?

If you're like most the answer is no.

But the answer to that question is where it ALL begins. It's an answer that once discovered, understood and consciously applied and utilized that, not only can, but WILL provide you with anything and everything necessary to ensure that YOU become one of those "small minority folks" who know and personally experience just how simple, quick and easy creating financial freedom and a lasting sense of security can be.

And make no mistake. You CAN experience the fulfillment and sense of assurance that financial freedom assists in providing if ever and whenever you choose to do so.

But first, it's going to require DOING something that those who DON'T HAVE and AREN'T experiencing it often overlook and/or REFUSE to do for any infinite number of "seemingly justifiable" reasons.

We'll delve more deeply into what "seemingly justifiable" reasons are, and what that means as it pertains to you having or not having what you consciously desire, whether it be financial freedom or something else shortly.

Once you truly understand and commit to consciously applying the unfailing rules of the financial game, you'll become one of the few who DOES achieve and attain what so many are looking, working and struggling so hard for, yet seldom achieving and certainly not receiving.

When you do the right things in the right order, Financial freedom and security as well as peace of mind as it relates to finances as well as every other area of life will become a way of life simply, quickly and easily.

So what is the answer? Why is it that so few achieve what they "truly desire" in life, whether it be financial freedom or something else altogether?

Is it some widely held and closely guarded SECRET as many self professed "gurus" who are consistently flooding the market with their high priced and useless "cookie cutter approach products" claim?

NO. Not only NO but HELL NO!!

It's simply because the vast majority don't and/or won't DO what I've outlined above in 3 simple paragraphs.

Rather than do it the simple, quick and easy way they choose the slow, grueling and hard way. One way they DO that is by choosing to focus on fear, doubt, worry, lack, and anger as it pertains to money, their work, someone else, financial matters or some other thing that comes up in life, rather than choosing to wake up, become aware and begin exploring, discovering and "rooting out" the source of so much "scarcity thinking" that so many today are habitually and in most cases "unconsciously" engaging in.

Because it's due to "unconscious and habitual engagement" at the thought level which ALWAYS...ALWAYS precedes the tangible creation of lack, limitation and scarcity as well as abundance, plenty, unshakable assurance and peace of mind.

So what is it that you can DO to begin experiencing financial freedom for yourself?

It begins by understanding this...

Financial Freedom, Security and Peace of Mind
Isn't As Much About DOING As It Is About BEING

Based on talking with and asking a number of questions of various individuals from every walk of life, I've come to a very sobering realization with regard to what most "believe and perceive" to be the cause of their outcomes in life.

It really doesn't matter if it's financial freedom or something else.

And that sobering realization that I've personally come to know to be quite limiting and which also requires much more hard work, effort and struggle than is truly necessary for creating a much more desirable quality of life, is the fact that most "think and believe" that what they get or don't get in life is the result of what they do or don't do.

They choose to remain limited by and seemingly trapped within a DOING mentality.

And yes, doing is an important part of having or not having. But at the same time it's a much smaller part than most understand or "choose" to become aware of. In fact, doing is only responsible for a very small percentage of what you'll have or not have in YOUR life. Even though the percentage is small, it doesn't eliminate the need to do certain things in a certain way and in a certain order to have whatever it might be that you desire to have.

So please don't misunderstand. Contrary to what many "self professed Law of Attraction experts say, DOING is a necessary part of the Financial Freedom equation. When you learn to DO the right things in the right order, DOING simply becomes a much smaller part of the equation than most "believe."

But as true as that is, and aside from the fact that it only equates to a small percentage of the having equation, most perceive that it's the single most important thing that they can and must DO if they're ever to have what they desire to have.

But there's something else that is being done and I might add, must be done prior to doing things and taking the forms of action that most equate success and/or failure to. Although it is a form of doing that precedes physical action and doesn't initially require doing things that require any form of physical effort.

And this "thing" that must be done first is to become conscious and aware of something else you're doing or not doing prior to the form of doing that most believe is determining what they have which is always being engaged in even when physical activity is absent.

And this "thing" is what you are BEING. And it's what you're BEING that determines everything that follows. It's what precedes all the rest including but not limited to what you do in a physical sense as well as what you'll have or not have as a result of all the doing that so many consistently engage in and give most if not ALL of their time and attention to.

So, I'm going to reveal something else...something vitally important regarding "doing" that is equally and VITALLY important as well as NECESSARY, if you ever hope to start doing things in such a way that provides the desired result.

I'm going to "assume", since you're reading this, that YOUR desired result is financial freedom. It doesn't matter if it is or isn't. The process I teach and methodologies I use work in ANY area of life.

And when I say they work, I mean they WORK. The process NEVER errs, NEVER fails and NEVER wavers...NEVER. The catch is, you have to DO it.

A quote made in a movie that came out some years ago touches on it. The name of the movie was 'Repo Men' and it discloses and provides some very simple yet at the same "profound" insight and direction on that...

"If you want to change who you are, you have to change what you do."

If movies aren't your preferred source of inspiration and enlightenment, perhaps what one of the wisest, most insightful and world changing leaders in the history of the world so wisely stated would be more to your liking.

His name is Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi provided those who are open, willing and receptive to an uncommon approach for making financial freedom real and tangible, with an extremely powerful yet an uncommon way of DOING things. In case you're not familiar with him, he's the man responsible for leading India to independence and inspired entire movements around the world who's desire was to enhance civil rights and freedom.

He also provided those with the desire to create meaningful, significant and positive change in ANY as well as EVERY aspect of life with some profound and insightful instruction as to what's necessary for achieving whatever it might be that you desire in life.

And, although I've mentioned it already, I think it's important to say it again since repetition is key for creating new habits.

It's this. Financial Freedom is certainly no exception.

What instruction did Ghandi give? It's been revealed already but in case you missed it, and because it is SO vitally important, we'll delve into it a bit more.

Here's what Mahatma Gandhi said...

"BE the change you wish to see in the world."

What does that mean exactly? More importantly how do you begin utilizing, benefiting from and personally "seeing" the desired changes take form in your life?

How do you create meaningful, positive and significant change in YOUR life that so many desire and are seeking yet so few ever create?

Before we go on and reveal the answer, I'm going to ask that you consider and do your best to not only grasp but accept the unwavering fact that whatever you experience in YOUR life is the result of YOUR choices.

Initially that may be touch to accept, so I'm also going to ask that you do the best you're able to tune in here. REALLY tune in, open yourself up, heart, mind, body and soul and consider the enormity of and the transformational power behind what I'm about to share with you.

Nothing in the world happens unless and until it's THOUGHT OF.

In other words...Thought precedes EVERYTHING.

Well...almost everything. In the case of YOU and what's necessary for YOU to do to create Financial Freedom, that statement is true.

Thought precedes EVERYTHING that's "tangible and measurable."

Well...ALMOST everything. For now, with the intention of keeping things REALLY SIMPLE and easy to digest, let's for the sake of simplicity assume that thought precedes everything.

As it pertains to you and what you'll have or not have in life it REALLY does. It precedes everything else.

Get this, internalize it and start realizing the implications.

Nothing...NO THING happens in the world of shape and form unless and until it's "thought of."

The most taken for granted and seemingly insignificant actions that you engage in on a moment by moment basis, the largest and most world changing decisions, as well as any other event, condition or circumstance that you or anyone else initiates in life, can and are without exception traced back to and find their root in thought.

THINK about this...

You can't move your finger or take a step without first thinking about it, can you? You may not even realizze you ARE thinking about it before you do it. But you are. You can't do ANYTHING without first "thinking about it."

On a larger scale, the world's first automobile, airplanes, TVs, Ipods, cell phones, the internet, or anything else couldn't and wouldn't exist had someone not first "thought about it."

I could provide a BILLION or perhaps even a GAZILLION examples, but I think you get the idea and the point. There is nothing in the tangible world of shape and form that has existed, does exist or will exist that wasn't first conceived as a thought.

Thought precedes EVERYTHING including the kind and quality of life that YOU experience whether it financial freedom or the polar opposite.

So, with that being TRUE, there are some important things to consider and become aware of as it pertains to you and your relationship to money...

  • What do you consistently think about as it pertains to money and financial freedom?

  • What are YOU choosing to BE as you think about money and finances?

  • What thoughts surface?

  • How does what you're thinking make you feel?

  • What underlying beliefs do you hold that are responsible for and determine what you're thinking?

  • Are those beliefs aligned and harmonized with the attainment of financial freedom or the polar opposite?

  • What emotions stir and ignite as you think about the possibility of creating and experiencing financial freedom or at the very least having more money flow into your life?

  • Do the habitual and self repeating thoughts that you consistently think align with "allowing" financial freedom or some form of financial comfort to become a tangible reality for you?

I hope you won't "breeze by" those questions without carefully considering them. It's important that understand what a significant step that is for making financial freedom a tangible reality in your life.

It's vitally important that you take the time to discover and explore the root cause of your current outcomes in life if you ever hope to change the "effects" that you see all around you.

That's an important step because you'll continue to experience the very kind and quality of outcomes you're experiencing currently, unless and until the ROOT cause is recognized, acknowledged, understood, addressed and shifted.

You may not even realize just how significant asking yourself those questions is. t this point you may have no idea how becoming keenly aware of the answers that surface are. And if you did take the time to go through them and tune in to the answers that asking them revealed, you may not realize just how far you've progressed in the past few minutes.

But be have made significant progress. So much so that I'm going to extend a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to you before moving on and reveal just how far you've come and how much progress you've already made by simply engaging in that VERY SIMPLE exercise.

You've gotten to and exposed the root cause of what is allowing financial abundance or financial scarcity to become and remain real and true for you.

And whether you're currently aware of it or not, either outcome, whether it be an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset points to the source of whichever you're experiencing.

Make no mistake. Both are derived from and are made real due to the very same cause. There is no different source. Both financial freedom and financial scarcity become real and tangible in YOUR life and are going to continue becoming REAL and TANGIBLE based on and due to what you are choosing to BE.

Those who are "choosing" fear, doubt, worry, anger and anxiety as their predominant way of being whether in the financial aspect of life or any other, are in essence, BEING something other than they'd desire to SEE in tangible and measurable form. Although in most cases they are doing so "unconsciously and unintentionally", they ARE doing so nonetheless.

Their predominant method of THINKING is conflicting with and sabotaging their "consciously held" desires.

And that chosen way of BEING is reflected in your EVERY area of your life, just as you choose.

Let's discuss and get clear on a very important point here before we delve into how to make financial freedom a tangible reality in your life.

What you SEE and EXPERIENCE in life is, always has and is going to continue to align and harmonize with and provide a mirrored reflection of what you're choosing, have chosen or will choose to BE.

You may already be aware and perhaps even see the significance and power behind that statement and you may not.

You may, if you're like so many claim to "know" how true that is yet you're not experiencing it in your life. You may very well have an intellectual understanding that financial freedom or any other desired outcome is attainable and readily available to and for you, yet you aren't and haven't yet experienced it for yourself.

It's even possible...VERY possible that you THINK it's a bunch of airy fairy foo foo HOGWASH.

So I'm going to ask that you stop reading for just a moment, think about, tune in, focus on, become "consciously aware of" and reflect for just a moment on what you're choosing to BE.

Because if you will and then look around at the tangible results you're experiencing in EVERY aspect of your life and be brutally honest with yourself, you'll clearly see that those tangible results provide a mirrored reflection of that choice.

If you haven't yet, go back and ask yourself those questions.

What are you thinking about, consistently focusing on and believing in as it relates to you, the infinite number of possibilities available to you, the limitless potential you have for creating "Whatsoever ye desire" in life and more specifically, your relationship to money?

What do you believe and perceive as being "true" at the deepest levels of your thought processes regarding your ability and/or inability to create financial freedom or experience consistent lack and struggle in the area of finances.

Are the consistent thoughts you think and the emotions those thoughts ignite aligned and harmonized with enabling, empowering and moving you forward in the direction of attaining financial freedom and security or disabling, dis-empowering and leading you toward financial scarcity?

Although we often perceive that we're moving away from something when we're experiencing the "polar opposite" of what we desire, we're NEVER moving away but ALWAYS moving toward what we're thinking about. Moving "away" is an impossibility. A perception that we're "moving away" is the one and only thing that can make "moving away" and never experiencing what we truly desire to see and experience a tangible reality.

Granted you may "consciously desire" to experience financial freedom and on the surface "KNOW" that you can, yet something is keeping you from doing so.

And that something is the underlying, self repeating and habitual "unconscious thought processes" derived over time throughout your life.

Most in the world today, due to what's currently happening in the world's financial systems, are wondering, fretting, fearful, doubtful, worried and anxious about what "might happen" in the future.

It's a conflicting, self sabotaging, "fear based" way of thinking. And it's a form of thinking that's grounded in fear. The conscious desire may very well be to experience financial freedom, but the underlying intention being expressed through the quality of thoughts that you think is consistently focused on the lack of the desire.

In other words you're consistently "moving toward" the lack of rather than the fulfillment of the "consciously held" desire.

Those who consistently experience "less than desired" results in life are those who are consistently focusing on fear which can only ignite fear based emotions as they think about and wonder how they'll "get by" this week, this month or this year let alone achieve any level of financial freedom long term.

They consistently watch the news, follow the "doom and gloom" financial reports and allow what's going on in the world around them to dictate what's possible and/or not possible for their lives.

Their primary focus is on scarcity. They have fears that reveal themselves in various shapes and forms yet they ALWAYS...ALWAYS...ALWAYS begin as a train of thought.

Are you there too? Do you consistently focus on and give attention to what YOU desire to experience in your life?

Are you fearing what might or could happen or fixated on the inevitability of the tangible materialization of the desired outcome, whatever that might be for you?

Which way of BEING are you CHOOSING and what are you moving toward?

Due to how most look at money and based on what they believe and perceive" as being true regarding it's attainment or the lack of, many become anxious, attached, longing, aching, hoping, wishing and praying that perhaps someday, things will turn around, something good might happen to make Financial Freedom a tangible reality.

Money and financial freedom are emotionally charged topics. There are A LOT of emotions attached to money and financial freedom and the majority of them are fear based.

And the sense of "security" and peace of mind that so many honestly "believe and perceive" that financial freedom can provide is often times the very thing that keeps financial abundance from them.

How so?

Because they consistently think about and look at the tangible results that they are receiving or that they have received in the past which can only serve to solidify the beliefs regarding how "true" it is that lack, limitation and discord are being experienced which only serves to ignite and create additional doubt, apprehension and greater fear that's projected into the future which makes more of the same a given.

The result?

Lack, limitation, struggle and mediocrity in the area of finances becomes a way of life.

As sought after and popular a topic as financial freedom is, it's more often than not something that can't, never has and never will become a tangible reality based on and due to how so many think about it and attempt to acquire and achieve it.

The single biggest reason why is simply because most begin and are coming from a place of scarcity as they think about money. Their relationship with money as well as their consistently focused, habitual and self repeating thought processes which are derived from an avalanche of fear based beliefs are grounded in and based on scarcity.

And scarcity becomes a way of life just as they "believe" that it will.

What I mean by scarcity as it relates to money and finances are the underlying beliefs held, focused and reflected on as they relate to creating and experiencing financial freedom or the polar opposite which is lack and scarcity in the area of finances.

Beliefs come in many shapes and sizes. We have conscious beliefs such as "There's a lot of money in the world" as well as unconscious beliefs such as "I'm not talented enough, good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, gifted enough or educated enough to get my share."

Many of the beliefs acquired and held throughout our lives often conflict with one another. In other words we have "unconscious beliefs" which conflict with, cancel out and sabotage what we consciously desire and claim we want for our lives. These unconscious and under the radar beliefs make consciously held desires seemingly impossible to make real.

And due to that focus, due to the beliefs that consistently have us "thinking" that financial security is nothing more than "wishful thinking", we consistently move toward, create and experience just that in our lives.

We struggle, settle and "Get by" fully believing that life was simply designed to be that way which makes more of the same inevitable.

But it's NOT inevitable unless and until you CHOOSE to make it inevitable for yourself.

Some of the most common subconscious beliefs surrounding money and financial freedom come from various forms of indoctrination acquired from our families, social programming, our religious affiliations, etc. etc.

Case in point...

Read the sentences below and fill in the blanks.

Money is the root of all __________________.

Money doesn't grow on ___________________.

It takes money to make ___________________.

Limiting the amount of financial wealth that flows into your life is going to limit your ability to give to and help others.

What’s more is that financial freedom in and of itself can never and will never provide what so many "believe" that it will.

What is it that so many believe and perceive as being true as it relates to money and financial freedom that is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY false?

That once they have enough....once they've achieved, acquired and accumulated enough money that they'll know what it's like to FINALLY experience Real Wealth and Real Freedom.

Money, Financial Freedom and Wealth are Related Yet At the Same Time are Very Different Things

Do you equate a specific amount of money to being wealthy?

If you do, I'm going to ask that you take another moment to "think about" and consider another perspective.

If you have a billion dollars but horrendous health, would you consider yourself wealthy?

If you were the richest person in the world, possessed trillions of dollars, yet had no one to share and enjoy your money with, would you consider yourself as being wealthy?

Of course not. I know of (and perhaps you do to) people who would gladly trade every penny they have to restore their health.

Point being, money has MUCH LESS to do with being truly wealthy than most believe, perceive or are willing to acknowledge and become AWARE of.

Regardless of what you currently believe to be true, wealth and freedom...Real Wealth and Real Freedom have nothing to do with having a lot of or even a little money.

Wealth is a mindset. Wealth is made real in life based on what you perceive as being true, untrue and how you relate personally to what you do or don't have.

Real Wealth and Real Freedom are made real as a result of consciousness...a mindset as everything is, yet it's a specific kind of mindset that insures Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom followed by the material things that make life more enjoyable.

What mindset is most effective in doing that? Gratitude. Gratitude is a way of BEING that ALWAYS provides more to be GRATEFUL for.

Are you focused on and sincerely grateful for what you DO HAVE or are you consistently focused on, thinking about, regretting and cursing what you don't have but think you should have?

Take a moment...think about it...ponder on it...become keenly aware of what you're consistently thinking about and then look around you.

What do you see?

What does your bank account look like?

What quality of relationships are you engaged in?

What are you experiencing in the area of mental, emotional and physical health?

I may or may not know you personally but I DO know the answer to that question.

What is the The Answer?

Your experiences in life are aligned and harmonized with what you consistently think about, focus on and give attention to. And if you'll be honest with some cases "brutally honest", you'll clearly see just how true that is.

I've got bad news, good news and some REALLY GREAT NEWS.

Here's the BAD news...

If you keep thinking the way you've been thinking you'll continue receiving what you are receiving and/or have received in the past.

Here's the good news...

You have the ability to begin "choosing" a different way of being and receiving more of what you desire in your life.

Here's the REALLY GREAT news...

Regardless of what you might be experiencing currently, aside from how limiting and self sabotaging you may have been to this point, it's not at all difficult to clearly see and come to the exciting, empowering and transformational realization regarding a Higher Truth that so many overlook and fail to become aware of.

Regardless of what you are or will experience, your current and future results are well within your control should you choose to become aware of, closely examine and discover that your world and everything in it is a mirrored reflection of what YOU are choosing to BE.

Should you choose to do that, you'll know, see and clearly understand just how POWERFULLY creative YOU are!!

With that being "true", let's talk about financial freedom specifically and the self-limiting as well as self-sabotaging beliefs that so many “choose” to hold regarding its attainment or non-attainment.

First let’s reveal some “commonly held myths” regarding how to create and experience a sense of “security” and "peace of mind" as it relates to the financial aspect of life specifically.

Since so many believe and perceive that financial freedom and security happen based solely on what they DO, let's address the areas of DOING head on and the beliefs and perceptions so many hold regarding the types of DOING that they "believe and perceive" as being necessary to attain financial freedom and the sense of security and peace of mind that so many are seeking in the financial aspect of life.

First, let’s address job security and the beliefs that surround it…

There is no such thing as job security. In today’s world, unlike decades passed, you can’t rely on staying with the same company through retirement. Pension plans, when available, are quite inadequate for providing the financial resources necessary to experience an extraordinary quality of life. Many pension plans have been eliminated altogether through corporate bankruptcies etc. etc.

And what about social security?

Social security benefits can’t and won’t come anywhere close to covering your living expenses in retirement let alone provide any form of financial freedom.

And putting your trust and money in futures or the stock market?

Well…based on the recent turn of events that have taken place on Wall Street, need I say more?

Although most associate achieving and acquiring financial freedom with some external event, condition or circumstance, financial abundance like anything in life begins at a level that most are either unaware of, choose to overlook and rarely give any "conscious attention" to.

And as we've covered already, thought is where it all begins. The kind and quality of your consistent thought processes determine, without fail the kind and quality of your "tangible results" in life. It's the seed level. It's where it all begins.

But there's more.

We are capable of thinking in a certain way. We CHOOSE to think in a certain way. That's the spiritual or if you prefer the mental aspect of us that engages or disengages us in the levels that follow.

We are 3 part beings.

We are spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Financial Freedom, Wealth and Security Happen at 4 Levels.

Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

You can't change what already exists at the spiritual level. It's where infinite possibility and probability already exists. Nothing you think, say or do is going to change that fact.

What you can and MUST do if you truly hope to change the things you can control is align and harmonize yourself consciously and intentionally in such a way that "allows" what's already been created and currently exists at this "spiritual level" to become a measurable and tangible reality in your life.

That's what we'll be focusing on and discussing here.

The mindset that "allows" financial freedom and security to become a tangible reality as well as the mindset that makes financial freedom and security "seemingly unattainable."

Both probabilities already exist at the spiritual level. What you experience personally is nothing more or less than a choice.

We'll be taking an under the surface look at financial freedom...a much deeper look than most "choose to."

And ironically...or at least it seems and is often "perceived" as being many as "claim" they want financial freedom or at the very least some form of financial comfort and security in their lives, most will choose to continue to "try" getting and achieving it with a very limited and at best a surface level understanding of how it's acquired, which makes the attainment of Real Wealth and Real Freedom much "harder to achieve" than necessary and in more cases than not, completely impossible.

Not because it is impossible. Quite the contrary in fact. It only becomes impossible for those who choose to look at and see things that way which DOES make it and will continue to make it "seemingly impossible" for them.

And they do that by remaining stuck in the very “perceptions” of what's necessary to create security, financially or otherwise, although they never have and never will bring them any closer to any form of REAL Security, comfort and peace of mind than it has in the past.

That’s even truer in today’s volatile global marketplace than it ever has been.

Point being, YOUR security and peace of mind, financially or otherwise is NEVER going to happen by depending on anything outside of you. Put another way, what’s going on “out there” doesn’t, isn’t and is never going to determine your level of success or “perceived failure” in life.

Only YOU can do that. You ARE doing that. We ALL are. And you do so based on what you believe and perceive as being true which also determines what you are consistently focused on, are thinking about and how you FEEL based on those choices.

And it's these 3 aspects that you CAN control which always precedes what you DO or DON'T DO.

It applies to money and financial freedom equally as much as it applies to any other area of your life.

We'll be exploring what financial freedom is, what it's not and what so many "perceive it" to be which is the very thing that enables it to become real and tangible for you as well as what keeps so many who "claim" they want it from ever personally experiencing it.

Wanting and Having a Sincere Desire to Attain Financial Freedom is What Separates Those Who Have From Those Who Don't Have and Perhaps NEVER Will

I think it's important first of all, to make a distinction between "claiming" we want something and having a sincere and heartfelt desire to make it a tangible reality.

It’s an important distinction too. A distinction that, if not fully understood can and often does keep those who "truly desire" to attain financial freedom or anything else for that matter, from achieving and experiencing it.

I'm going to begin by making an assumption.

That assumption is that you're here because you are seeking answers, solutions, systems, processes or something else that would point you toward and enable you to begin walking the financial freedom path and making it a "tangible reality" for you.

Or perhaps you're looking for answers to insure at the very least that you'll be comfortable, free of fear, doubt, worry and the anxiety that always follows "scarcity thinking" as it pertains to the monetary and material aspect of your life.

Even if you're not...even if financial freedom isn't a "sincere desire" that you have personally, what we'll be covering here will assist you in some aspect of your life "IF" you'll choose to allow it to.

Let's be very clear on something...

The Very Same Rules Apply To the Acquisition of Financial Freedom as They Do The Physical, Relational, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Your Life.

The reason being is because whether it's financial freedom or some other desire altogether that you "perceive" as having no association whatsoever with finances, it's the same basic laws that determine how EVERY aspect of your life unfolds, whether it be financial freedom, financial comfort or something else altogether.

It's also quite possible that at this point, although you may be seeking and exploring various possibilities that enable you to achieve financial freedom, you don't "believe", at the deepest levels, that financial freedom is a possibility for you.

If you choose the same mindset as the vast majority does, it's quite possible that you "perceive" that financial freedom is only attainable and acquired by the lucky, more fortunate, more educated, more gifted or in some cases even, only attainable by those who you judge and label as being shysters and scammers who are out to grab and claim their stake of YOUR money.

This is only one of many forms of scarcity thinking which always leads to the tangible creation of scarcity, lack and limitation.

Since you're here and have read this far, I can only assume that you want to play big. You have a sincere desire to experience more in life and you're also serious about learning how to begin enhancing, elevating and playing your game in such a way that enables you to win consistently.

Life is a game...a big game. To win BIG, you must play BIG so you might feel as if you're winning. But, if you're BEING and DOING the same as the vast majority choose to do, you are quite literally stuck in a small game consciousness.

A small game consciousness is going to reveal itself in your life just as a BIG game consciousness does. The only difference between the two is that choosing a small game consciousness is NEVER going to enable, empower and allow you to win BIG at whatever your game of life consists of.

And that my friend is a BIGGY in today’s world.

So let’s take a moment to explore and become aware of your individually held beliefs about money, financial freedom as well as what you “believe” to be true about the people you know of, either directly or indirectly, who have more than enough money and have made financial freedom a way of life for themselves.

Regardless of what your currently held "perception" is regarding what's necessary, what's possible or not possible as it relates to financial freedom or anything else you might aspire to be, do and have in life, I'm going to ask that you do your best to focus, pay attention and become aware of the thoughts that cross your mind relating to anything associated with money and your relationship with it.

I'm also going to ask that you temporarily disarm any preconceived notions, ideas or beliefs you might have relating to what you currently believe and perceive as being "true" about the attainment or non-attainment of financial freedom just long enough to consider a perspective that I know based on my own experiences as well as the experiences of countless thousands of others that will serve as the foundational understanding to build upon and enable you to become more aware of not only how, but WHY you are moving toward or further away from whatever heartfelt desires you might have for your life.

acquired degrees which I’ve obtained through Life University, that will enable and empower you to have it...REGARDLESS of your current situation.

We'll be exploring these as well as various "ways of being" that many engage in which are the very ways of being that keep what they want from them. And it's certainly NOT, in any way, shape or form limited to money and financial freedom.

Rest assured financial freedom is as readily available to and easily accessible by you as it is anyone else. And your ability to create it for yourself is much more doable, simple and easily acquired than you might currently "perceive."

And that's a key word in creating "desired change" whether it be financial freedom or something else altogether. To create consciously and consistently create desired results, it's necessary to become keenly aware of and change what you "perceive" as being real, right, true, rational, possible and/or realistic IF what you currently "perceive and believe" as being real, right and true hasn't provided you with measurable results regardless of what the "desired" outcome might be.

Results aren't results unless and until they're measurable. But to make them measurable, to bring heartfelt desires from the mental realm and transmute them into tangible and measurable results in the physical realm, requires understanding how to do so FIRST.

It's going to require doing the right things in the right order.

It's going to be necessary to enhance, expand and stretch beyond the self limiting beliefs and perceptions you currently hold which keep you "seemingly trapped" within the confines of the self created borders and seemingly insurmountable obstacles that are, have and will continue limiting your results unless and until new choices are made.

So how do you DO that exactly?

It's not as difficult as you might think. The ancient texts stated it quite simply and succinctly...

"As you believe you receive."

Do you understand and truly grasp the power behind that statement? Do you really and truly grasp the power you've been freely provided to create a life by design as well as a life by default?

What you "believe and perceive" as being true or untrue in ANY aspect of your life is going to determine the kind and quality of the experiences you'll have or not have in that area of life.

It REALLY and TRULY IS that simple.

Because that IS true, the focus of this section of the site isn't going to be as focused on the DOING and mechanics for acquiring financial freedom as it is enhancing and elevating your beliefs about money, yourself, your worthiness to have as much or as little as you desire and making the necessary paradigm shifts that enable financial freedom...whatever that means for you individually, to become a tangible reality for you.

What we'll be covering will hopefully enable and empower you to look at money, finances and financial freedom in a whole new way. In such a way that enables you to make the necessary paradigm shifts that open the floodgates and "allow" money or whatever else you might desire, to flow to you.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.”

So let's start out by disclosing some misnomers with regard to what financial freedom is, what it isn't and the shortest path I'm aware of for making it real and tangible for you.

First and foremost...

Achieving financial freedom doesn't require accumulating and amassing a million, a trillion or even a gazillion dollars. Financial Freedom is creating enough financial capital to do what you Love to do when you'd love to do it.

Your individual hopes, dreams and desires MIGHT require more financial capitol than another, but it doesn't mean that once you've achieved some predetermined and set number of dollars that you'll be financially free.

What determines that is how you use and manage what you receive. It doesn't matter if you have $3,000.00 or $3,000,000,000.00 dollars per year coming in. If your obligations total any amount above those figures, would you consider yourself as being financially free?

Of course not.

Another important part of "doing" that is reclaiming control over what you DO receive.

You CAN depend on others. You CAN "allow" others to determine your financial destiny by becoming "dependent on" others to provide can "choose" to take control of your financial destiny for yourself.

And that my friend TRULY IS the ONLY thing you can control.

Yourself, your beliefs, your perceptions and how you view the world. But, contrary to what many believe and TRY to do based on the short sighted and self limiting beliefs that are so widespread today, YOU are all you need to begin creating and experiencing whatever quality of life that you desire for yourself.

That's where it ALL begins and ends...with YOU.

And if you think that doesn’t have any impact on the kind and quality of life that you’ll experience, whether financially or otherwise, you're much further away from creating financial freedom than those who do understand just how true and vitally important a realization that is to come to.

How you do it is up to you. It's not HOW you do it that's important. What IS important is how you FEEL about what you do and how you do it based on those feelings.

Once you "get the importance of that" it's equally important that you do it and keep doing it until you achieve it.

There's a short path and a long path

But at the same many who are seeking it...of the many billions of people globally who "claim" they'd love to experience what financial freedom might be like...FEW...VERY FEW will actually follow through and DO what's necessary to make it a tangible reality.

It's sad yet it's so very true.

Many MILLIONS have come across and reviewed the very information that you’re reading right now. Many millions more will at some point in the future. They'll read all the way through, nod their head in agreement but few will heed the direction, internalize, apply and follow through to DO what's necessary to "allow" financial freedom to become a tangible reality.

That’s precisely why so few ever experience the pleasures and comforts that financial freedom can and does provide.

The question is WHY?

And the one phrase answer to that question is due to what "they know" to be true. Because it's what you "know" that determines what you'll have or not have in life.

Everybody wants, yet very few are willing to examine and get to the core of what they "know" at the deepest levels which is the very thing that "allows " or disallows what they want to become real and tangible and/or keeps so many from getting what they "claim" they DO want.

Not because they aren’t sincere and wouldn't love to have that kind of an experience but rather because of what most have been taught and as a result of those teachings, "believe" to be true with regard to material wealth and/or what's necessary to make the attainment of financial freedom possible and a very real part of their lives.

But it goes beyond that. These factors...what people believe, perceive and "know" about life that have led into experiences that are of a kind and quality quite different from financial freedom, solidifies the "belief and perception" that achieving some level of financial comfort is just too hard, difficult or altogether impossible so "what's the use?"

That's precisely why so many struggle, settle and get by in life. It's also why so many have given up on their dreams. It's what they believe and perceive as being true regarding possibility, their potential as well as the "lack of" which is the one and only thing that makes it true in their lives.

They ALWAYS without fail SEE a mirrored reflection in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives that aligns and harmonizes with whatever they are choosing to BE.

So, another VITALLY important aspect of creating financial freedom for yourself is to come to the place that you understand how limiting and self sabotaging looking in the rear view mirror is.

The past doesn't matter. Let me rephrase that. The past doesn't HAVE to matter unless you "allow it" to matter.

What's happened in the past has only happened due to and because of the quality of consciousness that you chose then. Each and every event, condition and circumstance you've experienced in the past was experienced because of the beliefs and perceptions that you held at some point in the past.

To experience something greater it's going to require doing something greater...something "different" than you have. The main thing you can and must DO is enhance and elevate your beliefs and once achieved, STOP looking backwards at your "perceived" failures and shortcomings.

Your success or failure lies before you. Nothing in the past can serve you. Yet that's where most look to for insight and guidance as to what they'll do or not do in the future.

Some even refer to that as wisdom. It's certainly NOT wisdom if the outcome was anything less than desired.

The ONLY wisdom that comes from "perceived failure" is the fact that your beliefs and perceptions were the root cause of any "perceived failure" you may have experienced. And a choice to continue focusing and reflecting on all the reasons why financial freedom cannot become a tangible reality for you is going to consistently reveal itself as the lack of financial freedom that so many experience.

Due to this one single factor, most never begin walking the path and taking the simple steps that enable financial freedom to become a tangible reality. And in more cases than ALL cases actually, the reason anyone doesn't is simply due to whatever EXCUSES they choose which stem from the many self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that so many have acquired through what they've been told and taught throughout their lives, choose to hold onto and which keep them from doing so.

Sure, a lot of people attempt to define their “excuses” as being justifiable reasons as to why financial freedom, Real Wealth and Real Success cannot become a tangible reality for them.

But "seemingly justifiable reasons" are really nothing more than “excuses” in disguise.

So allow me to be very candid, blunt and very direct before we delve any further into how to make financial freedom a "tangible reality" for you.

Are You Serious About and Ready to Stop Making EXCUSES and Start Creating A Life?

The reason I feel it's necessary to be so blunt is simply because that's what most people do.

Due to their beliefs and perceptions...what they "perceive" as being true as it relates to financial freedom becoming real and true for them, they choose to make all these "excuses" as to why they can't and due to that “choice” find themselves consistently focusing on all the blocks and barriers that they "perceive" as being so real.

ATTENTION and FOCUS is crucial here. Energy flows where attention goes.

Rather than choosing a focus and DOING the things that harmonize with the attainment and fulfillment of the desire. The vast majority of people who “claim” that they’d LOVE to know and experience what going through life financially free would be like, in more cases than not spend more time, energy and focus coming up with the infinite number of EXCUSES as to why they CAN’T rather than looking for and acting on all the reasons that they can. have the ability to find the way in and you have the ability to consistently look for and find the way out. Both are choices and both will provide a tangible result.

And ironically, although MOST have, will and do make any number of excuses as to why they can't personally experience financial freedom for themselves, they'll often refer to these "excuses" as justifiable reasons.

But they're not justifiable reasons at all. That is unless you convince yourself that they are justifiable. That will most certainly make it “true” for you. That’s one of the greatest realizations to come to in life.

“You ALWAYS get to be right.”

Because the bottom line is WE choose the kind and quality of our lives for ourselves. Money and financial freedom are no exception.

And there are NO VALID EXCUSES as to why you can't create and experience financial freedom for yourself.

You can continue to come up with all the seemingly justifiable reasons why you can’t personally create financial freedom or recognize these “seemingly justifiable reasons” for what they truly are, enhance your understanding, expand your awareness, make the shift and begin to move toward and DO something to make financial freedom or whatever else you desire real and tangible.

And since so many are focusing on and placing so much emphasis on the global economic climate currently let's address that.

Let's take a look at and use the world's current financial climate as an example...

There's much talk of doom and gloom and the ever growing “concerns” surrounding financial uncertainty is rampant. It's nothing NEW in any sense of the word.

Financial downturns have happened countless times in the past. And as long as there is a financial system in place, the same will happen again at some point in the future.

It's how things are. It’s how things have ALWAYS been. Change is inevitable. Change is ALWAYS going to happen. Change has been the way things are since time itself began. That's how things were created to be.

You can allow change to freeze you up or you can choose to flow with, accept and adapt to the inevitable changes that will continue to unfold tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade and on and on into infinity.

Change isn’t going to stop happening. The key to creating financial freedom, Real Success, Real Wealth and REAL Freedom in a world that is consistently changing, is to learn how to adapt to and flow with the inevitable changes that are ALWAYS taking place and are going to continue to.

The only aspect of “change” that you can and MUST control if you’re sincere about creating Real Wealth and Real Freedom in your life, is a willingness to change yourself.

What's most important is what you believe and how YOU choose to "perceive" what's happening as inevitable change occurs, which in turn determines how you'll respond or react individually to what IS, always has been and is always going to be inevitable.

There are 2 ways to “perceive” and look at change.

You can see it as a fearful event or for what it “truly is.”

The most beneficial and least scary way to look at change is adopting the mindset and seeing it as the Universe’s way of consistently insuring that further expression and expansion is always underway.

And make no mistake. It ALWAYS is.

The Universe is ALWAYS expanding, always producing, always changing and ALWAYS moving forward. There is no such thing as lack, scarcity or digression in the creative process.

You can, and many DO “perceive” digression as being real, which is the one and only thing that can make digression in your life possible.

Ok...I'll concede and admit that what's going on in the world’s monetary systems "COULD BE" a bit scary IF you look at and see things as most people do. Things are changing at a rapid pace in today's technically advanced world. Admittedly, things are quite different than they were 3-5-10-20 years ago.

You simply CANNOT and WILL NOT EVER change the fact that change is going to occur. Change is inevitable. What you do or don't do to adapt to the inevitable changes that have, are and will ALWAYS take place is THE determining factor as to how change will impact and affect YOU personally.

It is a choice. An individual choice whether you currently "believe and perceive" that it is or not.

Let me share something with you that "may" assist you in "seeing things" a bit differently...

Millions and even billions of dollars are generated by individuals just like you (and by those who are far less qualified than you based on the worlds standards) in the worst of economic times. Those who create these "uncommon sums" of financial wealth regardless of economic conditions and what's going on "out there" are those who consciously respond to inevitable change in such a way that produces this desirable outcome.

Those who suffer through and are adversely affected by change are those who are consistently focused on and perceive scarcity, lack, limitation and digression.

This group habitually reacts to what’s happening “out there.” And that reaction is always aligned and harmonized with FEAR.

Those who experience an extraordinary quality of life don't have anything more than you do. They aren't smarter or more gifted or luckier or more blessed. They simply make different choices…conscious, intentional and purposeful choices. They think and DO things in a different way than those who consistently choose mediocrity, lack, struggle and the same ole same ole.

One of the MAIN THINGS that those who experience financial freedom have going for them is that they simply choose NOT to make excuses and they “consciously respond” to the inevitable changes that are always underway in the outside world.

They're forward thinkers. They make lemonade out of lemons. They simply don't "allow" what's going on "out there" to impact their "beliefs and perceptions" regarding what they "know" to be real, right, true and possible for themselves. They don't allow the beliefs, opinions or actions of others or the current events, conditions and circumstances that MOST choose to focus on and give all their ATTENTION to, to impact or determine their financial destinies individually.

They also don't keep their eyes fixated on the rear view mirror consistently reliving and re-experiencing their past failures. They always keep focus on what's possible for the future rather than what's happened in the past.

The result? They don't EXPERIENCE what those who choose differently DO experience...namely lack, limitation and mediocrity in the area of finances.

I can also tell you based on conversations with a very diverse group of people globally...people from EVERY walk of life...that most DO choose the exact opposite of what those who create vast sums of money DO.

Do you know what that is? It's what they "know" to be true about themselves, about what's logical, practical and feasible and what they "know to be true" about life in general. And what they so often "claim to know" and choose to hold onto as being "real, right, true, logical, practical and rational" determines their ability or inability to effectively respond and create or not what they desire in life as a result of that "knowing."

As it pertains to financial freedom specifically...

Those who DON'T HAVE consistently REACT in times of financial downturn rather than respond. More specifically those who benefit and thrive during economic downturns "consciously respond" rather than "unconsciously react" as those who struggle and "try", work so hard and make so many excuses as those who DON'T have, ALWAYS do.

The limit of your present understanding and/or the financial situation you find yourself currently experiencing is in no way, shape or form the limit of what’s possible for you or the potential that is, always has been and always will be available to and for you unless you choose that for yourself.

You certainly CAN choose that. You have that right and you most certainly have the ability. But think about this. Is it moving you toward or away from where you "truly desire" to be? Is what you’re consistently thinking, saying and doing moving you toward the desired outcome or further away?

Has what you’ve been doing provided you with the desired result? Do you honestly believe that anything is going to change in your life, financially or otherwise if you keep doing the very same things that have created what you're experiencing now if your future choices keep you DOING the same things over and over again?

Desirable change begins inside. It has nothing to do with external change or what’s happening “out there.”

What's happening "out there" in the world around can't impact or affect you individually UNLESS and/or UNTIL YOU choose to "allow" it to.

So the first order of business is to accept the fact that YOU are, have been and will continue creating whatever results you're experiencing whether you’re “consciously aware” of it or not.

The first VITAL step toward achieving financial freedom or anything else "consciously, intentionally and purposefully is accepting responsibility for WHATEVER it is that you're experiencing in EVERY aspect of your life.

Financial Freedom or the polar opposite...consistent lack, limitation, scarcity and poverty is determined by you. Unless and until you’re willing to accept full responsibility for that, you are going to continue to “perceive yourself” as a victim of whatever changes the world undergoes.

A choice to “allow” what’s going on out there to determine your emotional responses is a choice to relinquish your power to change things.

You can...and most do come up with any infinite number of excuses as to why they can't, yet should you make the shift...should you decide to break free from how MOST "choose" to do things...should you choose to begin to seek out and discover the equally infinite number of reasons why you CAN make financial freedom or any other desire a way of life for you, you'll become enabled and empowered to do so.

Your power is being utilized and revealed either way. Some choose not to see things that way. Some will refuse to. But an unconscious focus and way of “doing things” provides tangible and measurable results just as being consciously aware, focused and consistently moving toward the desired result provides whatever the desire might be.

The creative process NEVER fails or wavers...not EVER. The ONLY thing that determines the kind and quality of the tangible result are the choices you make or don't make.

One choice produces less tangible and measurable results than another, yet both produce measurable results whether it be the "lack of" or an "abundance of."

There is nothing etched in stone that says you MUST do things in a certain way. But I can assure you after having “tried it” both ways...after walking the path of lack and limitation that choosing consciously and intentionally will provide you with a kind and quality of life financially and otherwise, that most only hope, wish for and consistently dream about.

Do you know what's REALLY amazing once you make that choice?

Things start "showing up" in seemingly magical ways just as things are currently "showing up" in the way they are. But the kind and quality of what shows up shifts. It's enhanced. It aligns and harmonizes with what you "truly desire" rather than consistently showing up as events, conditions and circumstances that you don’t want.

But know this...things are "showing up" in the way they are in exact proportion to the quality of your currently held beliefs and perceptions which determine what you FOCUS on and give constant ATTENTION to.

That's WHY accepting responsibility is such a VITAL first step. It enables you to reclaim your power. It enables you to QUIT depending on the choices and actions of others to determine whether you'll get or not get what you truly desire.

The magic doesn't change. The how of creation is ALWAYS magical. The process of creation never rests, fails or wavers. The only reason most "perceive" that it does is simply because of how they choose to look at things which always leads to a form of BEING and DOING things that can never provide the desired result.

Miracles happen not in opposition to nature, but rather what we know and believe to be true about nature.

You may not currently "perceive" that your life is unfolding in miraculous ways or that it's in any way, shape or form magical, yet it's only because of how you are "perceiving things" which is determining the kind and quality of your results which are of a different kind and quality than you "claim" you want.

Are you "truly serious" and committed to changing your current results?

Then make a commitment to yourself right here, right now to enhance, elevate and SHIFT your beliefs and perceptions!!!

The BEST, quickest, easiest and fastest way I'm currently aware of for DOING that is to learn and understand more about you...about who and what you TRULY are and the rest becomes automatic. The magic takes over in desirable and profoundly pleasing ways when you choose to shift the way you look at and see yourself and the things that have and are "showing up" in your life.

You rediscover, reclaim and begin “consciously utilizing” your power. Your REAL Power.

Wayne Dyer said it best...

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Here's something quite "simple" yet vitally important to understand with regard to your choices in life whether it be working toward acquiring financial freedom or any other desire you might have in ANY area of life.

It boils down to how you choose to respond or react to what's unfolding around you. And YES it IS that simple and whichever you choose consistently reveals the MAGIC and simplicity that ALWAYS has...ALWAYS does and ALWAYS will continue to reveal itself in exact proportion to what you yourself are choosing to "BE, think, say and do" most often.

The kind and quality of that choice is going to determine the kind and quality of your tangible and measurable results, plain and simple.

I'm going to share something else that MOST won't...

Creating financial freedom IS VERY VERY simple but it's NOT always easy. Financial Freedom isn't an easy journey simply because most don't and/or won't see that creating financial freedom isn't about "creating" financial freedom at all.

It's about making the "internal changes"…the conscious, meaningful and significant internal shifts that make financial freedom possible and which enables it to "show up" is seemingly coincidental and magical ways.

And what "shows up" needs to be consciously responded to and acted upon rather than habitually "reacted to."

Reaction out of fear keeps focused, consistent and conscious action from happening. Fear freezes you up, dumbs you down and keeps you from thinking and DOING things in such a way that makes financial freedom possible.

As it pertains to today’s economic climate, the majority are "reacting" out of fear and consistently getting a mirrored reflection of what they're choosing.

As I often share, the difference between reacting and responding is as measurable as the difference between light and dark, hot and cold, and life and death.

Reaction is a "fear based" response so to speak which can never make Real Wealth and Real Freedom possible. Consciously responding is "allowing" yourself to flow with rather than frantically swim against the current of life hoping, wishing and praying that your head (or at the very least your nostrils) will stay above the water line.

Reaction has its place. Reaction is something that's necessary if you're in immediate physical danger which is vital for initiating a fight or flight response that engages the body and enables it to get out of harm’s way. But guess what? You don’t have to think and ponder and worry and stress and become anxious when a physically threatening situation arises. Your body automatically takes over. The fight or flight response is initiated automatically.

If financial freedom is something that you’re SERIOUS about and committed to creating for yourself, I have some things to share with you that will enable and empower you to do so.

Fill out the form below with your name, email address and country of origin and let’s begin walking the path that makes financial freedom, Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom a consistent reality of for you and those you love.

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