Why Invest in Gold?

A Choice to Invest in Gold is a Choice that Has a Long and Proven History of Providing a Sense of Comfort, Assurance and Financial Stability to Gold Investors

In today's globalized world, a common sentiment shared among investors is to invest in gold.

Although many of today's savvy investors do convert at least a portion of their assets to invest in Gold, the fact remains that the vast majority have little to no education about sound financial practices.

Due to a lack of education on financial matters, the masses are, for the most part completely unaware of what a great investment, or at the very least gold can be.

invest in gold A choice to invest in gold is not only a wise choice, in today's turbulent financial markets and the volatility of "paper money", it's proving, as it has for centuries, to be one that provides gold investors with a sense of peace, comfort, assurance and equally as important, long term financial stability even in the worst of financial times.


For centuries, gold has been utilized and recognized as as a sound and secure medium of exchange. Dating back to the ancient Egyptian culture, Gold is said to have been one of the first forms of money.

In 2014, it's STILL recognized as REAL money even today.

Years ago, prior to the implementation of a debt based, fractional reserve, fiat monetary system that is utilized today in countries globally, prior to doing away with a gold standard, paper currency was used as a representation of Real Money and it's value was based on and determined by a gold standard. Every paper dollar printed and placed in circulation was backed by a set amount of gold or silver which set, secured and insured the value for all "paper money" in circulation.

Since the implementation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and giving control of and power over to a small group of bankers who oversee and make up the Federal Reserve Board of Directors, over time, things have changed dramatically. Having a hard asset with intrinsic value to back paper currency is no longer the case today, which is why a choice to invest in gold is not only wise, but a necessity for ensuring long term (and in many cases short term) financial stability.

A Choice to Invest in Gold Serves As
a Form of Wealth Insurance

The obvious reason for investing in gold is, that it serves as a form of wealth insurance. Throughout history the investment in Gold has served as a hedge against inflation, deflation and recession for gold owners.

Traditionally, investors buy gold for one of three reasons:

  1. A hedge against inflation

  2. A safe haven to ensure liquidity

  3. A direct investment for return.

Gold is the only real money, and its value cannot be changed or controlled by government fiat currencies.

Even in the case of hyperinflation, where “paper money” loses MOST if not ALL of its “perceived value”, gold has, throughout history proven to be a dependable resource that has always held value and can always be depended on for a globally accepted medium of exchange, even when paper currencies fail.


Because unlike paper dollars, gold has (and has always had) “intrinsic value” long before “paper currency” was used. Gold has proven for thousands of years to be a store of value, regardless of what happens in the world's fiat currency systems.

When You Invest in Gold You Diversify Capital
and Create a Financial Safety Net

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many savvy investors choose to invest in gold bullion is to diversify capital. Those who do so realize that regardless of what happens in financial markets, your overall wealth is not compromised by economic dangers, uncertainties, the poor choices of governments or those who oversee (as well as control and manipulate to their advantage) the monetary system. (For more information see The Federal Reserve article)

The most recent case in history which resulted from the poor, irresponsible, greedy and self serving choices of leadership in the mortgage industry, (aka Wall Street bankers) happened in 2008. That event had far reaching and near devastating effects.

Not only did the U.S. mortgage crisis of 2008 impact and almost topple the entire U.S. monetary system, it brought the GLOBAL monetary system it to its knees and led to a GLOBAL financial crisis that’s still lingering today.

The almost devastating repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis are still being felt around the world today. That’s happened because most countries model the U.S. monetary system which is known as a >a href="http://abundance-and-happiness.com/fractional-reserve-monetary-system.html" target="_blank">fractional reserve system.

Although extremely complex on the surface, in short, a fractional reserve monetary system is one that is based on and depends on a system of debt.

Since 1944, when the Bretton Woods Agreement was developed, most every country in the world bases the value of their currencies on what the U.S. Federal Reserve Notes do or don’t do. Due to mismanagement, greed and corruption within the financial system, an “under the radar” transference of wealth unlike anything the world has ever seen took place, leaving many countries around the world in a scramble to recover.

Several years later, at the time of this writing, that recovery process is still underway.

The “paper money” that we call currency was also further DEVALUED in the process, due to triggering the printing of MORE fiat currency. The Federal Reserve calls this action Quantitative Easing. It's a nice label for stating "we're going to print a bunch of money."

Although the printing of more paper money can and does provide temporary relief in a troubled financial climate, the long term effects result in higher inflation and a further devalued dollar.

When more and more fiat currency is printed, due to an increased "paper money" supply, the paper fiat currency that we depend on and which most "believe" is money, becomes further devalued, losing more of it's already nearly non-existent purchasing power.

In spite of an increased supply and the consistent devaluing of paper currency, the purchasing power of gold remains a constant.

Investing in Real Gold is Preferred Over Gold Stocks
or Gold Futures Markets

Investing in gold stocks or the gold futures market is not a substitute for real gold ownership.

A choice to invest in gold stocks doesn’t guarantee the investor that stocks of a given company will increase as the price of gold increases. Stock prices are based on the soundness and performance of a company, not the commodity itself.

What about gold futures contracts?

Amongst gold investors, gold futures contracts are considered one of the most speculative (and risky) arenas in the gold investment marketplace. Unlike the actual ownership and taking physical possession of gold bullion, traditionally, approximately 90% of those who choose to invest in gold, via futures contracts, lose money.

That’s why a choice to invest in gold itself is always the smarter and safer choice.

If you’re seeking an alternative currency to protect yourself against inflation, deflation, stock market weakness and potential currency problems, do what savvy investors do and what history has proven to be the best and safest solution. Invest in gold.

During the best or the worst of economic times, financial uncertainty is and always will be a given, for as long as a fiat currency (paper money) and a system of debt is in place.

Unless and until we eliminate our “debt based” financial system and make the necessary choice to support and back our “paper currency” with something which has and maintains Real Value, as gold does, financial uncertainty and unrest is going to continue.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is…

Regardless of what “paper dollars” do or don’t do, an investment in gold bullion and/or gold coins has proven, throughout history to be the safest and certainly the most secure way to ensure a sound financial future for you and those you love, both short and long term.

Secure your Future and Invest in Gold, Because
the Future is Happening Now

If the idea of diversifying a portion of your income sounds appealing and you have a desire to trade a portion of your “paper money” for some of the highest quality gold bullion available in the world today, I’d like to invite you to open a free gold account with Karatbars International and get started down the path of financial security.

If you see how gold can serve you as well as others and you have a sincere desire to assist others in securing their financial future while creating a six figure income for yourself, learn more about how our team of 6 and 7 figure earners has assisted others around the world in doing just that.

Regardless of what you do in the area of finances, my HIGHEST recommendation during these uncertain financial times and the uncertainty of the fate of “paper dollars, is to develop a habit of trading a portion of your paper dollars for Real Money that always has, currently does and always will hold Real Value in the real world.

As history has proven time and time and time again, you can rest easy and be assured that gold bullion will always provide a safe, secure, inflation and recession proof financial vehicle for ensuring your financial security and stability long into the future.

The bottom line is this?

When financial uncertainty is present and paper fiat currencies become unstable, as history has proven for more than 3000 years, the safe, sound and secure choice is, always has been and always will be to diversify a portion of your unstable paper currency and invest in gold bullion.

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