"Reality Check - Part 3"

Do You See The Reality You're Currently Experiencing as Unchangeable Fate or as the Series of Personal Choices That Molds It Into What It "Becomes"...WHATEVER That Is?

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"There are no facts, only interpretations." ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

In just a bit, we’re going to be delving into a 16 point Reality Check that’s powerfully effective and transformational, regardless of where you are right now or what your unique hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations might be.

I'll get to the how's and why's it's so effective and transformational soon, but first it's important to become keenly aware of and acknowledge where you're starting from.

Let's face facts. You can have the greatest roadmap in the world, but unless you KNOW where you are and where you're starting from, it doesn't matter how well designed the map is. Getting to WHERE you want to go without understanding where you are, is futile.

Life is much the same.

If you don't know and aren't aware of where you're starting from, the map that points out and leads you to your "desired destination is useless.

Because that's "true", first let's discuss the nature of "humans" in general...

As a human species, regardless if you're male or female, aside from where on the planet you live and regardless of your age, ethnicity, religious preference or ANYTHING else that you believe might set you apart from others, one thing always holds true.

As individuals, we're unique in many ways. Uniquely awesome in fact. Powerfully creative too. Yet, as true as that is, as humans, due to MANY factors, we're often blinded to just how "true" that is.

We simply don't BELIEVE we are.

We each have our own unique beliefs, perceptions, opinions and definitions about life, how we see ourselves, others and how we as individuals view the world at large.

But are these beliefs and perceptions that we each hold "REALLY unique?"

Perhaps a more important question is..."Are the beliefs we've adopted and the "filters" these beliefs create REALLY ours?"

My years of research, study and EXPERIENCE have Clearly Revealed to me that the answer is NO. In the vast majority of cases, our beliefs, perceptions and the actions we take aren't really unique at all.

The reason why is because the VAST MAJORITY of the "beliefs and perceptions" we hold, abide by and adhere to are TAUGHT to us.

We think they're ours. We even believe they are in many cases. But they are NOT ours in MOST cases.

The FACT is, we've learned them. We believe, think, speak and act based on what we've "learned", which leads to the undeniable conclusion that OUR beliefs, perceptions and opinions are those we've adopted from others.

It's those beliefs and perceptions that determine our own unique opinions which determine what we DO and HOW we do it. That's what determines what we experience in life in "tangible form."

Those beliefs and perceptions as well as the tangible and measurable experiences that follow and reveal themselves as "tangible experiences" vary greatly from "human to human."

Some see life as smooth, easy, grand, amazing and even awesome, regardless of their "current situation", while some view it as tough, hard, dark, cold, uncaring and unfair regardless of the many blessings they have to be "grateful" for.

Most exist within a paradigm that falls somewhere in the middle.

It doesn't matter where in the mix we fall. As science has proven and as timeless wisdom has ALWAYS conveyed, we experience in life what we think and believe we'll experience.

Our actions as well as our inaction stems from what we think and believe. When the actions don't align and harmonize with what we WANT, it can "seem as if" we have no power and are anything but awesome.

But that's a LIE. In MANY cases it's a LIE that has been, is being and will continue being intentionally planted within the minds of humanity.

The very FACT that our lives unfold precisely as we think, believe, combined with what we do or don't do, is tangible proof of just how awesome, amazing and powerfully creative we humans are.

Since there are an infinite number of beliefs we hold as individuals, combined with the fact that there are way more than 7 billion other humans on this planet, let's focus on and stick with you specifically.

How do you view life?

Do yourself a favor and be REALLY REALLY honest and transparent as you think about that. Not for me, but for yourself.

When you think of your life and the world as a whole, what are the first thoughts that cross your mind? Are they dark, heavy, fear filled and bleak, or light, promising, hopeful and exciting?

Do you see yourself as being able to achieve all you set your mind to, or do you feel stuck to a degree, or worse, think you've gone as far as you can go?

Maybe you're somewhere in between.

We're ALL somewhere. And where we are varies depending on a number of factors, although it ALL begins at the "belief and perception" level. The REALLY GREAT thing is, EACH of those factors that determines WHERE we are individually is a reflection of our own individual choices. Whatever happens to and through you, is the result of and ALWAYS points back to you.

With that in mind, allow me to ask you...

What if you discovered that YOU as an individual had no limits whatsoever?

What if you KNEW that you knew that you KNEW that you "Truly Could" make a HUGELY Positive and transformational impact in Changing the World (or at least the lives of MANY) in tangible, measurable and life enhancing ?

What if you discovered that, in the process of DOING that, you could actually create and personally experience Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Freedom and Real Harmony for yourself?

I'm talking about BEING, DOING and HAVING what you really and truly desire in life, without ANY limits WHATSOEVER?

Would you DO something with it?

The fact of the matter is, you CAN...the question is, ARE You or WILL you once you KNOW how?

If your answer is YES, not only would you, but you ARE well on the way...congratulations and Thank You. You're one of an "uncommon few."

If your answer is YES, you would LOVE to, IF you ONLY knew how...congratulations and Thank You. Stay with me. Perhaps I can assist in pointing out the way and clearing the path that will get you there.

If on the other hand, the answer is NO, you aren't and you wouldn't even TRY...may I be so up front and bold as to ask WHY?

I don't ask because I have any desire or intention to sway you or change your mind. It's not my place to judge, have any opinion or say anything about where you are, or what you should or shouldn't be doing with your life. I ask because I KNOW, when you begin doing things in a particular kind of way, you can experience what EVERYONE "wants", yet which only a very small few ever experience.

That brings us to Reality Check #1...

Reality Check #1 - EVERYONE Can BE, DO and HAVE what they truly desire in life...regardless.

I also know that if you KNEW you could, KNEW what to do and how to do it and you'd DO something with it, you'd experience the enormously transformational benefits that choosing to do so provides.

Whether you believe it or not right now, that's what it really all boils down to. Choice. Each and EVERY choice that YOU make provides an "outcome."

With that in mind, if you said NO, you wouldn't, there's only 2 possibilities that have led you to that dis-empowering decision...

  1. If you're NOT and and at this point are saying you wouldn't because you don't "think or believe you can, stay with me. Perhaps I can assist you in "shifting" that perspective.

  2. If you're not and wouldn't because you have no desire to and/or no intention of "serving others" AND your dead set that you won't change your heart or your mind regardless, you've made a choice that brought you to the wrong website.

Or did you?

I don't personally believe there are such a thing as "wrong" choices. I think some of our choices get us what we want and other choices result in receiving what we "don't want."

If the choices we've made thus far haven't provided what we want, it's only necessary to make some new ones.

But let's assume for a moment that you're dead set on the fact that you must just accept whatever hand life deals you. IF that describes YOU, if you exist within that "self limiting and self sabotaging paradigm" and have no desire or intention to shift it REGARDLESS, going any further here or anywhere on the rest of the site, would only be a waste of your time.

That's WHY I ask, up front, what I have. I have ZERO desire to sway you, convince you OR change your mind if YOU have no intention or desire to do that for yourself.

That's not what I do. I only do what I do to assist those who "sincerely DESIRE change" and a greater quality of life, but who don't know they can, don't know how, yet are ready and willing...truly ready and willing to DO what's necessary to "get to where" they would truly LOVE to be...wherever that is.

Here's another reason why I ask...

Throughout Abundance-and-Happiness.com, I share MUCH about how to create and experience harmony, joy, fulfillment and prosperity in EVERY aspect of life.

I DO that because I KNOW, that I KNOW that I KNOW based on MANY years of intense research, study and "personal experience" that everyone CAN...regardless.

While it's certainly "true" that not everyone DOES, everyone CAN. We ALL Can. You can too...regardless.

If you "truly want to" but you're not, first it's going to be necessary to unlearn some (perhaps much) of what you think you know and DO what's necessary to RELEARN not only THAT you can, but how and why you can.

That's what most who claim they "want to" experience "uncommon results" but don't, won't do.

Which brings us to Reality Check #2...

Reality Check #2 - In 99.999% of the Cases Unlearning is a BIG Part of the "Having
What You WANT" Equation

There's an old say that accurately conveys this next point. It's this...

"The mind is a terrible master but a faithful servant."

Let's face facts. We ALL want more of something. Think about it. When we get "more" of something we go for something else, don't we? It's our nature.

To get what we want, we're told that we must work hard, sacrifice and DO what it takes...regardless of how we feel about it.

Maybe you think and believe that too.

If so, this might be the most important life lesson you will ever encounter. To begin receiving what you want in the quickest, simplest and easiest way possible, it's going to be NECESSARY to UNLEARN that success (or whatever you want) has to be earned by working very, VERY hard or sacrificing.

The reality is, it's going to be necessary to unlearn what keeps you from it and DO what's necessary to relearn what draws it to you. Once you DO that, then, you can begin DOING the things which provide it so you can HAVE it...whatever IT might be.

More than just blindly DOING, working harder, or floating around trying this, trying and trying some other thing, it's going to require learning HOW to do "the right things" in the right order.

Once you know what those steps and the "correct order" are, then it's simply a matter of making the commitment to begin DOING those things in PRECISELY that way...CONSISTENTLY and following through until the job is done.

Also, in MOST cases, if you TRULY WANT to, but you AREN'T, getting from where you are to where you "truly desire" to BE, may only require taking a few VERY IMPORTANT moments for yourself, to DO an honest and deeply revealing reality check FIRST so you might SEE why you're not living the kind of life that nearly EVERYONE "claims" to WANT.

Sometimes a "Reality Check" can work wonders...for REAL. I do Reality Checks all the time. In many cases the change experienced by choosing to DO the kind of reality check we'll be doing as we move forward, can enable what many call "miraculous results" to show up in life.

If you're not currently experiencing a "life you LOVE" in ALL aspects because you think someone, some thing or some series of things "out there" are keeping you from it, a Reality Check will most definitely prove beneficial.

We've covered a few of the really basic and obvious Reality Check points. So, now, let's start the VITALLY important, yet not so obvious ones next, so you can begin engaging in and benefiting from the "unlearning and relearning" process.

The Really Transformational and Life Enhancing Portion of Real Reality Check Begins Here and Now

The 16 Point Reality Check that follows may enable, allow and empower you to DO and HAVE far more than you "think you can" right now.

I'm Finished With Reality Check Part 3
Take Me To The 16 Point Reality Check

I'm Finished With Reality Check Part 3
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